Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AI: Top 3 Lack Luster Finalists


So this is it, America.  Your Top Three.

 I vaguely remember last season's Top Three show.  I had butterflies.  I was giddy.  I couldn't WAIT to see what songs they had chosen, what the judges had chosen for them, to get my fingers busy voting (for Kris Allen)... but this year?   I was hurrying to get through it so I could get to Glee & The Biggest Loser (an emotional week where the final 4 go home to train for a marathon).  I don't care who wins.  I don't care who loses.  As long as it's the person I pick for the contest, that is.

But enough about me.  Let's get on with it.

His choice: Ok, It's Alright With Me by Eric Hutchinson
Judges' choice (Randy & Kara): Daughters by John Mayer

The Eric Hutchinson song was aaaaaight.  I mean, you know, typical Casey doing the typical Casey thing.  Which, btw, I think was the point here.  He wanted to show what kind of artist he would be and this certainly proved the point that this season is bleh.  The John Mayer song, on the other hand, was actually really really good.  I may be biased in that I really like that song but that also goes to show how Casey's song choices, when left up to him, suck.  So what's he gonna do in the studio later?  When it's all up to him?  Huh?  A: Lame songs that no one wants to buy.  Prove me wrong, Casey.  Prove. Me. Wrong.

Her choice: Come to My Window by ((SHOCKER!!!)) Melissa Etheridge
Judge's choice (Ellen): Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney

Thank goodness she pulled her harmonica/neck brace thingy out again.  I'd almost forgotten about that annoying thing.  And srsly, Crystal....Melissa Etheridge?  Really?  Haven't you been singing her every week already?  Could you be anymore predictable? (<-- say like Chandler).  Ugh.  But again, if it was supposed to show her future endeavors in music then, hey, spot on.  Now we can only hope no one buys Melissa Etheridge albums anymore for a reason.  And not cuz they're homophobic.   As for the Paul McCartney song, it makes me uncomfortable to see her without her guitar.  I think it's cuz I look at her teeth more closely.  And, I don't care how white they try to get those things, there are still some missing.  And it's yucky.

His choice: Simple Man by Leonard Skynard
Judge's Choice (Simon): Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen/Jeff Buckley

What are the chances of picking two songs by two different people named Leonard?   But yeah, best of the night, no question.  I was pleasantly surprised and entertained by his first song.  And while I think Simon's pick is a bit "overdone" on AI, I still think it was a great performance.  And I enjoyed seeing him get a little overwhelmed and emotional.  He usually plays it so straight it was good to see him get a little teary.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a Safety Dance routine to watch a million times & learn.


 I realize I'm playing it safe but I'm not trying to "have a moment" this season.  I'm just trying to stay above water here.

Points awarded will be 10 points for each bottom two chosen correctly.  20 points for the correct person chosen to go home this week.  That's a possible 40 pts. right there.

 Good luck.

Camp Crystal CASEY


Camp Casey CRYSTAL


Camp We Don't Know Yet

I respect Kimi for being a little risk taker.  It could pay off big time.  It might do some of you losers unfortunate souls there at the bottom some good to try and take a little risk as well...what's the harm?  I mean, right?  Feel free to switch your vote up until about 6pm this evening.


Carol said...

Bottom 2: Casey and Dreds. Going home: Casey for sure.

michelangelo said...

well, if we all vote the same way, will it matter how many points there are? or is tonight going to be the most dramatic rose ceremony ever with results that will shock and awe us all?

casey's going home. crystal's in the bottom with him.

how was glee?

Jana said...

Crystal and Casey- Casey's a goner.

Princess Kimi said...

I might as well go against the trend here...

Bottom two: Casey and Crystal
Going home: Crystal (cuz that's what I WANT)

put RT down for same as YOU tho. :: sigh ::

Memzy said...

Bottom two: C & C. Going home: Casey.

Glee saved me last night. Otherwise me and TV were breaking up.

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

Glee was amazing!!! My favorite epiosode yet!
The safety dance thing reminded me of this: And the whole "i dreamed a dream" song?'s like watching a broadway show for free every freaking week.
I'll come over and learn the safety dance thing with you anytime.
Oh yeah...AI.
Dreads and Casey. Casey going home.

Landee said...

Take a risk you people!! This thing isn't all tied up in a nice little package waiting on your front porch! Throw caution to the wind! Let your hair down!

Who knows? ::praying for the most dramatic rose ceremony ever even tho I picked the obvious choice::

StandsMom said...

Bottom two, Casey and Crystal. Casey's gonzo.

Jenny ESP said...

Dang, I almost forgot! My vote is the same as everyone else. That was nice of Kimi to make it seem like the contest isn't over. She's such a team player!

Flem said...

Camp Casey Crystal--with Casey going home. I just landed so cut me some slack. Travel is sucky.

cog said...

I'm in the Camp Crystal CASEY camp