Friday, January 30, 2009

A Cut & Paste X-travaganza

So there is this thing going around on Facebook. A tag. I've always been allergic to tags but since I saw Flem do it I figured it'd be OK for me to do it too. And since I put in the effort to please the brazillion people on FB who tagged me, I figured I'd be lazy and just post it here too.

If you do this tag me on FB so I can see it.


25 Things I Know You Are Just Dying To Know About Me

1. I've been tagged to do this, like 8 times. That obviously means I'm crazy popular and people are intrigued by me.
2. I drink abnormal amounts of diet soda a day (Diet Dr. Pepper is the drink of choice) but canNOT drink it straight out of the can. It must be in a glass, crushed ice, straw (I buy bendy straws in bulk)... or from Sonic, of course.
3. I'm a total homebody. My favorite days are spent around the house with nothing on my To Do list.
4. I wish I could simply say one city & one state when people ask "Where are you from?" I have to give this whole lecture about how I grew up in Boise but moved to NJ for my junior & senior year of HS...blah blah blah. So complicated.
5. I have just enough natural curl in my hair to be annoying. I can never just wash & go.
6. I hadn't exercised since my last varsity basketball game in 1993. Then two years ago I started going to the gym and have worked out at least 5x a week ever since. Why do I have no middle ground here?
7. I consider myself to be above average organizationally. I've seen much better but I've seen much, much worse.
8. I have a hilarious husband who makes me laugh every day and has never, not even once, made me cry.
9. I'm not cheap/frugal, but I'm not a big spender either. Shopping is a necessary evil most of the time.
10. I actually kinda like making dinner if I have a plan & all the ingredients. I stink at throwing together something from nothing.
11. I love working with the youth at church. The more I hang out with them the more I realize that teenagers and I are on the same page about most things.
12. I have been to Forks, WA. If you don't know why that's fun I'm sad for you.
13. I still listen to old school Madonna, Michael Jackson, NSync & Britney Spears regularly. Don't judge me.
14. I have lived in eight different states. Six of those states have been in the last twelve years.
15. I never want to move from Colorado.
16. I'm starting to get serious wrinkles around my eyes. I keep telling myself it's because I'm so dang happy so I smile all the time. That doesn't explain the becoming-perma-crease on my forehead that shows up when I'm mad at my kids though. Oopsy.
17. I love doing laundry.
18. I go through so many paper towels/napkins a day it would make your head spin. I need to become more environmentally friendly.
19. I went retro 50s housewife on my heiney yesterday and bought & used S.O.S pads for the first time. They totally work, you guys.
20. My in-laws are some of my favorite people in the world.
21. I eat a peanut butter & honey sandwich on white bread every day for lunch. As I make it I eat about 6 knife fulls of peanut butter too. There is just something about Jif Creamy Peanut Butter that has my number. Oh, and I apparently have the taste buds of a 4 year old.
22. I wanted all boys. Now that I have a girl I realize I was an idiot.
23. I love all things photography & Photoshop.
24. Some things that make me pause & be grateful are: climbing into bed with freshly washed sheets, watching my kids sleep peacefully, walking into my warm home on a freezing day, laughing with Gty, a knife full of peanut butter (duh!)
25. I hate, hate, hate scary movies.

I forgot to add that I'm addicted to blogging..... but you gize already knew that.


Jenny ESP said...

It's no wonder I imprinted on you. Our lists are practically identical. Guess how many matches we have.<--- free game for you to play. Winner gets bragging rights.

Memzy said...

Gawsh. You are so BRAGGY.

Memzy said...

Lollerz. My fave is #12

eekareek said...

Yes, #12 is the best. #12 is alive (said like the robot from Short Circuit). I see why I didn't imprint. We have hardly anything in common.

marcikay said...

I am quite pleased with myself, that I knew many of these things about you..

and the things I didn't know didn't surprise me!

and with Gty around, I would laugh all day!

Annalisa said...

Your baby brother here...I happened upon this blog when I sat down at the computer and decided to see what antics my sister was up to in her blogging addiction. There are some serious "fibs" in this, I will only point out the obvious in #8. There are 2 very important moments in my life that were "decorated" with your intense sobbing and yelling at Gty: the day I went into the MTC and my wedding day. There are many who remember you on those occasions more clearly than the events themselves. I just didn't want the record to be flawed...should be pretty accurate now.

Flem said...

#4 You COULD just say idaho but the truth is you think NJ sounds better (accurate) so you have to do it that way to protect your coolness.

#8 is true except that before you were married you cried because he refused to break up with that carrie chick because he was like waiting around to see if she would end it. But the rest is true.

And thanks for thinking if I do something it must be okay.

Flem said...

Annalisa needs to control her man.

Landee said...

Oh my heck.... I go and see an Oscar award deserving performance by Don Cheadle in Hotel For Dogs and I come home to this??? Jaykay, I of course was reading all the comments on my phone during the movie. But I waited to get home to clarify some things....

a) I guess 15 in common. We were practically separated at birth.

b) #12 was my favorite too. Srsly.

c) Marci, you did??? Nice! I'm sure I'm opening a lot of my ward members' eyes with that list.

d) Kip.... you know darn well (cuz I just sent you a mean text) that there are different KINDS of cries. I meant the "hurt my feelings" kind of a cry... not the "What in the AYCHE is he DOING???" kind of cry. Totally different. He makes me do the latter cry 3x a week. Lollerz.

e) Flem. I feel naked around you. Like you can see straight into my soul. Yes, I add the NJ in there for the coolness factor. BUT you are mistaken on #8. I didn't care if he broke up with Keri cuz I knew he was putty in my hands. It was only a matter of time. Putty. Microwaved putty even.

Katie said...

I know you now, and I too feel that way about peanut butter, which makes me like you even more, if that is possible.

I am going to memorize that list, and bring things up on a regular basis.

Annie said...

After reading I have to say I am totally with you on: 2,4,5,9,11,13,16,17,18,24,& most of 25. Not so much on 3,8,10,19,20 & 21. Working on 6,23. The rest I have to say never.

Thanks for sharing.

ChelseaKate said...

hey i got to do this on the good ol' facebook too! and also put it on my blog!!
so i just think you are plum-darling! i love reading your posts and what not!

ManicMandee said...

I like these tags. So fun to read about all those quirky things.

Markie23 said...

If I ate a peanut butter sandwich every day I would be roughly the size of an elephant (as opposed to my current rhino status). You must have the metabolism of a hummingbird.

Shelly Neilson said...

I know I am a bit late commenting on this one, but just to clarify on #20 - does that include sister in law? Love your dang posts! You are the reason i don't have a blog, mine would be too boring and no one would read it which would put me in fetal position. loves! :)