Wednesday, May 5, 2010

AI: Ur Picks

Memzy: Casey crystal AARON
landee: crystal aaron CASEY
jespy: crystal Casey MIKE
kimi: crystal Casey AARON
mikey: crystal Casey MIKE
markie: Aaron mike CRYSTAL
cog: Aaron mike CASEY
Anna: crystal Casey AARON
AV: crystal Aaron CASEY
eeka: Aaron crystal CASEY
stands: Aaron crystal CASEY
hotpants: Aaron mike CASEY
jana: Aaron mike CASEY
Stacey: Aaron crystal CASEY
RT: Aaron crystal CASEY
solidgold: crystal Aaron CASEY

i typed that all out on my phone. Pure torture.
I'll post the points tomorrow when my Internet/life has been restored.


Memzy said...

You really muscle through for all of us. Srsly.

Memzy said...


Princess Kimi said...

I used the "Tiffany/Iron Condor" strategy this time. Butterflies weren't workin.