Monday, February 9, 2009

My Husband: Talent Hidden Under a Bushel

You're not the first person to say to Gty that he should have been a sportscaster. If you've ever said that then you're like, #12,435 last I counted.

Well, here is your chance to hear the man in action.

He has these funny cousins that do podcasts. They act like they are a real radio show and that they have tons of "listeners" who send in emails demanding certain topics be discussed and certain guests be brought on.

Gty was one such demand.

If you want to listen to this do the following:

Go to iTunes.
Click on Podcasts.
Search for "Thompson Backyard Baseball"
Gty's is "Morning Show Feat: G.R.A" and the description is "Andy wraps up the week with a special Rocky Mountain guest."

The beginning is good with some good bits regarding The Office. Then it bogs down a little in the middle with a deep discussion on BYU's recruiting this year (although some of your husbands might enjoy that). Then it really gets slow when they "would be remiss if they didn't talk Fantasy sports" for a minute (they are all in the same league) but then goes up 100 notches at the end with some TV talk.

For those of you who have never met Gty in person, this is a good glimpse into what I hear all day everyday as he paces the house talking to his buddies on the phone. For those of you who DO know the man, the myth, the legend... this will probably make you smile.

He now has a regular weekly time slot so I would suggest subscribing. Then you can say you knew him when and stuff.

(*iPhone users, superdeeduperdee easy to find & listen to while folding laundry & stuff)


Katie said...

You just wasted five minutes of my life! WASTED

...couldn't find it. The only one that popped up was about the single lady with the 8 babies.

Katie said...

!!! (I forgot to throw those in after the first part of my comment. !!!<----some more for ya.

Landee said...

Katie, are you cereal??

Just click on "older podcasts" or something like that.

Anyone else having issues?

Flem said...

Only could find the one with val. Will keep trying...

Flem said...

But I remember BYU men's gymnastics and I know he was meant for some casting or another--I guess podcasting is as good as any.

But his facial expressions are great so we lose that...

marcikay said...

I am dying to tell Davy to get on and look for this.. He, being 2nd to your husband in the "stats til I want to gouge my eyes out" category... He will LOVE this..

eekareek said...

That makes me practically famous.

Katie said...

I am cereal!!!

I am going to give you one more chance...I found nothing about older shows. Am I searching on the wrong page. Can you describe each screen in detail so I am sure I am in the right place?

That is ten minutes of my life now...gone. l

Jenny ESP said...

I found it easy, don't know why Katie can't??? I downloaded it to my iPhone last night (as you know) and it didn't work. I tried again this morning to download it to my compy, and I got a "this file is corrupt" error. Maybe Gty listened to his podcast so much, he corrupted it? Either way, Gty and his talent are still hidden firmly under that bushel.

Memzy said...

Yeah, I found it right away on both the iphone and the compy and neither of them would play. It reads this (!).

Landee said...

This sux you gize.

I guess I'll just have to announce when he's on next. I think it's tomorrow.


Why is my life so hard??

Kylee Thompson said...

I've also been a recent guess on TBB radio talking about my fave show-Biggest Loser. You can go their website and find it pretty easily. Here it is:

Good luck,

Patti Epperson said...

I know G$ and Rob should of had a radio show, but I am afraid it would cause too much road rage. I asked Rob once about going into radio broadcasting and he say there's no way because he's always right and others may not like that. Good for G$!