Sunday, May 23, 2010

Zeus Almighty

Introducing the newest member of the Anderson Family.  

Zeus Almighty Anderson

Can you tell someone has enjoyed The Lightening Thief series?  That someone is JBird.

He has wanted "his own pet" (apparently Maggie does not count) for a couple of years now.  Finally he decided he wanted a guinea pig.  Oy.  I was not excited about it.  But, after some discussion we decided that he might just be old enough and responsible enough to handle one.  We had him save his own money and he will continue to have to buy the food and bedding stuff for him.   We have been shopping around the local pet stores and were so glad when this little guy was still at Petco when JBird had finally saved up enough money for the cage, the guinea pig, the food, the water bottle, etc.

 Isn't he adorabibble?

 My favorite feature of him, which we didn't even notice until we got him home, is that the front & back feet on his right side are white and the ones on the left side are dark brown.  I bet the other guinea pigs made fun of him for it though.

Yesterday was actually the greatest day of JBird's life.  

He got his little Zeus but before that, he had double header baseball games.  He has wanted to pitch for a couple of years.  At the beginning of this year they started working him into the rotation of pitchers.  He would come in and be a closer every once in a while and he did a great job.  One time he got three kids out in only 11 pitches.   He has now worked his way up to be their number one starting pitcher.  They "save" him for the big games.  He's their left-handed secret weapon, basically.  Wait,  I think they call it southpaw in baseball.  Anyway....

...yesterday he started and he got the win!  Here he is striking some poor sucker out.  That kid didn't even know what hit him.

A happier dad kid you will never see. 


Memzy said...

The paws!!! Turns out pets aren't that bad when your kids can take care of them.

Memzy said...

Oh and sweeet job on the baseball stuff Jbird!!

Flem said...

Ew. But GREAT picture--that is a keeper for a future hall of fame display. Congrats G--I mean Jack!

jill'E'jam said...

Whoa. We've got some similar things going on at our homes.... crazy! I love the pictures!!

Chrissi Richards said...

niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice pictures!!!

Carol said...

JBirds face!!!! Priceless!! And the pitching shot should be entered in a photo contest. For sure.

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

Perfect picture! Wow! Are you good or what?
What a totally adorable guinea pig! And I don't say that everyday.
Actually I've never said that.
It looks like it just stepped out of the G-Force movie.
Congrats on it all--

Jenny ESP said...

Whoa. Zeus looks UNREAL!! Super handsome. I would love to photo-shop a top-hat and cane onto that pic. Congrats to Jbird!