Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You're such a tease!

The weather is taunting us.

It's trying to make us think it's spring.

I'm trying to not believe it but it's not working very well. Case in point, I took Beebs to the park yesterday with my friend and her daughter, Sassy (Beebee's BFrenemyF).

It was 70 degrees and gorgeous.

The perfect day for some swinging on the big kid swings. They don't need those stinkin' baby swing seats anymore, btw.

Here's what's weird... aside from the swings BeeBee was uninterested in playing on the park equipment. Not a fan of the slide. Didn't like climbing up stuff. She mostly sat over by me, ate chips & drank my Sonic.

What is up with that?


Jenny said...

Thomas tried to convince me at lunch today that winter is over. Oh, but it's not. It's just pretending.

Katie said...

I think what you have here is a case of "I am way to mature for that." Think about it. Would you climb up that stuff, and slide down those slides? She is very advanced.

Also, prepare to be freaked out when you see the pictures I took yesterday for Tom...kinda creepy.

Also, I stood outside barefoot for about an hour talking to my neighbor today. Not a single goosebump.

Memzy said...

Beebs is gorge. And you lurve Denver..........accept your weather lady.

Carol said...

Those two BFF's could be twins. Cutie patooties.

Jenny ESP said...

Nice photogs. I'm glad you gize got to take of your Uggs for one day and slip into your bikinis. BTW, the reason my comment is 12 hours late is cuz I was mad at you for making me get those expensive BMG tickets.