Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AI: Most Obvious Results To Date

Sorry Kimi.  I wish you woulda been right.  Srsly.

First of all, how dry & uninformative was that Q&A with the finalists?  Wow.   I had to doodle in my notebook to stay awake.

Ryan: So, are you busy during the week between performances?
Contestant: Yes.  Very busy.  I didn't realize how busy I'd be.


::refusing to like anything "discovered" by Perez Hilton but not fast forwarding either::

Hometown Visits

Casey-  Who are all these people??  The crying girls?  The screaming fans?  Are you telling me there are people out there who are LOVING this season?  I couldn't wrap my head around that.  Doesn't make sense.  I wonder how impressed that doctor was to get that guitar, btw.  He seemed kinda like "Um, thanks?"  I bet he sold it on eBay.  He's cute though.  No one can take that away from him. 

::randomly start giggling thinking about that lady who chased after Gokey's limo last year until she just couldn't keep up::     ::giggling again as I type this::

Crystal-  Now, you know I lived in Toledo, OH for two years, right?  Well, I did.  And I'm fairly certain that was not our mayor back then.  I would have remembered the backwards leather cabby hat and leather vest with all the pins on it like he works at TGIFriday's.  And BOWERSTOCK?  Oh my gosh.  Get serious.  Yes, let's compare this has-been-before-she-ever-was to one of the most famous musical festivals of all time.  Yeah, that works.  And her song "Holy Toledo" has given hope to all of NW Ohio?  Really Crystal?  Gimme a break.  I'm so done with her and her cocky tude.  Done, I say!

Lee- Throwing out the first pitch at a Cubbies game?  Not to shabby there, Mr. Dewyze.  And I love how they had to go back to his elementary school.  I'm guessing the "alternative high school" he attended is on some kind of lock down situation or something.  His dad looked genuinely touched as Lee sang The Boxer but his mom looked like she was Fakey Fakerson.  Like "Oh, the camera is on me, I better look all choked up."  Do with that observation what you will.

 ::start feeling sorry for the grow men who are Justin Bieber's back up dancers/singers::

Results: LEE & CRYSTAL through.  CASEY heading back to Cool, TX. 

Since everyone except Kim voted the same I'll do the points later.  There won't be much movement in the standings.

Thank you again for all of you who have stuck through with this ghastly season.  It's almost over, you gize.  We've almost made it.


michelangelo said...

If I admit that I got misty-eyed when Casey went back to the hospital where they treated him, will I be mocked? Maybe I should send before and after photos from my accidents so you'll know how grateful I am to certain medical professionals in Boise and DC. I have no guitar to give them to show my gratitude, though.

I also got teary when Lee got all cry-face. And then every time he covered his face because it was all. so. unbelievable. Such a humble kid.

It's weird because I really don't like this season at all.

I did not cry over Crystal's hometown visit.

Haven't watched Glee yet but am so excited. Thank you, loving husband, for recording it.

Memzy said...

This post was worth it if just for the memory of limo chasing Gokey girl. Which made me think of our podcast we did shortly after and then I lollerzed til I peed my pants. Again.

eekareek said...

It took me about seven minutes to watch last nights AI and I couldn't even bring my self to really read your recap either. So disappointed this season.

Princess Kimi said...

This coulda/shoulda been my big cinderella moment. Noone cried during Crystals anything. cept me when they said she made it thru. Put me down for Lee winning btw.

Jenny ESP said...

This contest is finally heating up. I meant your contest of course. Not the singing contest.

Jenny ESP said...

PS. I feel bad for Kimi. Especially when I have to look at that freakishly cute picture of her when she was just a babe in swaddling clothes.

Jenny ESP said...


^^veri word. Typical of what I find on your blog, fsr.