Friday, January 2, 2009

New Yearz Rezolushuns

I don't normally do resolutions. I think they are dumb. But this year I've decided to make some in order to better myself and make 2009 kick 2008's scrawny butt.

So here we go.....

  1. Use AskMemzy's advice more. I usually ask the questions but then do not take action. The last time I did though (pizza on Christmas Day) and it was the best decision I've ever made (after deciding to marry GtyCent, that is). She is smart, you gize. Tune in HERE on Tuesdays, ask your questions and use her advice in your daily lives, like the scriptures, and you won't be sorry.
  2. Get a pedicure at least once a quarter. I'm sooooper ticklish on my feet so it's pretty much torture but so worth it. My heels feel like a baby's behind rather than a chipped piece of wood. It also doesn't hurt to walk anymore, which is a good thing. Sara/Eekareeka knows what I'm talking about here.
  3. Learn some stuff about the NHL and college football so I have some things to talk to JBird about.
  4. Drink more water without reducing my intake of Diet Dr. Pepper. This could be a tricky balancing act that will result in a lot of peeing but I think more water is in order. Srsly.
  5. Send so many texts that AT&T is gonna RUE THE DAY they created unlimited texting. RUE IT! If you text, let me know so I can reach this goal easier. I'll text anyone. I'm way easy like that. I wanna be known as Textual Chocolate one day.
  6. Control my spending when in Target. This is getting out of hand, you gize. Gty hasn't said anything YET but I think that's only because he thinks I'm getting groceries there too (the beauty of a Super Target). I haven't gotten out of there under $200 in the last three trips. It's bad.
  7. Play Pikmin 2 with Tbone more. I love the game & it's good Mommy/Tbone bonding time so why not, right?
  8. Expand my musical horizons a little bit. I'm so bad about seeking out new music. I like all my stuff but I'm sure there is other stuff out there I would love but am just too lazy to find.
  9. Make the first move on Gty more. Poor guy. It seems like that & taking out the garbage have become his "jobs around the house" and that's totally not fair.
  10. Be more consistent while trying to break Beebs of her binki. It's like an extention of her face. I was really good for about 2 days saying she could only have it when she was going to bed but somehow it's back to 24/7. I'm sure I'll already have major billz to the orthodontist because of it.
If you gize see any posts that are not in harmony with this list will you call me on it? I need you to keep me honest.

This year I'm gonna party like it's two-oo-thousand-nine. ::sung to Prince's 1999, obviously::


ManicMandee said...

I need to make that Target resolution myself. I feel the same way.

You are gonna be peeing like crazy this year. Don't even bother to flush for pee, it just is a waste of precious water.

Flem said...

My responses:

4. You never pee, so would "a lot" constitute once a day?

5. Just text the yw in your ward like the yw leaders do around here, that should fill your time. I pay per text fyi.

9. Don't let that get out.

Landee said...

Mandee, you and Beebs have the same philosophy. She's a little environmentalist too.

Flem, doesn't your work pay for your phone? Get a new plan or an iPhone or make your work pay per text cuz they are gonna start comin' atcha like crayzee.

Jenny ESP said...

I'll help you with the text thing (true day!). And I told you to stop pausing my music on my blog a long time ago--that would help with #8. my new years resolution is to spell more words wrong.

Memzy said...


Katie said...

That is why you make resolutions, because I totally did all of those things years ago. I am this close ::holding my fingers just a millimeter apart:: to being translated.

You can text me...

marcikay said...

you know i'm a texter! i was going nuts the whole time at garbett's cabin, cause i couldn't text chels! all about texting.. if you're that bored, i'm always here!

Jana said...

I feel so honored...THE famous Landee made a comment on my blog. I didn't even know you knew I existed...I'm in the nerd crowd of the blogging world, and you and Jenny are sitting at the popular table and I want to say hi but I'm way too intimidated. Woah, I took that analogy way to far.

PS I always pause Jenny's music on her blog too.

Landee said...

Oh, I've known you have existed since your Lazy Eye v. No Arms profile pic debate!! I think you made the right choice, btw.

I feel honored to have a comment from you too! I took a leap of faith and commented on you. Plus it was your birthday so I thought I'd throw you a bone from the popular table. Hollah!!

Katie & Marci... oh it is so ON! Email me your numbahs ASAP. Marci, I now can feel your pain of having no texting at the cabin. How did you SURVIVE? I would have been driving down to the main gate for coverage 10teen times a day.

Jana said...

A bone? I feel so accepted.

A while back I blog-stalked you and read that post where your hubby left that little note on your bed with a mint. I hearted that post. It made me burst into spontaneous laughter throughout the evening.

Sam, Shel & Co said...

When Meg wouldn't let go of the binky, I banished it except for bedtime for 3-4 months, THEN took my very creative and brilliant sister's advice and had the "binky fairy" come and take it while she was asleep and leave a lovely note about taking the binkies to babies who need them, and a 10 spot. We went and bought a toy with the money, she was a bit nervous at bedtime (mom, I don't think I can sleep without binky), but she went to sleep and that was the end. She was nearly four, I shoulda done it MUCH earlier.

Annie said...

At first I thought I read "bikini" and I was thinking huh? Really she loves her bikini that much.

Chellese said...

6) Good luck this the Target thing with the Global Bazaar comin and all.

9) So proud of you for publishing this one. I've thought it, but don't dare say it/write it for fear that I might actually have to follow through :)

Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

So I have an idea that may help you with your texting resolution. Our oldest daughter sends a good night text to everyone in her contact list every single night. Another of her friends does a good morning message every morning. You could do both! That would be a lot of texts.

P.S. I am glad to have found your blog. I am enjoying reading it. And your Chrostmas card this year was awesome.