Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Winter Blahs? No, The Winter Rahs!!!

I've been hearing a lot of buzz around the blogging world lately about how much people hate winter, hate the cold weather and how they can't wait until spring and blabbityblabbityblahblah.

I thought I needed to step in here and defend my old friend, Jack Frost.

See, January thru March is my absolute favorite time of year. I love it. I shall bullet point the reasons below:

  • I love winter clothes. I bought my first pair of Ugg boots 2 months ago (I know, I'm sooooo behind the times) and haven't taken them off since. I love jeans. I love coats & scarves. Jan-Mar are primo months for this kind of garb.
  • I don't need to keep my toenails painted nice all the time because of said boots. Or shave my legs consistently cuz of said jeans.
  • Crockpot meals & soups are always on the menu. Add some homemade rolls and you've got an easy and delish wintertime feast. You make these in the warm weather months and people are like "Wha?"
  • After all the hubbub of the holidays everyone is totally burned out and there is nothing going on. As you know, I love empty To Do lists. Jan-Mar is one big blank sheet of paper.
  • The coldness keeps the neighborhood kids at bay. They come over every once in a while but for the most part, everyone hunkers down at their own house. Peace.
  • I don't feel guilty about TBone playing the Wii non-stop cuz what else is he gonna do? It's freezing outside!
  • I love cleaning out cupboards, drawers, closets, etc but I have to be motivated to do it. After Christmas & three birthdays I get extremely motivated. Too much new stuff and no where to put it. I have been taking full advantage of myself and tearing through the house cleaning out closets & drawers like an insane person. Hurts so good.
  • American Idol starts.
  • 24 starts.
  • Heroes is back.
  • No yard work. No nagging Gty to mow the lawn AND weed whack (he's good about doing one, not the other). Raking the leaves is over. No flowers to water. Rest.
  • No major holidays to plan for. What, am I gonna bake Groundhog's Day cookies and deliver them to the neighbors? Mmmmm, no. Valentine's Day is IT and that is doable.
  • I can flip the switch and turn on the gas fireplace for ambiance without feeling dumb.

So see? How could you not love the dead of winter?

'Tis the most wonderful time of the year.


Hot Pants said...

I'm just really missing wearing my daisy dukes.

Hot Pants said...

And my halter top.

Hot Pants said...

To WalMart

ManicMandee said...

Ok, true you made a few good points. But I'm still not sold. Sorry.
And lucky you!-- the neighborhood kids are at bay. Not around here. They all want to come over and with the cold, they have to play inside. Where are all their parents?

Jenny ESP said...

^^love when she wears that stuff.

Yeah, I never get the winter blahs. It's year-round sunshine here. This is my 2nd favorite time of year, after fall.

Annalisa said...

You don't live in Michigan where it was 1 degree and -15 windchill live in Colorado where a cold winter day is usually 60. Crockpot meals from September to June get a little old if you know what I'm sayin.

Memzy said...

I totally agree with the coats and jeans and scarves. I LOVE dressing in layers. But I don't get to do a whole lotta that here in Bako. I'm so surprised you say this considering ALL your kids beedays are in Jan. That would drive me c-r-aaaaaz-y. I can barely do Cracker and Christmas together.

Katie said...

I love this time of year too. I wasn't about to call everyone out as babies like you did, but it doesn't mean it didn't need to be done.

You know what else I like about this time of year? No bugs. And you also forgot to mention no need for a tan or a skinny body...

Also, what is 24, and heroes, and what was the other one you mentioned? I refuse to watch anything that doesn't have jiggley white bodies thundering around in sports bras.

Landee said...

HP, what's stoppin' ya? I think we have our uniform for the next photoshoot.

MM, the parents are at home making soup and rolls & catching up on DVR'ed Oprahs. Send the kids home & say "It's winter. Don't come back until the tulips are up" We have that in vinyl on the front door.

JESP, the desert is boring.

Blondee, I especially loved winter when we were in Ohio. It lasted longer & the coldness was more severe. Less neighbor kids. Grocery shopping was painful but otherwise.... bring it on!

Memz, no b-day parties makes b-days easy. Having them in the middle of winter means I never have to rent a bounce house. Ever.

Katie, you stood me up last night, first of all. Where do you get off? Secondly, I'm not saying they are babies. I'm just Pollyanna/awesome. Thirdly, what is 24? WHAT. IS. 24? I can't even look at you right now.

Katie said...

Oh, Landee, don't be mad. I know what 24 is, it is the number between 23 and 25. About last night...I just got busy, and i thought about it at around 11:30, but I thought you might also be low on advil since your recent flu. I didn't want to do that to you. Tonight? Right after I finish blogging, mkay?

Flem said...

Since when do you watch 24.

I love this time of the year too because it was 80 degrees today.

Landee said...

No Flem. No. LaLaLand people do not get to weigh in here. Sorry.

What do you mean "since when do I watch 24?" I practically invented it.

marcikay said...

I am so very happy to hear from a fellow winter lover!! I love everything.. Pretty white yards, (no yardwork) Just hunkering down at home with my girlies.. I LOVE driving in the snow (Chelsea & I decided last year we should be snow-plow drivers) .. mind you, not everyone else driving in the snow, but love it!
I live in Utah, and everyone is like, "Christmas is over, no more snow!".. and I want to slap them..
Do you realize the first day of winter is December 21st?? Really drives me crazy..
Yet, when you declare your love for all things winter, they look at you like you're looney, and again I think - Are you surprised? Really? You've lived in Utah all your life, and are surprised to be getting snow in March? I say.. Bring it On!!
(My biggest problem? we'll get a big after-Christmas storm, and I'm suddenly in the mood to go Christmas shopping again..)

Markie23 said...

I never thought it would happen but I am also a winter lover now. No yard work is HUGE. All spring summer and fall my Saturdays are primarily spent mowing, fixing broken sprinklers, weeding, cleaning the fish pond, etc. Winter is play time! Also, no ants, flies, mosquitoes and other bugs is great. The snow capped mountains are gorgeous, and large herds of Elk and deer come down for the winter. I saw a herd of around 40-50 elk a few miles from our house the other day, and I often see their tracks going down our sidewalk. Cherie saw a huge buck in front of our house last week. C looks super hawt in a winter coat and tight ski pants. Snuggling under blankets with hot chocolate to watch those great shows is bliss. Yep, it's just a great time of year. I'll be holding back tears as I remove my ski rack and put it away until next winter.

Kelli said...

While I think you make a few valid points that I do agree with, I can think of more reasons why I love summer.

I'll admit I've complained endlessly about this winter, but we've had weather in Chicago, that is hovering around 0* for a whole month now. As I type, the wind chill is at -13*.

I am definately ready for spring. Being cooped up with a high-maintenance baby all winter has pushed me to my breaking point. I can't wait to be able to get out of this house!!

Krissy said...

First of all, did Katie seriously ask what 24 was?? Katie, there are 6 seasons on DVD, go, rent, watch. You won't get any sleep but I am telling you...totally worth it!

You make a good point Landee but I am still not a fan. I need SUN! However, maybe if i got myself a pair of Uggs i would be a fan of this time of year.

Annie said...

I can always count on you for a good pick me up. Thanks!