Wednesday, May 12, 2010

AI: Results, 4 becomes 3

I fast forwarded through all of it so you'll have to tell me how the performances were.  I stopped for a bit on Daughtry but I hadn't heard that song before so I kept on going.

Bottom two: Mike & Crystal.
Gone: Mike of Free Willy fame

Here are the points.  There has been some movement so pay attention.

Eeka: 18 (43)
Jespy: 14 (40)
Memzy: 14 (40)
Jana: 18 (39)
Landee: 14 (38)
Anna: 14 (37)
HotPants: 14 (36)
Flem: 14 (33)
cog: 14 (32)
Kimi: 14 (31)
Stands: 14 (31)
Mikey: 14 (29)
Stacey: 14 (29)
RT: 14 (28)
AV: 4 (25)
Markie: 0 (19) <---the price of a nice vaycay 
SolidGold: 4 (15)


eekareek said...


Jenny ESP said...

In all of your fac... oh. I lost. Congrats Eek. Couldn't have lost to a fiercer competitor. But I hear the points are worth infinity next week so it ain't over yet!

StandsMom said...

::scanningscanningscanning:: Wha? Hang on...
::scanningscanningscanningscanning:: Ummm...she didn't really forg...
::scanning(morecarefully)scanning:: She really did. No biggie. I'll, uh, let her know.

Jana said...

Someone's creepin' up on ya'll!!

Memzy said...


Princess Kimi said...

srsly APS. She remembered RodTodd but forgot you? I'd be pizzed if I was you. ::: winky guy :::

Landee said...

K, it's all been rectified (that word makes me giggle).

I also corrected a couple of scores (sorry AV & SolidG...I had forgotten you picked Casey to go rather than Mikey. Ouch!).