Wednesday, May 26, 2010

AI: Finale Sponsored by the AARP

I counted two "guest performers" under the age of 68.  Two.


I declare 87% of this show unwatchable.  I mean, I watched it.  But only because I had to in case something awesome happened.

A few "awesome" things that DID happen:  Ryan's mic being left on for a bit as Kris Allen (I miss him so much it hurts) started singing, that dood taking over the mic from Dane Cook & saying he's taking over for Simon until they cut away to a commercial, Christina Aguilera forgetting pants, William Hung/Pants on the Ground duet, Janet Jackson's Spock ears and unsightly unitard.

Best Song Lyric Change EVER: "Would she go down with you to the theater?"  ::insert loud laughter from me for about 3 minutes::  What, pray tell, is perverted about that?  I'm surprised Alanis went along with that but I'm soooo glad she did.  Too funny.

And, of course, congrats to all those who voted for Mr. Lee.  I obviously wanted him to win but I was being strategic.   And a BIG congrats to Mizundastood herself, Eekareeka!!  After changing her vote about 3 times she finally decided on Lee and I'm sure she's happy she did.   Here are the final tallies of those near the top (meaning they voted for Lee):

Eeka: 133
Jespy: 130
HotPants: 126
cog: 122
Mikey: 119
AV: 115
Kimi: 101

Please leave suggestions for Eeka's customized gift in the comments.  REASONABLE suggestions, that is.  I have a couple idears but you might come up with something better and I'd hate for her not to have the best of the best for all her hard work this season.

Thank you to all who participated in any way, shape or form!  You made an otherwise intolerable season less intolerable.


Flem said...

Your title summed it all up.


Flem said...

PS I was cracking up at the lyric change but as I was a guest at someone else's house who didn't catch it, I had to behave. I was laughing SO hard too.

Is was pretty painful to see all the olds, I really thought it was like a dying generation and their swan song--cool for both them and the contestants to see that singing is a gift that only lasts until your voice gives out (like the Chicago guy, wow.) Kudos to Joe Cocker for creating a career on a bad singing voice so it would still be accessible as an older guy. And you STILL can't understand Michael McDonald.

Made me feel old thinking that my parents loved these bands in their day.

Winning gift idea? How about a full-sized poster of Simon with his original bad hair?

Or... for real, how about a CD of your favorite songs?

Or... homemade goodie in the shape of a mic?

Or... something useful like an amazon gift card?

michelangelo said...

and here i thought i would end up at the bottom of the pack.

so glad it's over. so glad i only saw the last 5 minutes of the finale last night.

prizes. AI season 9 on DVD.

Markie23 said...

Wait, is it over? Actually, I caught up with AI just in time for the finale last night (after lots of satisfying ffwding). I had absolutely zero emotional investment in the finale, but I thought they put on a good show last night; maybe cuz I'm all old like the surprise performers. I also liked the Simon roasts.
I'm so glad the season is finally over, and I can't wait for SYTYCD to start tonight, even though Mia Michaels is back NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
I'm crossing my fingers you will give SYTYCD your AI-like rundowns. Wouldya? Pleeeeze?
P.S. Had a good time this morning catching up on your blog - great pics, great stories.

eekareek said...

I was thinking something like an all expense paid trip to somewhere fun. Or maybe a shopping spree. Or a boob job.

YESSSSS!!! I can't believe I won! I am not very competitive so I wasn't really trying. I didn't spend hours reading different reviews trying to decide what America was loving that week. It was so unexpected that I won but it was definitely bitter/sweet since it wasn't Mullet who win American Idol. He was so close too....

eekareek said...

My "NO" was meant for Michelangelos season 9 DVD, btw.

Memzy said...

::ginormelous sigh::

Markie23 said...

Send Eek a copy of The Grand Sophie.

Jenny ESP said...

Easily, the best show of the season. (Not cuz I cared who won or anything, cuz I couldn't have been more indifferent.) When Bret Michaels come out, my heart went "Bret Bret, Bret Bret," just like Stephanie Tanner on that one episode of Full House. I liked seeing all those contestants from back when American Idol didn't suck. Only thing... where the H was David Cook? And where the H was Mullet?

Which reminds me, I would have stopped watching after Mullet left if it hadn't been for your weekly commentary and contest. Much thanks from the bottom of my heart! As far as Eek's prize, she would like a Hunger Games tee, sent to Ochoa st. Kthatsallthanks.

StandsMom said...

Wait...I still have the season final and the show before that on my dvr completely untouched, unwatched and unwanted. Wow. So very very sad. Congrats Eeeka on your win. All expense that little village in Italy for June 30? Yes?

I was a little worried that it might not be a very good movie........until I saw the trailer in the theater last week. Goosebumps, you guys. Goosebumps. I can hardly wait. Who needs AI when you can go to the movie and see Taylor Lautner running a 109 temp, through the woods, without a shirt?