Monday, May 10, 2010

Potential Amputation

Did that title get your attention?  Thought so.

 So we had some extra kids a few weeks ago, as you probably already know.  Three extras, to be exact.  On my TO DO list was written "survive" and I think I did pretty well on that.   It's all about time management and organization, really.  Oh, and my no nonsense parenting skillz, of course.   This place ran like a well-oiled machine.  The "oil" being pizza, chicken nuggets and pancakes.

We also tried to get the kids to be outside as much as possible.   On Monday night all the boys wanted to go down to the creek near our house.  It was mid-60s and sunny.  A perfect day at the creek. Well, they played there for a while and all was well.  The little girls and I walked the dog down to see what the boys were up to and then left to come home.  I told the boys to come home in about 20 minutes for dinner.

 Well, 40 minutes went by and then Colin came home saying he was FREEZING and he wished he "had never gone to the creek!!"  I thought he was a bit dramatic (after all the other boys were still down there) but I gave him a towel to warm up with and told him to come in when he was drier and less muddy.

Another 15 minutes or so go by and then in comes TBone....bawling.  His hands look like they are holding two tennis balls but there is nothing there.  His arms are bright red up to his upper arm and his legs are bright red up to his thighs.  He's screaming that his "HANDS ARE FROZEN!!"  and "I HAVE FROST BITE!"  and "I THINK WE MIGHT HAVE TO CUT OFF MY HANDS!" and "MY LIFE WAS JUST SWEEPING AWAY FROM ME!" tears streaming down his face.

 He was legitimately scared his video gaming career was over, you gize.

 I carried him into the laundry room (cuz obviously his frozen, frost bitten feet weren't working properly) and started the warm water running in the laundry room sink.   I put in the plug and left him there to help the other boys get towels and what not.

I come back into the laundry room and see this.

He's like one of those Peking acrobats that can fit in those teensy boxes and stuff.

He stayed in there for a good half an hour.

Apparently Will had lost one of his flip flops in the muddy creek (stepped down, stepped out, shoe gone) and they had spent a great deal of time looking for it, digging through the mud, etc.

I am so glad TBone had the sense to leave the flip flop before we had to cut off both of his arms.  It was close though.

PS Are you happy now Kimi?  After all the nagging I'm guessing this is a major let down.  It's your own fault.


Princess Kimi said...

nope. TOTALLY exceeded even my super high seemingly unattainable expectations!!!!!! He srsly looks adorable in that sink. But I haves me a soft spot that thinks that kid is adorable no matter how weird/crazy/unruly you try to make him out to be. Man...I was freakin out there right till the end about him having to be cousin stumpy. Has he tested out his digits in the gaming arena yet or is it still too soon?
p.s. pics of Beebs broken arm in the bright pink cast plz kthanks.

Princess Kimi said...

p.p.s. you have an excessive selection of soap/lotions for it being just a laundry room sink fhs. Are you OCD and I am just now getting around to noticing? I remember you saying your thumbs were so dry your iPhone didn't register them as skin...hmmmmmm.

Memzy said...

He's gonna make you rich!! the circus!!!!

Beebs broked her widdle arm?!!!?!!!

Jenny ESP said...


Claaaaaaasic Tbone. Him peeking out of the sink is hilar!