Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Take: Group Dos

Could the judges be any more awkward? ::said like Joey doing his Chandler impersonation::

Could Paula's hair look any worse?

Is it bad I voted for Norman Gentle 60+ times?

Are the girls still terrible? Yes.

Hair Flip: I honestly have nothing to say on her. I never really liked her to begin with and this performance did nothing to change that.

Dueling Pianos: I actually didn't hate his song choice as much as the judges did. I still like him. I wish he could have his piano in front of him. I think he's in trouble.

Legs: Wow. Didn't know they made shorts that short. She suffers from the No Exposure Syndrome and sucking. Double threat.

Nick: Can't emphasize my love for him enough. He didn't know who was gonna show up but he knew And I am Telling You was gonna be there. Lollerz. I'm a big fan. Anything to shake things up is good in my book.

Red: I can't believe she is 16 years old. Oh wait, yes I can. She can't carry on a conversation to save her life. She must be a texter. I hear these teenagers are losing the ability to communicate with people face-to-face. Anyway, she sang one of those "go-to" songs I was talking about. Alone by Heart kills every time. If you CAN sing it... do. Never fails.

CutiePatootie: Adorable. Love the song he sang (Michael Jackson's Man In the Mirror, if you didn't know). He also suffered from the No Exposure Syndrome. And the Leaning Toward Forgettable Syndrome. A good singer tho.

Tattoo 3/4 Sleeve: So pretty. Interesting voice. Hate the tats (can't get over them, really). And AWKWARD "dancing." It was hard to even type dancing... even in quotes. Movements is really more accurate. What WAS that? I'm about to start calling her Corky for some double entendre action.

Welder: I can't reconcile his high-ish voice with his hulking body and bald head. I love his everyman story but I guarantee I would never buy his album or even one song on iTunes. Guarantee it.

FiveHead: She needs bangs. I said it. She can sing fine, but she has no chance. Totally blah. The single mom thing is way played this season.

Momma's Boy: Disappointment of the night. I much prefer him with his guitar doing the singer/songwriter thing. This old song was a snoozer. He's gonzo.

MishOWorstNameEver: Contrary to the judges opinions, I really liked her song & how she performed it. She has a great voice. She won't make it through but I thought she was good.

Eyeliner Drama King: I shuddered at the Edward reference. That was a deliberate attempt to get votes from the easily swayed teeny boppers out there. Shame on you American Idol! How dare you compare this over-the-top, make up wearing, goob to EDWARD? Ridiculous. He can sing though. I'll give him that. But I'm not a fan. He'll get through unfortunately.

Three getting through predictions:

Boy: Eyeliner
Girl: Red
Other: Nick Mitchell


Jenny ESP said...

LOLLERZ at your take on Red. So true. But how can you be so completely right about so many, yet so entirely OFF the mark about one? Edward (aka eyeliner guy) killed it tonight!!! Your take on him was way over dramatic, BTW. "shame on you?" "how dare you?" Wha??? I thought the Edward reference was spot on, and I thought it before Randy even said it. He's gonna go far. Him, and Norman Gentle.

Memzy said...

I think we should rename Red to TextTalker. Ha! You keel me. I pretty much agree with everything else. But imma have to jump to team Jespy on Eyeliner guy. I shriekered when the Twilight reference came up and that sealed the deal for me. Any reference to Twilight, shameless or not, will prolly win my heart. Plus that last note killed. Nailed it.

Markie23 said...

My same three picks exactly. I had to wrestle my wifey for the phone in order to vote for Norman Gentle; but lets face it, there were only 3 performances that stood out last night and those were red, eyeliner, and Gentle. I was stunned at how boring all the other contestants were. I hope Ryan does another "You three stand up... you're all out" tonight. In fact I hope he does it like three times. Otherwise tonight's show is going to be torturous.

Markie23 said...

... and what was wrong with Pauler's hair? I liked it. The blubbering words that came from her mouth... well, that's another story.

Katie said...

I agree completely on everything except the tattoo sleeve. She makes it classy with her turning and bobbing. I wish I was pretty enough to suck at singing, have an arm tattoo, and twist awkwardly on the stage, and still get rave revues. She is lucky, that one.
I actually like Mishanananhovannavicherson better than red. She sings very accurately. I like that. Wait, did I say better, I meant the same, but something about red's neck gives me the willies. But on the other hand, Mishonhanovahannashanorawananana could have FAS. So, i guess they are equal. (Don't show them my comments. I don't want to hurt their feelings.)

And to Memzy and Jenny- if that is how you pictured Edward, and you still liked him...I don't know what to say.

Carol said...

I agree with Lulu on the "Edward" comparison. No, no, no. And Norman Gentle--very entertaining but "Idol" doesn't fit him. And Katie--I loved you Mishavonnannannannannannan stuff. Laughed out loud. Lulu--love that you put their pictures up. Tonight--will be painful for most.

Our Family said...

Eyeliner reminds me of the lead singer of Kiss when he goes for the high notes for some reason.
Red has a cool voice/chops.
Mishowhatever is waaay better than tatoo girl. Voted for her despite the poor comments.
Tatoo girl has a beautiful face and georgee mom but definitely can't move right. Reminds me of a toddler trying to dance for the first time.
Norman is sandwiched between everyone like some 1/2 time comedy relief show. It is just not right Landee. I Like him and think he's funny but he really needs to be on American's Got Talent.

ManicMandee said...

Still haven't seen it. But couldn't resist a prewatch review. I actually really like the creepy eyeliner guy. I just can't look at him while he sings. Which may become a problem for me later on.

Hot Pants said...

Cute Patootie, Mamma's Boy, and Norman. That's all I want through. Too bad they are all boys. Mamma's Boy was not good last night, but I like him. Red was good, but booorrriinnnnggg (<--Jespy can't write that) Eye liner guy just annoys. I enjoyed the awkward dancing of tattoo girl. I felt like I might have a chance of impersonating her moves without even trying hard. I don't remember Cutie Patootie, but he sang one of my favorite MJ songs. And Norman is just a good time.

Flem said...

Red or Norman.