Monday, February 2, 2009

Immune System Blunder

My immune system is stellar. I rarely get sick. I NEVER use hand sanitizer. I've only bought it a few times because it is on the kids' school supply list.

But, you gize, my immune system has let me down this week. After church on Sunday a little cough I had that morning turned into a full blown cold complete with fever, aching neck, sore throat, headache, etc. What the? I don't even know how to deal with this. We don't even have any cold medicine in the house. I kinda don't believe in it. I think the body should fight stuff off on its own. I guess I should have been a chiropractor or something. I did however, take some Advil & that brought my temperature down & got rid of the sore throat.

Cut to this morning.... I wake up with 102.3 fever. Gty flies out for the week. Awesome.

The Advil again works its magic & I head to Costco. Half way through Costco it starts wearing off. I start getting the chills, walking like an old woman (BeeBee says I "look like a grandma" so that's nice), and wishing I was home in bed.

My wish eventually comes true and I go home & take a three hour nap right along side BeeBee.

Aaaaand . . . . that about brings you up-to-date.

Aren't you so glad you tuned in?

Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and do my feel good post about why this is my favorite time of year.


Memzy said...

I am really sad you're sick. That's janky. However I am looking forward to your "favr time of year" post. Cuz I cannot for the life if me remembercwhat that is.

Carol said...

I am so sad you are sick. Remember, drugs are your friend . Have your vt take beebe tomorrow.

Jenny ESP said...

Take 4 Advil and text me ASAP. And I am super curious about this "fave time of year" stuff. Can't be weather related, on account of you living in the mountain time zone.

eekareek said...

^^^^^Desert snob.

Sorry to hear your sick but at least you were able to work in the word "stellar" into your post. I am also excited to hear about your fav. time of year but if it is not summer, beware of the back lash (^^).

Katie said...

Did Aunt Visor say that drugs are your friend?

I feel the same about medicine, but I have a cabinet full of it because it was only a dollar...and you know how I feel about a good deal.

My husband is leaving today too, so texting tonight? It is a date.

Also, I love Costco...I don't know how you could feel bad in that place.

Flem said...

I am with you on the stellar immune system as well as currently being under the weather.

I am sorry about your fever but even more sorry you are home alone with your illness.

The best part of this post, however, is that you got to take a long nap. I bet that was warm and cuddly and I hope it helps you feel better. I also hope this explains why you are ignoring my phone calls.

Landee said...

Phone callS is a bit strong Flem. One phone call. And I ignored that cuz yes, I was sleeping. You were what reminded me to turn my phone to silent, so thank you. And from the sound of your message you spilled a huge drink on yourself or something soooo.... I thought you might need some time alone.

Drugs ARE my friend, you gize. But I think I'm addicted to Advil now. I knew I shouldn't have taken FOUR of them without a prescription.

Feeling much better today.... I might even go to the gym. We'll see. Baby steps.

Sara, you are stellar. There are no two ways about it.

Katie, bring me flowers, mkay?

And this is not a guessing game, people.... my post is gonna be on why THIS is my fave time of year. Are you gize just skimming my posts? Rude.

Markie23 said...

I have a testimony of Zinc lozenges. They work miracles. The key is to start using them at the very first sign of something bad coming on. I just used them about a week ago. I woke up with that familiar scratch in the back of my throat, and my teeth hurt - a clear sign that I had a bad cold coming on. I started sucking Zinc lozenges (there are lots of brands of lozenges with zinc in them, like cold-eze, but I just prefer to use the straight zinc-citrate lozenges you get in the vitamin isle) and the cold petered in about 8 hours. I didn't even miss a day of work or my Saturday ski trip. I also believe in the power of the flu shot.

Carol said...

Lulu, Glad you're feeling better. The gym? Siriously? Your body will give you major backlash--just you wait and see. Wait another day miss "I'm addicted to my gym".

Landee said...

Aunt Visor... I got your warning too late. My lungs were on fire. But I muscled through Turbo Kick Boxing. And, really, by the end I was used to the fire and felt pretty good. I had to go though.... Chick-Fil-A night.

No gym tomorrow tho, I'm getting my hurr did so it'll be a day of rest.

ChelseaKate said...

Me too! Me too! I don't get sick, I've only bought hand sanitizer because sometimes it is cute at B&BW, (well, I used it lots in NY, after subway trips mostly) ..but I digress..

Starting Sunday night, it started to hit me.. (Savannah and Adi had it bad!) I was feeling horrible yesterday, but, of course, all 3 girls were home with me, so I was still trying to be mom.. until about 4:00, when mom was down for the count.. Just got out of bed for the first time since then, (it's almost 1?, crap..) Haven't showered since Sunday morning, eww.. Now, I think I'm heading back to bed, but I think I'm doing better..

Oh! and I would tell you my temperature, but the digital thermometer I somehow inherited from Tara circa 1996 is only reading 99.8.. no matter who takes their temperature..f

ManicMandee said...

You poor thing. I truly feel sorry for you. Get better asap and just think-- you'll be immune to that nasty bug next time.

marcikay said...

Hey, it's me again!
I know you think this is the first time you've heard from me, but its not!
Chelsea started her blog, and I'm not good at looking to see who is the last person signed in, so, though it looks like Chelsea wrote that great comment, it was me!
I hope you're feeling better, and am excited to see anything you post..

Memzy said...

::huge annoyed sigh::

New post please!!

Hot Pants said...

I read this and forgot to leave a comment. And now I woke up this morning feeling the sickness coming on. I was cursed and will never comment-dis you again. And I remember the day I introduced Markie to the Zinc lozenge, Thanksgiving weekend 2005. That was also the weekend we fell in love with Cherie over a game of 90's Trivia.
I was going to say, hope you feel better, but now that I see you are feeling better, I'll say, glad you're feeling better.