Thursday, August 14, 2008


Last night we had an Enrichment on Blogging. I know, I know, we are such a hip and with it ward! Jenny did a fantabulous job of explaining what blogging is, how to set it up (complete with a powerpoint presentation and everything!), and getting everyone excited about blogging. I learned some fun things and I also started thinking about some things as well.

First, I gotta come clean and say that I have been blogging for about ooooohhhh, 3.5 years now but it was what I referred to as my dirty little secret. From here on out we shall call that blog "the dark side." I did cutesy little posts and everything like I do now but it was started with my sister & her rowdy friends and I liked to keep it that way. On the dark side I used fake names for everyone in my family. Since I didn't know any of my sister's friends personally it felt safer that way.

Then I decided to hop on over to blogger and invite everyone I knew to my new & improved blog. I figured it was a safe place to use real names & I thought it would be a refreshing change of pace to not have to think up nicknames for everyone. So this brings me to last night... Jenny reiterated how important it is to keep a little bit of anonymity on the web and it made me realize that I probably ought to go back to my beloved nicknames.

Below are the characters in my life and the names that they shall henceforth be known. I will also provide a little history on each name if needs be. This is shaping up to be a very educational post, don't you think?

My hunky leading man:

He started out as GMoney. That morphed into G$$. Eventually that became GtyCent (after the famed rapper 50cent). My sister tried to call him GtyWheatPenny for a while but luckily that didn't stick. I'll probably go back & forth between G$$ and Gty depending on my mood.

C'est moi:

I refer to myself as Landee. This comes from my neice (who is now like, 15 years old) naming her stuffed kitties Sandia and Landeelu when she was about 3 years old. Cut to 1999 when my sister (she's always dragging me into stuff!) made me go around to chatrooms with her while I was supposed to be working. I chose Landeelu as my sign on name and it has stuck with me ever since. My full name, of course, is Landeelu Landerson which would explain why this is I know. Awesome.

Next up, the resident athelete:
This here is the JBird. Other names he answers to are Jay, Jbirdo, Jdawg and, of course, his real name but we won't mention that here. I don't know where JBird came from but we call him that around the house so w/e.

Class clown:

This guy has various names as well including but not limited to: TBone, TBoz, TBoner, Bone, T, Stinker, Crazy and What the??. I'll most likely call him TBone though because some of those are dependent upon his behavior at the time.

The girl:

Beebee, Beebs, BBGirler, Pincess (there is no R on purpose), PunkinPunkinPiePies. I'll most likely stick with BeeBee or Beebs on here. Even though she is no longer a widdle tiny beebee her original nickname lives on.

I will now go back and change all the real names I've used so far to our new spy names. I guess that if I ever print off my blog for posterity I'm going to have to create some kind of key or flow chart or something? That is gonna be annoying.

PS If I ever feel the need to blog about YOU I might ask what you want to be called... or I might just make something up. We'll see... ::drumming fingers evily:: oh yes, we'll see.


ajesplin said...

K, I recently discussed this topic on my friend's blog--I'm gonna copy/paste, but fix typos:

I'm betting on the odds that if a stranger/predator stumbles upon my blog and sees my kids' names, they'll think those names are too outlandish to be their real names, so the stranger/predator will assume they must be fake names I made up for security purposes.

This works in real life, too. People always ask me, "Is his name really Homer?" and I go, "No, it's a fake name to protect him from the likes of you!" and then that person never talks to me again. Keeps my family safe.

Landeelu said...

Admittedly I was going to ask Memzy if those were your kids' real names. I cannot tell you how much I love the name Gus. For realz.

Also, my thing has always been that I am 100% positive that I'm not cool enough to have a crazy stalker... I should be so lucky! But for some reason I just figured I might as well. We rarely call our kids by their real names around the house so why do it on the internet?

Carol said...

I want my alias to be, of course, Aunt Visor. It only makes sense.

quesetescapa said...

Wait, so the girl who gave the presentation uses her real names but you are going to use fake names based on what she said? Or are Jenny, Matt, Thomas and James aliases?

You can call me lee. Or leedog. I can't keep up. If someone is stalking me they deserve what they get. If I lived in a big phat crib in Parker I might care otherwise though. Can I still refer to you as Tiff on my blog or do I need to call you landers again?

Memzy said...

Muy interesante!! That one is for Lee.

Well, you can call me .....Memzy.
Call my hubby.....Shed.
Call my oldest......Brains
my middle........Cracker
my little.........Char


ps. Aunt Visor is an AWESOME nickname. ::giggle again::

Landeelu said...

Jenny uses real first names but never puts her last name anywhere. Since I set us up as landersons I figured the first names better be cloaked in secrecy. Luckily there are prolly 43 people named Anderson in our neighborhood alone so that will make it harder for my beloved stalker to find us.

You can refer to me Tiff if you want although that mind confuse peeps because I now comment as Landeelu. Geesh, this is getting a lot more convoluted than I was hoping.

Memz-- I prefer SRod, Memzy, Brains, Boogs, and CharCharBinks.

Landeelu said...

And Aunt Visor is the natural choice. I'm expecting to see some visor action next week!

Jenny said...

Hey, I must be cool--I'm the topic of discussion around here. :)

Yes, I use real first names, but no last name. I didn't decree what anyone should do, I just offered up various options and ideas that I've seen around the internet for my blogging basics class.

Glad you enjoyed my class, T...I mean, Landeelu... :)

Landeelu said...

Jenny wasn't saying people SHOULD be anonymous... but just talking about what she does made me revisit my decision.

No biggie... I just wanted everyone to know "the code" so they weren't completely cornfuzzled.

ajesplin said...

Hey, I thought Memzy's code names were their real names, so be careful, it can all backfire.

Ashley said...

I love the names. It makes perfect sense. I guess I will just refer to you as Landeelu from now on.

Keeping Up with the Joneses said...

sorry - I didn't read this post before the other one so I just gave away your whole cover :( sorry !! IT'll only be landeelu from now on !! I'm "leooie" because if you type my name but your fingers aren't in the home position - this is what you get !!

righty said...

you can still call me righty. or lefty. hehe. and you can consider me your stalker right? the guy that followed you from "the dark side" one of the "rowdy friends"?