Tuesday, February 10, 2009

100 Days Of School

So I guess the kids have been in school 100 days? Well, like 104 now I guess. They celebrated last week in TBone's class. His teacher had him fill out a little form for some fill-in-the-blank fun. His answers are in red (all original spelling, again I'm gonna call Sylvan here soon).

I wish I had 100 Bokoogon.

I wouldn't want 100 grls.

I would like to eat 100 froot snacs.

I could never eat 100 guns.

I can make 100 caks.

I can lift 1o0 brics.

If I had $100.00, I would get my drivers lsencs and a cor.

Having 100 MOMS could really be a problem.

In 100 years I will look like this!

That's probably a pretty good depiction of him at 107 years old I guess. I'm trying to not be too offended by the 100 moms comment. I'm pretending it's cuz then he'd have 99 more moms who would want to kiss him all day long. His cheeks = irresistible.


Go here http://web.mac.com/athompson85/TBB/TBB_Podcast/TBB_Podcast.html to find the podcast of Gty directly. Thanks Kylee!!! You can also hear Kylee's analysis of The Biggest Loser after some of Judd's ramblings on J-Walking. I think I need an American Idol segment. How do I get on this highly acclaimed show? Anyone?


Memzy said...

The picture keeels me. I think you might remember when Cracker had such an assignment. He drew me as the approximate size and shape of a refrigerator. (he was supposed to draw his fam). I would lollerz if my kid wrote the 100 mom problems. Cuz I know it wouldn't be onnacuzza the too much kissing.

Katie said...

I am going to bring Hazel up to see this. I am working on my "getting one of my kids married to one of your kids so we can be together for life" plan. She thinks this kind of stuff is hilarious.

Jenny ESP said...

They celebrate that at my kid's school too. Those answers were lollerz, you need to take it off the fridge and put it in his baby book before it gets kool-aid stained. Memzy had a hilarious assignment of Cracker's on her pantry, too. She needs to share it, and so on and so forth...

BTW, what's a bokoogon?

Landee said...

I believe bokoogon are those weird Bakugan things. The latest genius idea/money waster from Japan. He wants 100 of them apparently.

Katie, we WILL be together forever. Our FHE lesson last night was on arranged marriages and how we still believe in them and stuff. No worries.

Memz, I asked TBone why he would write such a thing and he said "Cuz then I'd be in trouble ALL THE TIME!" I'm guessing he deserves to be in trouble all the time but, only having one mom, he doesn't get caught? It sent a chill down my spine. I'll be honest.

Flem said...

I love his spelling.

And his answers are awesome. 100 moms would be a problem even though that would be on my personal wish list. I need 100 moms to each come to my place 3.6 days a year and I would be in gooood shape.

eekareek said...

How much does a driver's license cost? That doesn't leave much for a car but not all hope is lost. Morgan once got a car for a goat and since we've been married we have had 2 free cars (a old old old old old old old truck and a smashed Geo Metro that we duct taped back together).

Jenny said...

The kindergarten classes are celebrating the 100 days on the 20th. (I guess they started later than the rest of the kids...but I don't think they started that much later. Whatever.) So, that means I get to "help" my boys make TWO 100-things shirts. I'm not sure what we're doing yet. Sewing on 100 pompoms (one of the suggestions) does NOT sound like a good time.

Jana said...

I haven't been on your blog for awhile...keep reading...the nice stuff is coming. I just sat and read your blog for like 30+ minutes, I've got some stuff I gotta do! SHeesh! You are so dang funny, I can't stop reading. Must read.

Krissy said...

I agree with Jana...you crack me up!