Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My widdle tiny baby is turning NINE today. He's just one birthday away from double digits (double digits = when I fall on the ground and bawl for at least 3 days straight, btw).

I thought I would just post a bunch of my favorite pics that have been taken over the seemingly lightening fast nine years he has been in my life. With some commentary, of course.

Here he is freshly borned. It was a nice easy delivery with a pleasant epidural at just the right time on a Thursday (great TV night for being at the hospital). It fit his future personality perfectly.

Having been born in January 2000, he loves that there are only 13 days where he is not the same age as the year.

At about 2 weeks. Hims was sleepy for our photo shoot. Can you even stand all his blonde hair? The nurses went ga-ga over it.

Who is this??? Yup. Memzy Shederton. Rod, Memz & Brains made the trek up to Utah for my little bro's wedding that year. JBird was obviously excited.

He still makes the 2nd face down there when he's going in for a lay-up. Honestly.

One of my all time fave pics.
He has always been amazingly coordinated and started walking at about 7 months.

1st Birthday

Another one of my all time fave pics. We sent this out as our Christmas card that year. He's in perfect running formation and Santa refuses to be flustered over it.

The big 02.

Learning to ride his bike at 4.

The forever athlete (he asked me to take this pic of him).

He is beyond excited to move up to Bears.

Happy Birthday JBird!

The Top NINE Things I Love About You

Your sense of humor. You've always been an incredibly funny kid that makes us laugh.
Your seemingly never-ending knowledge of sports. Stats, who won what game when, what players got traded to what team, etc. It astounds me because I don't even know where you get the information from in the first place. You are your father's son.
How responsible you are. I rarely need to ask you twice to do something. Most of the time you just do what needs to be done.
How you are always trying to improve yourself. You are always trying to better yourself and sports, school and even eating healthier... all on your own! Love it.
How kind you are to Beebee. She adores you. I can already tell you are going to be an amazing influence in her life.
How you are always there to keep TBone on the "straight & narrow" of the Chore Chart. He may find it annoying, but I love it.
That you get it. You've always gotten it. You have always known right from wrong and have, 97% of the time chosen right.
You make me look forward to Parent/Teacher conferences. You are in the advanced reading & math groups in school and every teacher you have ever had has raved about you.
That you are growing up to be an amazing young man who, by simply being yourself, just makes people want to be around you.

I love you JBird-o!!


Jenny said...

I so loved having JBird in my primary class. He was always sweet and well behaved. Once, we had TBone in there, too (because his teacher was gone and we took that class, too). Whenever Tbone would get silly (as most of that class was apt to do), JBird would gently remind him to be reverent. He's such a sweet big brother.

I hope he has a happy birthday.

marcikay said...

Is it so darn sad that I have never seen any of your kids in person? I have to tell you that he looks spot on like our Stake President's oldest son (who is now a junior in high school) ..every picture I see, I say to myself (or Chels) "he looks just like Kade!"
Great pictures - quite partial to the crying with Santa picture.. Mine were often terrified, but would never publicly show it.. Sil kids ALWAYS would, and I would covet her red faced, freaking out Santa pics.. And yes, Santa never seemed phased..

Memzy said...

JBird always seemed about that happy to see me. And the sports stuff keels me. He's a mini Gty and no one on the planet will argue that. Happy 9th Jbiggity!!!!!!

Markie23 said...

How cool to be a Y2K kid! I was born in January too, but I think I'm closer to Y1K.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday!

I am suddenly obsessed with him now. Do you think He would marry Hazel...just plant the seed, that is all I am asking.

Jenny ESP said...

Happy Birthday JBird! I hope your mom takes you to Chuck E Cheese tonight! (does he read your blog comments? if not, pass message that along). I loved seeing all those pictures! So handsome. I have a soft spot for handsome blond-headed boys who follow the rules.

Annalisa said...

I got a little misty reading this. I can't believe that baby is 9! Seriously have I been in this family for almost 9 years? Happy B-day Jbird.

ManicMandee said...

My son is turning 9 next month too. Crazy how fast it's gone.

Krissy said...

Happy bday to JBird. I feel like i already know him now after that excellent life sketch!

BTW, i changed my comment name just for you. That way when i leave a comment you won't be creeped out by the possibility that it is my hubby!

Sam, Shel & Co said...

He sounds like a lovely boy. Lucky you!

Hot Pants said...

97% is awesome! After looking at all the pictures, I feel like I was with you all the way. Happy Birthday!

Carol said...

What a special kiddo. You are blessed to have him. Happy Birthday Jbird!! Hope you get some fun presents.

Landee said...

Thanks you gize for all your nice comments! I'm going to print this page off for his Book of Rememberance (do they even sell those anymore?).

Jenny(local), I told Gty about your comment and he goes "That's going to be our life... hearing stories about how JBird helped someone control Tbone." LOLLERZ!

Marci, send pic of said boy so I can see how JBird will look in high school.

Katie, the seed has been planted. I will continue to nurture this. Everytime you post a pic I'll be like "Ooooh, look at this cute girl!" and "Doesn't she bark like a dog sooo cute?" and stuff like that. This is Operation LanderMorgan.

TheRestofYou, thank you.... I was so busy celebrating today that I got behind on commenting on the comments. But please forgive me... I mean I gave birth 9 years ago today! I'm feeling faint....

Landee said...

I forgot this one story:

When JBird was about 6 months old I was talking to Memzy one day on the phone.

Me: I dunno, Memz, should I be worried? I mean, JBird NEVER cries. Is there maybe something wrong with him?

Memzy: I hate you ::click::

She wasn't there for me, you gize, but I've since forgive her.

eekareek said...

Happy Birthday JBird. I may need to borrow him to help get my kids to do their chores.

Our Family said...

You seriously are ONE lucky Mom to have Jbird be your first. You should print off that list and hang it in his room--he's gotta feel good about that! One of the reasons he's the way he is b/c you guys are great parents.