Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Formal Apology

This is a formal apology to my friend from Fowlerland.

We went out with her & her hubby on Saturday night. We went to White Chocolate Grill. It's super good. If you live in Phoenix, Henderson or Chicago I highly suggest you go check it out. Kinda chic but with normal & good food. I would recommend the Chicken Madera but I couldn't get it. Because the madera sauce didn't come out 100% that night. So they refused to serve it. Yeah, they're that good.

Anyway, then we came back to our house afterward to play games. JBird had been babysitting while we were at dinner and somehow the boys managed to hook our Wii up to the wireless internet? I didn't even realize that was possible. Then when we were surprised on Monday to wake up to a ton of snow Tbone was all "Wii News said it was gonna snow!" My kids are very current and "in the know" now. This is also where JBird saw that Tony Dungy was retiring and he threw a mini hissy fit. I've also heard "All you need to do is put in your credit card number!" for a few things as well.

But here comes the apology part.... I remember Mrs.Fowlerland needing to use the bathroom at one point during our evening. I thought nothing of this. I assumed certain things. I didn't check things out before they came over. I didn't step foot in that bathroom until Sunday afternoon.

Oh. My. Gosh.


I had to get out my Pee Chisel to get the dried urine off the back of the toilet, on the base of the toilet & elsewhere. At first I was like "What the?" and then "Oh no...." when I remembered Mrs. Fowlerland going in there.

So I apologize to you, Mrs.Fowlerland. I don't blame you if you lined the toilet with paper first. And then washed your hands until they were raw. And then never wanted to come over again. You are a saint for carrying on with the evening as if nothing were wrong. And then proceeding to kick our butts at your first time playing Dominion as if you hadn't just been traumatized.

I appreciate that.

And I'm sorry.


Markie23 said...

If I ever stop by I'll bring a hazmat suit.

Memzy said...

I just wanna know where to buy a urine chisel.

Hot Pants said...

First off, urine is sterile, so she was safe. Second, has she never read your blog? Did she not know about the mouse situation? What's a little urine, when there are mice hiding out in the drywall? I love formal and public apologies though. I think I will go write one out right now. I'll get out my giant list of people I owe them to.

Memzy said...
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Landee said...

She reads my blog (otherwise I'd be forced to do this apology face-to-face and that would be totally awkward ::said all singsongy::) and she is aware of my FORMER mouse problem which has been squelched, HotPants.

Is this why you're trying to get out of coming to Denver for a visit? Oh, I get it now.

Markie, we're gonna start handing them out at the door so no worries.

Memz, Williams-Sonoma.

Jenny ESP said...

You noticed the pee situation on Sunday? This formal apology was a long time coming.

I hear quarters make excellent pee chisels. Personally, I use a pumice stone.

Cristin said...

I'd like to know where to get a pee chisel. I tend to apologize ahead of time when anyone asks to use our gues bathroom even though I keep it clean, it only take one horrible dump and nobody flushing to ruin the atmosphere and that tends to happen regularly....

eekareek said...

My pee chisel is the 12 year old boy that lives with me. I can clean 5 year old pee crust but not 12 year olds.

Landee said...

I had laziness & birthdays to contend with here, JESP. The apology was on the schedule and that's all that matters. It even bumped "How We Celebrated JBird's Bday" one day.

I'm gonna turn my kids into pee chisels too. Brilliant idea.

I will also start the preemptive apologies from here on out. That should take care of a lot of things.

Our Family said...

Here's the funny thing:
I didn't even notice. Seriously.
Here's why:
bullet point. The game took all my focus. Even as I was peeing I was trying to figure it out.
bullet point. I had to go so bad that truly I was just glad to be able to pee somewhere.
bullet point. I have 4 kids. Dried pee has become a welcome friend. (okay maybe not friend, but welcome).
last bullet point. Who cares about a little pee when one is amongst great friends as yourselves???
No apology necessary--I love ya!

Landee said...

^^ such a load off!!!

I'm sorry in advance for anything you may find in there in the future. (Howz that Cristin?)

I never really did figure out that game, btw. Which is why I cam in 4th place (out of 4 people) I guess. Next time I'm buying nothing but Smithys!

Katie said...

I had to make the exact same apology to one of my preschool mothers. I had no idea what she was walking into until she had left, and refused to shake my hand on the way out. I called her ASAP to let her know that that is not normal for my preschool class...she was like, "You called me for this? Just this?" I guess most people with boys get it.

ManicMandee said...

This happens to all of us at least once in a lifetime and we know how you feel. It is horrible. It's happened to me probably a few times...

Flem said...

I am sure no one thought the dried pee was from you. Plus I have seen your house and I know that said urine was probably fairly fresh since I can't imagine you have gone that long without cleaning.

I heard a way to get around it is to have a container of those sanitary wipes next to the toilet so that people know you expect it to happen.

Kelli said...

Nothing to do with pee (so it's not nearly as embarassing), but yesterday morning, I was out snowblowing. I love the snowblower, but when it's windy, I get a face full of snow when the wind blows the wrong way. So, I finish up, after 10 facefulls of snow, and go about my day. I picked up at preschool, took Delaney to a friend's house, ran errands, picked Delaney back up, and only then, after I got home, did I look in the mirror. I had mascara ALL OVER my eyes and cheeks. How had no one mentioned this to me??

It's amazing how long it sometimes takes me to notice the obvious...