Friday, January 9, 2009

Cuz I'm Such A Follower... Plus It's Fun

Text to Gty 45 minutes ago:

Landee: Landed yet?

Gty: Just did. I'll be home in a bit.

L: Good, cuz I need help zipping up my dress.

G: Huh?

L: My wedding dress... don't be scared.

G. Huh.

He loved getting greeted at the door like that, btw. We may make that a tradition and stuff. If you're wondering what this is all about, it's HotPants' fault. She trendsets and forces others to follow.

Here is the magic I'm trying to recreate. April 24, 1996. The happiest day of mine & my Dad's life (no more financial support, yeah!).

The Bridezilla on the staircase look. 2009. Veil and EVERYTHING! I shoulda found those fake pearls too.

Yup. It's zipped. Admittedly it is a little hard to breathe in and I can't raise my arms above my shoulders but I remember it being that way in 1996 too. At least that's what I'm telling myself so I don't burst into tears.

My new BF (he had to be promised candy to do this).

Beebs wanted in on that action as well, no candy necessary.

I'm still wearing it, btw. I may do some laundry & watch a movie with Gty in it too. I like shallow breathing anywayz.


marcikay said...

I can't follow suit because my dress is in les bois at my mom's..
and.. I have some holiday poundage that would make zipping impossible..
(but I'm waaaay ahead of where I was about 3 years ago)

Memzy said...

Why do you look EXACTLY the same?!!! Except now with bangs is the only diff. I shoulda posted my wedding pic before to recreate the hurr/bangs effect for you gize. It was priceless. And I had some breathing issues too. But why was it so loose everywhere else but my ribcage? I musta grown an extra rib.

Memzy said...

ps. I see that binky BB's has in her hand.

Hot Pants said...

I'm just glad I posted mine first, because there is no way I could one up any of you. Did you press yours? Gorgeous!!! I think I know what we'll all be wearing to the next WalMart photo shoot!

Landee said...

I did not press it, can you believe how nicely it came outta the bag? It was down in the basement tho so maybe my mice friends ironed it for me. We will blow that smoker WalMart gize MIND with our wedding dresses!

Marci, I HEART that you are my first commenter! I even texted Memzy to say I was done and you still beat her! Love it & yeah, I'm kinda wishing mine was in Boise too.

Memz, I grew like 3 new ribs. Or had three babies. As for the binky... I know. It's getting worser & worser.

Katie said...

Wow, do you gize wonder why you spent like 2 hours getting ready when you look equally as beautiful in your last minute wedding dress photo inspired by Amy. And your photographer didn't even have the where with all to put you on a staircase in the original. (Mine did, oh how I wish my scanner worked.)

Jenny ESP said...

lollerz @ Amy next plan.

Mother of pearl! I love that dress! 96' put out some hawt wedding dresses, no? Gty was in heaven, I'm sure.

Landee said...

Katie, I spent about 45 minutes getting ready for my wedding. I blew my hair dry like I usually did, did my make up as usual but added lipstick. End of story. I was so not into the details back then. My photographer didn't think of the stairs cuz he was about 100 years old and his wife/assistant was 101.

JESP, 96 cranked out the hawt v-waisted dresses! I shoulda gotten a good pic of the back. It's srsly the best part.

After every pic taken tonight Gty would say "Beautiful. Just like the day I married you. Srsly." He's gonna get it good tonight.

Carol said...

You girls are hilarious. Sweet memories.

Righty said...

what is it about women looking so good in their wedding dresses. you were so pretty landee i thought I wanted to marry you for a minute. but my second favorite part of your wedding pics are the awesome 90's hair Gty was rockin'

ManicMandee said...

You look better now than you even did in 96. Way to go.

eekareek said...

Nice! I am a little behind on the weding dress bandwagon, so this was my first experience. My wedding dress won't fit me anymore but you better believe I would still wear it to Walmart.

Landee said...

Aw, Righty! You know exactly how to flatter me. And as we all know, Gty had that "90s hair" until about 2 years ago.

I think we should all try to re-create our engagement/wedding announcement pictures too at some point. I want to see SRod & Memzy's the mostest.

Ashley said...

That was awesome! I loved all of the pictures. I really like the one with your new boyfriend. I should try my dress on except that it is all preserved in a box or something like that. It is probably turning yellow in the box - I should check it out.

Flem said...

I am loving this trend. Good thing you all still fit.

Markie23 said...

I can totally picture you in Central Park, NY - singing, dancing, spinning around, children following, birds landing on your finger - the works.

Kylee said...

Wow, still look gorgeous! How Jerry keeps his hands off you constantly, I'll never know! Love you and waiting for a trip from the Landersons down to Arizona. I think Shane and Jerry talked on the phone for like two hours today so maybe they planned something...doubt it. I'm sure they talked about fantasy, Ute/BYU football, and more fantasy.

Landee said...

I heard the whole thing Kylee ::fake gun to my head:: and you nailed it.


We DO need to plan a trip down to AZed. We can be like the old people who go there to escape the cold Denver winter!