Monday, January 26, 2009

Where, Oh, Where Has My Two Year Old Gone?

If I still scrapbooked I would totally do that title all cute with stickers and stuff, you gize. But, since scrapbooking and I broke up a while ago this is going to have to do.


Since many of you are still playing catch up on my life (::eyeing Marci who has never seen my kids IRL yet has known me for what... 14 years?::) I will do yet another "Their Life in Pictures" post. I promise I won't do this next year. I'll just put a link to this post. But for now, you must endure. It shouldn't be hard though. She was/is so freakin' cute.

Top THREEteen Things BeeBee Does On a Daily Basis
  1. Ask for her BlanketBinkieJuice. Yes, that's all one word.
  2. Scream at Tbone for various reasons.
  3. Line up all her "prunsussus" (that's how she says it). She has big dolly ones, barbie type ones and teeny tiny ones. She puts all the Sleeping Beauty ones together, all the Cinderellas, etc. The big ones are "the daddys" the barbie ones are "the mommys" and the little ones are the babies. She puts everything into families, come to think of it. Hair clips, brushes, chips... whatever.
  4. Apply lip gloss.... 1000 times a day.
  5. Gives me a compliment. "Oh, Mommy! I love your belt!" or "Oh! I like your hair like that!" In typical girl fashion, she notices stuff.
  6. Asks to watch Max & Ruby and/or Tom & Jerry. She's very diverse in her TV tastes.
  7. Tells me to do her hair "Up One" or "Up Two." Up One is shown above with her in the brown sweater. Up Two is the one shown below. She's not a fan of ponytails or anything of that nature anymore.
  8. Tells me she HAS to have help going pee one minute and then says she can do it by herself! the next. I haven't documented it but I think it's in direct correlation to how much attention I've been giving her.
  9. Helps me clean (this only applies on the days I DO clean, obviously). She loves Clorox wipes but she goes through them so fast she is breaking me.
  10. Says "Thank You" hundreds of times. She's into that.
  11. Says Gty is her "prince."
  12. Gives lots of hugs & kusses.
  13. Is such a good widdle mommy to her dollys. They are very well fed and never have a wet diaper. And they get their clothes changed several times a day.
The Celebration

We opened presents after church & that was about it. I promise I did not tell her to pose this way. She does it on her own. Pinky swear.

One of the brazillion things I love about Beebs is how excited she gets about everything. Her birthday presents were no exception. Everything was the greatest thing she had ever seen. My favorite thing was the matching ballet outfits complete with leg warmers she got for herself and her BittyBaby "Katie." TDF. Truly.

All you mothers of just boys need not read on but I have a question. Is it just me or is girl stuff irresistable to buy?? I couldn't help myself. I bought her so much freaking stuff. With the boy goods I'm like "Oh, they want this so we'll get it. They don't need that though. This will be enough... blah blah blah." With BeeBee I'm like "Oh my gosh. We must get this. We HAVE to have this. We can't get this and NOT get this!.. blah blah blah!" Unbelievable. Gty was like "What the?" She is going to bankrupt us. Am I alone here?


Kelli said...

Wow - she is SO cute! I'm not surprised she is hard to resist!

No, girls are 1000% more fun to buy for. My girls have enough church shoes to match all their dresses, ie. brown, black, red, etc. Jackson has black. So, on Sunday he wore khakis and a blue shirt with a brown belt, but black shoes. Somehow I don't care as much with boys. Girls, however...

Delaney has that ballerina outfit for her bitty. However, seeing BeeBee in it makes me want to get the big girl one, too.

Okay, I'm going on too long, HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY!

Memzy said...

The legwarmers are keeeeeling me softly. If I had a girl that's what I'd want to buy........legwarmers. Also, the "one up" or "two up" thing is hylarious. Is it just me or is she getting MORE blonde as she ages? Btw, the 3 yr olds are my fave age of all time. Happy Birfeeday BeeBee Beebs!!

marcikay said...

Wow, I feel so privileged to be singled out as NEVER having seen ANY of your children.. sad!

Chelsea was looking at this post with me and we were laughing so hard.. BeeBee and Chels are twins 15 years apart.. The pose? Chelsea was SUCH a poser.. The grouping into families? EVERYTHING was grouped as dads, moms, babies.. So so cute..

And, though I have NO boys, I totally agree, girls are so fun to shop for, but SO need EVERY accessory.. I'm so very very bad about this.. (Don't ask how much I spent at this Christmas! - I have 2 that are way in to this..) It is a guarantee that if we go shopping, everyone gets SOMETHING every time.. badbadbad

..ugh, and I'm leaving for the BYU bookstore right now.. I love that dangflabbit place..

marcikay said...

ps.. When I just told Chelsea that I told you of their similarities, she said "Beebee must be cool.. She has a bright future.."

Just thought you'd like to know.. :)

Katie said...

She named her baby after me?!?! I love her!

I don't really think I was that type of girl. I envied that type of girl growing up, and so girl stuff, although it is super cute...doesn't really do it for me. But that could also be my extreme cheapness.

Hot Pants said...

You can't buy leg warmers for your daughter and then none for her doll! That's just crazy talk.

Landee said...

Kelli... you were the other one I was giving the eye too! So glad you stopped by. And yes... Delaney needs the big girl ballerina outfit. It's unbearably cute. The American Doll people are geniuses.

Memz, that is her third pair of leg warmers. They are a must for a girl who only likes to wear skirts in the winter. And I touch up Beebee's roots often. So yeah, blonderer.

Marci... the accessories are killer/awesome! Why get anything if you're not gonna get everything, right? Right. And if Beebs grows up to be at ALL like Chels I will be the happiest mom-of-a-teenager alive.

Katie... do you like gize? Or are you.... ya know....

HP... right? That woulda been one lamerz birthay without one pair of normal leg warmers and one pair of teeny ones.

Jenny ESP said...

oh my gosh, freakin' cute!!!! Happy birthday beeberz! I love the cake picture, with the one clear eye. Hilarious! Dora's baby bro and sis are creepy--I'm thinking they're "daddys," what with their giant heads. And yes, I agree, girls are spoiled rotten and get everything they want, especially if they start bawling. SO glad I'm a girl.

Righty said...

she is so cute. but you already knew that.

Carol said...

Beebs--It's Aunt Visor. Happy Birthday to a beautiful little princess. You are so lucky to have such a good family. The picture montage was stunning. She's a keeper.

ManicMandee said...

Happy birthday to one super cute 3 year-old! And I broke up with scrapbooking like a year ago. Never missed it!

Memzy said...

Wait. Wait. BROKE UP with scrapbooking? I bet it's cuz of my teasing/harassing right? I knew it'd pay off!

Flem said...

That child needs a little sis ASAP. Too bad you have a 75% chance of having a son in the future.

She is super über cute though which makes me forgive your spoiling her.

PS thanks for featuring me so prominently in my swimsuit.

PSS I bet you won't ever yell BEEBS give me that gun.

Cristin said...

She is soo adorabibble! Where oh where did you find leg warmers?! Soooooooooo cute!

Annie said...

I'm lovin' the leg warmers too. Please tell me I can find those in Blythe's size and she will wear them. I am also guilty of being able to find a gazillion things to by my girl and not so much for my boys. Too bad for them, but so fun for me. Happy B-Day to your girly!

Landee said...

The leg warmers are courtesy of American Girl but she also has two other pair from Target. I dunno about Blythe's size though. It's definitely worth a look-see.

Gize, I've realized why it's so fun to buy for a girl.... it's cuz I want the stuff. Me. I want it. What fun it playing babies if we don't have tons of outfits for it? No fun, that's what. What fun is playing princesses if we don't have Jasmine? It's not. Plain and simple.

I can live without Martian Matter and NHL 09 though. Definitely. Poor poor boys.

ChelseaKate said...

awww she is just the cutest little girl ever! i don't even know her and i just love her!! darling. :)