Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cuz My Attitude Determines My Altitude

Church is now at 8:30am.



Apparently there are "parking lot issues" so the wards can't overlap.

::imagining what I would do to the person responsible for the design/size of our parking lot if I met them IRL::

BUT, I am NOT going to let this ruin all of 2009. And believe me, if I let it, it very well could. No no no no no.... if you were at all in doubt before as to the state of my general attitude, this post will show you that I am nothing if not positive. A glass half-full type person, if you will.

And I know you will.

I'm not saying that having 8:30am church is awesome, cuz it's not.
  • I have to get up around 6:45am in order to get myself & the three chillins ready. Gty is mostly worthless in this department. He'll tell them to get their shoes on and that's about it. And he's hopeless with hair which is the most time consuming part so yeah. 6:45am.
  • I have to have the "church bag" all packed & ready to go the night before. There will be no time for this in the morning so if I wanna make it through sacrament meeting with my sanity in tact this task must be completed Saturday night.
  • My only "Guaranteed Sleep In Day" is now gone. Oftentimes JBird has a game on Saturday morning so I can't even count on Saturdays anymore to catch up on some zees. And now, Sundays.... gone.
  • All lessons & talks need to be prepared in their entirety at LEAST by Saturday. There is no more time on Sunday morning to put the finishing touches/look at the lesson for the first time.
BUT, here is where my FANTABULOUS ATTITUDE comes into play. There are also some PLUSES to having 8:30am church.... srsly!!
  • We are DONE, finito, caput by 11:30am. That's right. By the time Jespy normally rolls outta bed, I've already worshiped & am home fixing myself a diet beverage.
  • Fast Sunday is a cinch.
  • No one REALLY expects you to be on time. I mean, they are proud of you if you are, but c'mon. If you are late for church at noon then that just means you're a poor planner. Now people get it. It's 8:30AM for cryin' out loud!
  • Your hair & makeup (assuming you had enough time to do it in the first place) looks fabulous because it's freshly done. I used to be mostly ready by 10am and by the time I got to church every inch of me would be frazzled and frumpified. <--- true story.
  • We can have a normal meal schedule. Before we were trying to cram in lunch before church. If we missed it then the kids were starving by the time we got home at 3pm. Such a pain. Srsly.
  • You have a greater chance of fitting in the coveted Sunday Afternoon Nap. Before we would get home at 3pm. By the time you've changed clothes, eaten, etc. it's like 6pm. Take a nap then and you're hosed for the night. Now, when 3pm rolls around we're all fed, comfy & thinking "Maybe I'll close my eyes for just a minute." Aaaaaaaaahhh.
  • No more using the bathroom at church. Rearranging church clothes after using the bathroom is a major pain in the nylons. By noon I would have downed at least 2 diet beverages and it would have hit my bladder just after sacrament meeting was over. Now, I maybe have time to down a bowl of cereal (very little milk) and so I'm now good to go until I get home.

So see, all is not lost. Don't cry for me, Argentina. A little PMA can go a looooong way.


Hot Pants said...

BY the time 11:30 came around, I always loved 8:30 church. We have 9:00 now, and it is AMAZING how much that extra 30 minutes helps.

Br Boys said...

Amen to all you said! I'm a little concerned after today that 9am church might destroy my family! This morning wasn't pretty! You have a MUCH better attitude than I do!!

Carol said...

I agree with Hot Pants. Ours starts at 9:00 A.M. now instead of 1:00 P.M. and some adjustments need to be made for sure. I totally agree with the entire plus column and would like to add a few:
1. No time for breakfast before church? Have pancakes for lunch and call that your main meal of the day. Cereal for dinner and your sunday food problems are solved.
2. Is this time slot not perfect for football watching? No more TiVo-ing and trying not to hear the score from someone checking it on their iphone during Sunday School. This is not for me--but for my hubby.
3. Think of all the afternoon time you have to get your visiting teaching done. No--I do not want people to visit teach me on Sunday. Sorry. Scratch that one.

Sam, Shel & Co said...

We have 9am church, but since we're 30 mins from the bldg, that translates to 8:30 church. ('Cept I have to go even earlier for prelude music)

I love the early schedule, cuz I'm up anyway. But, hauling my non-morning fam is not so fun. But, I totally LOVE getting home at noon-thirty and having the rest of the day.

Also, I'm w/Aunt Visor on the breakfast for lunch thing. Way more "restful" than trying to figure out a big meal.

Jenny ESP said...

How the H did you know that I get up at 1130? Our old meeting time was 900am and now it's 930. Srsly? When i heard our new time, I wanted to march up to the podium and shout "Let my people go!!" Don't Polyanna me, your 830am schedual-prepare-the-night-before-no-procrastinating-and-no-time-for-an-AM-diet-bevy makes me wanna cry.

Jenny said...

Yeah, I'm not loving the 8:30am church either. Well, at least not until we got home and realized we had the whole day ahead of us! But, I wasn't super thrilled about it when my alarm went off this morning at 6am. At least no one has pre-church meetings this year!

Landee said...

Visiting Teaching on SUNDAY??? Bite your tongue Aunt Visor! Srsly!

Jespy, I'm really trying hard here to take lemons and make lemonade and have my church bag packed the night before and YOU'RE NOT HELPING. So you just sit there in your stroller making silly faces & zip it.

Jenny, thank you for adding one more positive!! No pre-church meetings! ::glaring at Jespy::

Memzy said...

And you were taunting me for getting my stuff ready the night before when you came here a couple years ago. ::wagging finger of I told you so:: And you've always been known as a glass half full sorta gal. Wouldn't you all agree? ::snickering under my breath::

marcikay said...

It will take me awhile to think of the positives.. one Sunday of 9 am wasn't enough.. everyone so excited! I kinda wanted to yell at them all.. Chels took a 3 hour nap! That's a bit ridiculous, eh? I took about a 20 minute.. ugh? Might as well not have slept at all.. And what do you do all day? We watched like 3 episodes of Planet Earth, but that won't work every Sunday! Hmmm.. Like I say, give me a couple weeks..

(Okay, but fasting WAS nice..)

ManicMandee said...

So we had that time for like 2 consecutive years and I was saying those same things. But I have to admit, by the time the 2 years was up, I was thinking I actually quite liked it. I think you may agree by the time you change next year.
Good attitude by the way! That was fun to read.

Katie said...

I love the new earlier time slot. Mine starts at 9 and I woke up at...9 yesterday. I had given baths the night before, and with a few brushes of teeth and hair, and dressed, but not pressed...we were off, just in time for my lesson. You see, I never really actually know what they talk about in sacrament because of my crazy kids anyways, so why torture myself. And when I start to feel guilty, I blame Tom, because I could totally do it if he were there to help..guilt is gone.

danandcami said...

You didn't mention anything about the new calling! GTY is going to do such a great job. Dan loved that calling, and it is for the most part only on sundays, not that that means it is easy. Your hubby won't be waking you from your beauty sleep because he will be in church during your shut eye!

Landee said...

I get the feeling Memzy is being rood but the Pollyanna in me just won't let me see it.

And Marci... do NOTHING all day! That is the best thing of all!

MM, I don't know if I'll "actually quite like it" but we will tolerate it well. I'd much rather go at 8:30am than 2pm for SHORE.

Katie: No Guilt in 09

Cami: Right? Husbands gone all day on Sunday is not the worst thing. We will be having a lot of cereal & toast for Sunday dinner.... score!

Markie23 said...

Yeah, I need some PMA over here Polyanna. Our new time is at 1 and since I am the financial clerk I get to stay after and do tithing, so I'm not home until like 5:30. I was really loathing Fast Sunday yesterday.

Kylee said...

I hear you on the pros and cons...our church just got the switch from 2:00 to 8:00. I know, can you say ouch! Neither are great, but I'm glad to be done at 11:00 rather than 5:00.

Annie said...

Being called as the Ward CHoir Director has already shook my testimony as much as I can take it. 8:30 might push me over the ledge.

Flem said...

Since we switched to 1 pm last week my son said "this was the longest church ever" and Steve pointed out that it really was the longest because we used to show up 10 minutes late.

Memzy said...

Lollerz at Annie!!

And I'm sadly mourning the cereal and toast for meals time on my Sundays. Now that Shed was released he'll be around a lot more. Which mean I should cook right? Right? No?

Cristin said...

Our ward meets at 8:30 even though we have no competition for the church. It's been that way since we moved here 8 years ago, I heard once they switch the time to afternoon for one year then switched it back. I prefer morning church, my little kids got crabbier as the day progressed and it was best to have them home where they can spend time in there room and not the hall.