Wednesday, May 12, 2010

AI: Top 4 Jamie Foxx Gets Seduced By Casey

Who's glad this season is almost over?  ::raising hand::

Who thinks Jamie Foxx's skull tat is disgusting?  ::raising hand higher::

Who wishes Ellen would plzthanks NOT remind us of her love of women? ::waving hand in air like a crazy::

LEE: Kiss From A Rose by Seal from Batman

First song was crap.  It was boring.  Lifeless.  Made me realize he'd be a toooootal snoozefest to hang out with.  Made me appreciate Seal more.  Made me glad to get to look at Lee's face rather than Seal's face though.  Made me want to close my notebook and not continue the show.

MIKE: Will You Be There by Michael Jackson from the movie Free Willy

Predictable doesn't begin to describe that faux gospel choir he put together out of all the backup singers they had on hand.  Another boring performance.  Had to doodle in my notebook to stay awake. Made me wish he sucked worse cuz I'm worried his "goal" of making it to top three might come true.

LEE & CRYSTAL DUET: Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard & that one girl from the movie Once

I can't decide if I'm pissed that they copied Kris Allen or if I think they're smart for picking the best song ever.  Either way I loved it (yes I can love things that piss me off, ask my kids).   Memo to future AI contestants:  This song is a can't miss.  It's amazing.  If you can even half-way sing, do this song.  The mic set up made me uncomfortable at first but then Jamie got all up in my business and made me get out of my comfort zone and then I was fine with it.  That Mr. Foxx really knows what he's doing. ::raising eyebrows::

CASEY: Mrs. Robinson by Simon & Garfunkle from the movie Mrs. Robinson starring a young Dustin Hoffman

I'd love it if my hair looked as good as his, btw.  After he got done seducing Jamie Foxx he decided to make out with the microphone.  Is this a new thing or am I just noticing it now?  I didn't like it.  I did like what he did with Mrs. Robinson though.  Switched it up enough but not TOO much.  And Randy & all the rest of you judges, that bit about Kara & Casey is old.  And was dumb to begin with.  Wait, that was supposed to be a memo to the judges.  Oh well.

CRYSTAL: I'm Alright by Kenny Loggins from the movie Caddyshack

Am I the only one who pictured that little gopher dancing through the whole song?  Crystallized: v. 1) to take a song and make it sound like Melissa Etheridge. 2) to sass the judges and explain why you did things a certain way EVERY.  STINKIN.  TIME.  3) to force your boyfriend to wear American flag Hammer pants.   <---- the only thing I can think of as to why he was wearing those.

CASEY & MIKE DUET: Have You Ever Loved A Woman by Bryan Adams from Robin Hood?

Another Kopy Kat Kyler performance!!  As I may have mentioned before, Daughtry's performance of this song is one of my all time favorite AI performances.  This one didn't make me hunker down in the dark and watch it a million times but it was quite good.  They sounded great together which was a huge shock.  Casey killed it on the guitar too.  Chocolate Vanilla Swirl, right der.

This week I'm guessing they'll do a bottom two and then kick someone off.   We're gonna up the ante.  This week I will be awarding FOUR points for each bottom two you guess correctly and a whopping TEN points if you guess the one who goes home.   18 points possible.  This could make all the difference.  Comprende?

My Bottom Two:


Gone:  MIKE


Kim: Lee MIKE
Markie: on a cruise
Flem: ??? MIKE
Mikey: Casey MIKE
Memzy:Casey MIKE
Cog: Casey MIKE
Anna: Casey MIKE
Jespy: Casey MIKE
Eeka: Crystal MIKE
Stands: Casey MIKE
HotPants: Casey MIKE
Jana: Crystal MIKE
Stacey: Casey MIKE
RT: Casey MIKE
SolidGold: Mike CASEY


Carol said...

I can't believe I'm the first to comment. TaDa!! The ONLY thing keeping me watching this season is YOU Landeelulu. If it weren't for your blog posts--I'd have ditched it long ago. The duets were better than the solos--for sure. My vote: Bottom 2--Casey and Mike. Going home--Casey. I want to go with Mike but it's a toss up.

michelangelo said...

oh man. just when i have a chance to come from behind i go and don't watch the show. i'm sure seeing it would have make all the difference in my votes.

i am sad i missed the crystal-lee duet. what song was it? what songs did any of them sing? come on, landee, i'm counting on you.

okay, okay. i'll vote how landee voted. come on, landee, i'm counting on you.

StandsMom said...

Oooooh! Big points!! I raised my hands all three times. Yes. Bottom two, Mike and Casey. Mike going home. Only cause I figured a million years ago (that's how long we've been watching this season, right?) that the top three would be Casey, Crystal and Lee. But, Lee? Way boring, dood. Yer supposta be getting better, not lamer.

Carol, I'm withya. I woulda quit weeks ago, too. Landee's like the glue that holds us all together. ::heehee::

Now (onto better shows) was Kurt trying to be all boy-like last night creepola or what?

Landee said...

Oh my gosh, you gize!

I only keep watching because I know you guys are counting on my posts!! This is like the Gift of the Magi or something. I wish we would have conference called this at the beginning of the season and told each other to forget it this time 'round.

Oh we must endure to the end. You know, cuz of the points and stuff.

And sorry Mikey...I went back and put the songs in. I guess I was too excited to hurry & watch Glee.

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

Ditto on the voting. Ditto on the comments. Nothing though, NOTHING will be as good as Kris Allen singing Once on stage! There were goosebumps on my goosebumps! Even though it was great, just not as great.
And just for fun, Dave put his head in my face while I tried to sing just to see if I would get distracted or if I'd be a real artist. You ought to try that at home Landee.

Jana said...

I agree- your posts are way more entertaining then the show. Bottom 2: Mike & Crystal.
Going home- Mike with his shattered dreams

Flem said...

Going home: me

Getting kicked off the show: Mike

Staying in the top three simply because I like Pearl Jam: Casey

michelangelo said...

Tell me have you ever really really really ever loved a woman.
-- Don Juan DeMarco

I missed Glee, too (secretly love the show even though my mother-in-law thinks it's smut). Hope my husband recorded it. Curse this weekly commute to DC.

Thanks for the songs, Landee.

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

K, Switcheroo. I forgot about Mike's plea to be in the top 3. And since I'm the biggest loser in this game it doesn't really matter if I'm wrong. So now I am going with Casey James. But I like him better than Mike that's fer sure.

Anna B said...

Yay for duets & the season being almost over.

Bottom 2: Mike & Casey duh!

Going home...Mike

Princess Kimi said...

I was so souper happy about the duets. Srsly on JF gettin us all outta our comfort zoners. I woulda been heebin if he did that in person!

And why are the other judges all still laughing all lollerzly every time Ellen tells another loving a woman type reference thing? Encouraging dragging a joke out past it's prime is how they roll I guess. hence the Kara/Casey lameness. ::: raising both hands and a foot :::

Bottom two: Mike and Lee (just to be a joker like that)

Going home: MIKE fo SHO!

Put RodTodd down for: Bottom two: Mike and Casey with MIKE going home... cuz he likes to copycat you.

Landee said...

Flem, FHS! Why you gotta be so cryptic? I need a comment like this from you...


I can't be cracking your codes all the time.

And Mikey, sad for you! My MIL gave all her kids the DVDs to the first season of Glee. But I don't even pretend to believe that everyone's MILs are as cool as mine cuz it's unpossible.

Memzy said...

I already texted my super secret votes to you. Imma try the cocky approach: you're going down suckahs!!!

eekareek said...

I am gonna say bottom two are Mikey and Crystal. Going home is Mikey.

cog said...

Gotta go with Landee on this one.

Bottom two: Casey and Mike

Peece out: Mike