Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two Days of Bears: Day Two

It's BeeBee's 3rd Birthday day on Sunday (it's TBone's 7th bday too... more on that later). I'm not a huge lover of birthday parties. I usually don't do anything until the kid turns four and then I was thinking I'd only do parties every other year. Even that seems like too much for me though so we'll see.

However, our cutest ever little neighbor girls (ages 11 and 9) brought over probably about $1000 worth of Build A Bear clothes the other day for BeeBee. They said they don't play with them anymore so they wondered if Beebs might want it all (they do this from time to time with all kinds of things... it's how BeeBee has amassed 49% of all her girly stuff). Beebs was so excited but they didn't bring over any kind of a bear to dress with all the fantastic clothes (how dare they!) so I had a lightbulb moment. I called my friend Anne to see if she & her little girl, Beebs' best frienemy, wanted to head down to the local Build A Bear for "Beebs' Birthday." And hot dang Charlie, we set a date.

We first ate some lunch at Johnny Rockets. The waitress was cute & brought out a free ice cream sundae for BB and a little dish of ice cream for Sarah. There was no one else there... I'm pretty sure they were just bored. Totally nice tho. I only took a brazillion pics of these two eating said ice cream though. I'm not sure I quite captured the moment. Oh well, you'll just have to try and imagine what it looked like.

I kept saying that some day we'll be showing these pictures at their Senior Roast or something.

Then it was off to Build-A-Bear!! I had never been before. It was pretty much what I expected. We actually ended up building a bunny. Here is BB giving her heart a kiss & rub on her cheek for.... for.... hmmm... the lady said, but I can't remember. BB did all that stuff, Sarah flat out refused. Lollerz.

The finished product of all BB's hard work.... Coco the Bunny! (and her semi-immodest outfit)

Here are the two party animals (pun intended, btw). Sarah named hers Teddy Bear. I thought it was quite clever myself.

I think the girls had fun. I know Anne & I had a good time.

Side Story: When we first got to the mall Anne got a phone call from the Vice Principal saying that her middle son (the one TBone's age) had punched a kid in the face. She was mortified. He was going to be in the VP's office for a while, they had talked about what had happened, etc and he would be heading back to class in a little while. As we were leaving the mall the school called again.... he had punched another kid in the face. The second kid? Tbone.


That's all the "umph" I've got. Sorry to disappoint, Katie.


Memzy said...

Oh. My. Lollerz. The punching part.

In other news, the birthday festivities are my fave kind. I'd much rather have my kid do some "special day" or activity in honor of their beeday than a party. Me no likey. And don't think I don't notice the THREE bracelets Beebs is wearing.

Landee said...

Four actually. Two on each wrist. Not my choice, mind you.

And I'm going to go for the "special day" thing too from here on out. Maybe they just go out to dinner with just Gty & I, or bring one friend and go to a movie or an Avalanche game or something like that. Parties are lamerzville.

Jenny ESP said...

Hate doing bday parties. We usually do a one-friend sleep-over.

I love Coco's hooker boots.

Markie23 said...

Girls making teddy bears and boys punching kids in the face. I'm glad there is still order in the universe.

marcikay said...

I'm so glad to hear from all of you anti-birthday party moms.. I'm terrible..
Chelsea has had 4 (and that counts this year, and she and a friend combined them.. and their 18 for heaven's sake..)
Savannah has had 1.. and she's 10
Adi - 0.. and believe me she's sure she's missing out on something.. She's still asking when we're having her party (her birthday? 12-20) I just quickly change the subject..
I do like the "go do something special" thing.. but I'm not always great at that either.. (thought that counts, right?)

Katie said...

I hate parties too! I keep on letting Hazel have one every year because she might resent me...come to think of it, I never had one in my life. EVER and I don't resent my mom. Anyways, I digress, which I do a lot, see there I go again...digressing...Anyways, I am all about bribery now. 100 dollars or a party. I am hoping they choose 100 dollars.

Also, we have a hamster names Hamma. That is just how it goes when you leave it up to a 3 year old to decide.

Flem said...

I love parties but not the kind at Chuck E.s (no offense memz).

Also no pics of Tbone bruises or other damage?

ManicMandee said...

I was wondering how you were going to do two whole posts about scouts. Now I understand, not that kind of bears.
Very fun stuff there!
And what is up with that kid that was punching everyone's kids?

eekareek said...

He punched two kids in the same day??? I am lolling right now. (Come on gize, "lolling" is the new cool word. Start saying it!)
Obviously the lecture from the Vice Principal didn't work. Happy Birthday to Beebs!

ManicMandee said...

Oh, and I forgot. I agree with the party thing. We decided to only do real parties with friends and all for our kids when they turned 8, 12 and 16. That was about 4/5 years ago and it's worked out great so far.

Annie said...

Happy Birthdays all the way around. I LOVE BAB workshop! I have had a few B-Day parties there and I have to say they have always been a big hit. I too try only to have a "friend" party everyother year. Whatever.

Hot Pants said...

I think I saw the Bear title and assumed it was the same post. Boy did I make an A** out of myself!

Jenny said...

Sarah and BB are so cute together!