Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back in BIDNESS!

Oh my gosh, you gize!

I guarantee you don't realize how much stuff you do on the internet each day.

I realize it, however,  because I have been sans internet for like, FIVE DAYS!! It has been intolerable. But now that I'm through this trial I can look back and see that it has honestly made me a better person. Or at least a faster typer on my phone but I'm pretty sure my thumbs are getting the carpal tunnel thingy.

Anyway, I'm back.

We switched from a DirectTV/Qwest combo to everything being through Comcast.   That is why it took so long to get the internet back (after our Qwest modem died on us).  Apparently it takes a few days to transfer your phone number from one provider to another or something lamerz like that.

So we now gots us some HD TV (I didn't realize how much our HD television was NOT living up to its potential).  Is AI in high def?  I don't know if I wanna see Mike in high def.  But Lee & Casey might be fun.  Crystal's teeth?  No.

Speaking of AI, here are the points from this week. If you feel your score is incorrect please let me know.  Jespy usually checks my math for me late at night before any of you see it.

 Jespy: 1 (26)
 Memz: 4 (26)
 Eeka: 1 (25)
 Landee: 1 (24)
 Anna: 4 (23)
 HotP: 2 (22)
 AV: 1 (21) 
 Jana: 2 (21)
 Flem: 0 (19)
another example of her job ruining her/my life
 Markie: 2 (19)
 cog: 2 (18)
 Stands: 1 (17)
 Kimi: 4 (17)
 Stacky: 1 (15)
 Mikey: 1 (15)
 RoddTodd: 1 (14)
 SolidGold: 1 (11)

As you can see Jespy suddenly has a little competition.   I'm thinking that next week we will only have a bottom two (with each being 4 points) and then like, 10 points for guessing the one who goes home correctly.  We gotta ups the ante around here, dawgs!  This is still anybody's game.  You gotta BELIEVE YOU CAN WIN, that's all!  In it to win it.  

In. It. To. Win. It.

Also, this is the funniest/creepiest thing I've seen all season.

The "Kara" is a dead ringer.

PS Another bonus of switching TV providers?  Fresh & new DVR.  Finally I'm rid of those BYU football games from 2006-10.  Not having internet for a few days was well worth it just for that, believeachoo me.  They sucked up around 60% of available space on the DVR.  Srsly, the things I put up with....


eekareek said...

Crap! Crap! Crap! I HATE losing!!!!!

Memzy said...

I've. Been. Waiting. For. This. Day.

Can you believe we used to have to watch shows when they CAME ON every day?!!

Flem said...

I woulda said Aaron, Casey, mike with Aaron going home. Without watching it--still haven't. And I think I got knocked out of number one in my office pool but since everyone else was working overtime I can only hope my job is ruining their lives too. Sorry to be such a bad friend.

Markie23 said...

I'm srsly stressing about the internet situation on our cruise ship. I think I may need sedatives if there's no wi-fi in Glacier bay.

Carol said...

So glad you're back. Must have been very painful. And those stand in judges scared me. Creeeeepy. Is there going to be a prize for 2nd 3rd, etc.? I need to win something. And Markie--internet is intermitten on the Alaskan cruize but it will sooooo be worth it. Beauty unsurpassed.

Jenny ESP said...

First, glad you're back in bidness.

Second, the weirdest thing about those stand-in judges, is they actually tried to find look-a-likes. Cuz why??? Creepsville.

Third, I can't believe I hung onto first place again?! It's flabbergasting. I may have a cling-on now, but I don't mind at all if I have to share the apron with Memz.

Princess Kimi said...

I didn't even notice you were gonez. k, that's a lie. What happened is I stopped using the internet as much for plezure cuz it wasn't as plezurable. YAY for back to skrizzing off reading blog/cuteness and photoshopping our heads on super models and hair and mustaches on some peeps husbands and dogs! The stock thing was way to stressful anywayz. I'm sure it's not what Bill Gates intended for me to use the interwebs machines for when he invented it. JAY KAY I know he didn't invent it. He stoled it.

Princess Kimi said...

p.p.s. I totally checked to see if I could get a comcast packge thing here cuz they have comcast to go btw so you could get a usb modem stick for your lappytop to take ANYWHERE NATIONWIDE 3g/4g but they don't have the TV part here yet..
:( Guess they are bizzy puttin in our 4th stoplight and planning the town picnic for that.