Friday, January 9, 2009

Fave Foto Friday: A Blast From the Past

This picture makes my heart melt.
Taken July 2003.
That would make Jbird 3 and a half and Tbone 18 months.
We were living in Ohio.
Maggie almost looks like she likes the boys here.
These were the greatest days of no schedules.
No homework.
Lots of cut up hot dogs and peas for dinner (for them, not me).
We went to the community pool every day.
This picture was taken with actual black & white FILM, if you can believe it.
I'm guessing that when they are on their missions this picture will make me cry on a daily basis.
This shows that Tbone has never believed in looking at the camera.
And that JBird follows every direction to a T.


^^ that was a haiku or something, you gize.


marcikay said...

So so sweet.. Love black and white pictures.. They just make me happy!
I have never attempted putting our dog in a picture, I think he'd just be a blur..
I have to say I'm a bit concerned about the time on that post.. Go to bed!

Memzy said...

She was prolly up late texting people.

And..."wiping away tears"

Landee said...

I scheduled it to post then people! I can't be up at all hours of the night if I'm going to get my textin' on during the day!

The annoying thing is it just "posted" to Google Reader one second ago. Lametard.

Memz, no comment on the actual photo? Rood.

ManicMandee said...

Wow, actual black and white FILM?! That is a sweet shot.

Hot Pants said...

I miss the days of no homework, no schedule, and hot dogs for dinner. Of course, there was no money either. That's why we ate the hot dogs, you know.

Cristin said...

awwwww I love the picture! I also love black and white phots and I also love days of no homework and schedules...sigh...

Landee said...

We still eat the hot dogs cuz they're goooooood.... I just don't have to cut them up anymore. ::saddy face:: Dang these kids for growing up and not being walking choking hazards!

Jenny ESP said...

I remember those innocent days when I had two lil boys, went to the pool everyday, and possibly gave them skin cancer. I hadn't yet learned what a dark and cruel world we really lived in. Anyway, cutness picture. I swear I have the exact same one but without the dog.

And, did you write a Haiku because you were too lazy to put it in paragraph form?

Landee said...

No JESP. I wrote a Haiku because that's what smart people do from time to time. They wax poetically. It flowed out of me. Couldn't be stopped.

I'm never lazy on the blogs. Never.

Katie said...

Oh my gosh. More than my heart is melting. I feel wettness in my armpits too. That is one on the cutest pictures I have ever seen. EVER!!

Carol said...

Again Tiffers, Jbird looks just like Getty and Tbone is the spitting image of you at that age. Priceless photo. Here's an idea. Start NOW with the collating/collecting of favorite pictures for their wedding video. The tens of thousands of pictures on your hard drive will take forever to wade through when the time comes. I got this idea from Becca.

Memzy said...

Landee, did you miss this?

And..."wiping away tears"

^That was about the pic.