Friday, February 13, 2009

Fave Foto Friday: NutShell is in the Hizzouse!

Have you noticed I haven't been around the last couple of days? Prolly not. But in case you have, I do have a legitimate reason. My bestest SIL, NutShell is in town with her two kids. This is how the schedule usually goes when she is here/I'm there and this time is no different.

She arrives at some point the first day. I pick her up at the airport with a Sonic drink waiting for her in the cup holder.
We stay up chatting until 2am.
We wake up late the following day (or get the boys to school & go back to bed as the case may be).
We spend all day wondering when we are going to shower as we go from subject to subject and can't pull ourselves away.
We get 1-2 Sonic drinks per day.
We make sure the kids are still alive at least hourly.
We stay up until 2am.
The cycle continues.

It's good livin'.

The following pics are in honor of her.... the year is 2004 and she is pregnant with her first child in the month of June. We go to North Carolina to visit her & her hubby. Her legs have decided to see how swollen they can get without actually exploding.

I'm fascinated. I can't keep my eyes off these things! She coulda won a Hillary Clinton Cankle Look Alike Contest in a second. In the first picture she has pressed her thumb into her right foot.... and it stayed that way! Wha?? The second picture is a comparison shot of her foot vs. mine.

My ankles have never swollen up like this. With her second baby they swelled but not this much. Of course, the second was born in December so maybe that helped. Do your legs do this when you're preggers?

Now before you go feeling too sorry for her, the baby was born a MONTH early and it was perfectly healthy and weighed, like, 7 lbs. So yeah, that last month is the worst! Imagine the ankles had she gone to term! The thought makes reason stare.

NutShell is literally one of my favorite people of all time and her present she brought this trip has secured her spot in my Top 10 for life.

I'm telling you, that first photo is PAINFUL to look at. Painful.

She said I could take out those pics and put in pics of my kids if I want..... uh, yeah.... ok.... er, I'll get right on that.

Love you NuttyShells!


Memzy said...

My heart rate has jumped up to the 150's upon seeing that framed gorgeousness. I now forgive you for not answering any of my texts.

Krissy said...

No wonder why she is your favorite SIL, she brings you awesome presents! That, and she has squishy ankles, which is also a bonus.

marcikay said...

k, when i was pregnant with Chels, i totally swelled like this, and i had her in december.. my feet were so swollen, the only shoes i could wear were birkenstocks let out to the last hole.. which, by the way are awesome winter in boise footwear.. Davy would call my feet hams.. luckily i never swelled up this bad with my other 2..

Jenny ESP said...

She brings you presents?? My SIL's in town and she brought me Jack Squat. You need to post a picture of SIL from the legs up now. This is so mysterious.

ManicMandee said...

I'm agreeing with Jenny.

Those ankles look painful! Poor girl. But she seems to be super nice.

Flem said...

I am sure she appreciates that you post pics of her swollen ankles in exchange for the gifts she brings.

Katie said...

So now that she is gone, do we get you back?

And yes, my ankles, no my whole body did that. I gained 9 pounds in one week. The plus side? I lost the entire 50 ponds I gained during pregnancy in the first two weeks after the birth. Are you sure I am not Nutshell? Because I am not so sure.

marcikay said...

me again, so ironic,^^.. i gained 35 while pregnant with #1, and by new years day i was down to my pre-pregnancy weight.. i so LOVE losing 35 pounds in 10 days..

danandcami said...

Hey thso I am still checking in on you form afar. Love the blogs as always and thinkin of ya! You do have a cool SIL I will take notes so I can be a cool SIL someday. Yes my ankles did swell with C&S pregnancy.

Landee said...

I will be looking for some knee up pics of NutShell.... although, I kinda think it's funny for you to only imagine her as those swankles.

And yes, Flem, she did appreciate me posting these pics in exchange for the loverly gift. I mean, those cankles are almost 5 years old. She has never been so grateful for her ankle bones until I reminded her of this.