Thursday, May 13, 2010


I either saw that on a bumper sticker or someone told me they saw it on a bumper sticker or I just made that up.  However it came to be embedded in my subconscious isn't important.  The important part is what I'm about to share with you.

It's funny being a Mormon.  I mean srsly, it really is.

There are so many cultural hilarities I enjoy on a regular basis.  I consider it one of the Top 10 Perks of being LDS (avoiding cirrhosis of the liver is right up there too, btw).

Anyway, I got a FB message from one of my dearest friends a while ago.  Some of you may know her as Phoxy Brown.   She was my bestest friend in South Carolina.  We met as she came knocking on my car window while I was sitting in car line at JBird's preschool.  She had spotted my Ohio license plates and was drawn to them like a moth to a flame.  She's originally from there and was not adapting well to life in the South.  She needed a fellow Ohioan and I needed a friend.  We were a match made in humidity heaven. 

Here she is with Kimi, Memzy and a disgustingly fat/preggerz me in Chaaaaalston, SC in 2005 on the BEST girls trip EVAH. 

Kimi & Phoxy trying on some shades at the open market where Kimi wanted to look at the Lew-eese Vweetun purses (that's how Kim pronounced it...srsly). 

But here's the shocker....Phoxy is not a Mormon.

I hadn't had many non-LDS friends since leaving high school and it was refreshing to have one again.  She was hilarious and kind and generous and snarky.  She made my life in SC go from totally geek to totally chic.  She hadn't ever known a Mormon personally before either.  Which was good for me, btw...nothing to compare me to.

K, now that the walk down memory lane is over & you have some history, let me share with you the message I got from her.  FYI, her sons are exactly JBird's and TBone's ages.  She has since had another girl who is about a year younger that Beebs.  In this message she is talking about the son who is TBone's age:

So Cade has a new BFF in his class. Went to pick him up to come over and play today. I suspect Cade has found yet another Mo-Mo to be BFF's with. Here, in no particular order, is what leads me to this conclusion....

6.) 4 kids
5.) Mom had a Shades shirt on under her tee
4.) Big ole pic of Jesus hanging in the dining room
3.) Above all the doors were "sayings"
2.) Originally from Utah

And the #1 reason I believe what I do....I was late to pick him up 'cause I didn't know where "South Meadow" was and when I told her and apologized she said...."I'm so sorry you had to drive all over HECK to get here!"

Your thoughts.... 

I mean, right?  My thoughts?  Um yeah, you got yourself another Mormon there, sister.  I don't know why it made me laugh so hard that she spotted the Shade shirt and "sayings" above the doors and that told her this lady was Mormon. She went from not knowing any Mormons to being an expert on the matter.

She then wrote me again a while later:

I gots my proof. On the way home they were asking if they could have a slumber party. I say...not tonight. Cade says...hey, maybe we can play together tomorrow. And with about a 5 second pause follows up with...oh that's right, you're not allowed to play on Sundays. So I assume it won't be much longer until Cade is in black pants and white shirt, bike helmet securely in place, cycling around Aiken, spreading the Good News. That counts as his mission, right?

 I asked her to just support Cade in his conversion and to not disown him or anything.  A couple pics of the future missionary I took just before we moved....


Jenny ESP said...

Really? The "BEST girls trip EVAH?" I see no gang signs, no crouched gangsta poses, no fictional character houses, super srs frozen smiles, humidity, pregnant women. Looks boring as heck! Still, glad you found your long lost non-mo BFF. She sounds like a rare gem.

Landee said...

I knew that phrase would tick you off which is why I wrote it and then left it in. Claaaaasic Jesp.

Jenny ESP said...


PS. The word verification is dopelike. Not surprised.

Landee said...

So, what was the word?

Jenny ESP said...

I told you. dopelike

Landee said... it was kinda dopey. Like, flaggerstat? Or prashbutt? Or glubbersmand?

Help me out here.

PS Apparently dopey words have double consonants in my mind.

Princess Kimi said...

I soooo miss me some Phoxy funnies like these! Hilarity that you were so worried about all of us sharing a hotel room and her seeing you and Memz magic unders and gettin all curiooohso! hehehe. Lollerz@ sayings over the doors btw. I hope she knows you have your own SPECIAL version Jesus picture. Not just any ole Jesus picture.... Cade will set her straight during his best 2 years.

Memzy said...

I miss me that Phoxy!!!!

And I'd like to add that I'm super grateful to have found my best bra ever.

Landee said...

What's the matter with your bra there? You look...up.

I hope Cade gets called to Ohio.

ManicMandee said...

So funny and so true. Us Mormons are freaks. Gotta love 'em.

eekareek said...

I am glad that was your best girls trip ever. Mine was this one time when I went on a cruise to the beautiful Ensenada. I will post pics of it later.

I have no word sayings over my doors and I am proud of it!

I thought the title of this blog said "Rumor men part 2".

Landee said...

It could also be "Rue, mermen too?"

Jenny ESP said...

That's what seemed so "srs and frozen" about that picture! It was the perky-making bras! OK, I get it now.

Flem said...

Very astute--the cultural nuances were not lost on Phoxy. I miss phoxy too...

And I would say that the only proof she needed was the sayings coupled with Utah. In fact, Utah and anyone of those factors would have worked.

It is almost like she knows the trade secrets, wow.

Word verfi:pusses

Linkster said...

It's good to know you two stay in touch.

Word verification: berack. I didn't know you were a socialist.