Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm No Memzy

I'm no Memzy, obviously, but I've discovered a leeetle trick that might help some of you parents out there.

Do you have a kid who is obsessed with bandaids? Maybe they have
discovered those "tattoo" waterproof ones that will NEVER come off on
their own? Yeah, I've got one of those kids. She had a bandaid on so
long I'm pretty sure her skin and the bandaid were becoming one. She
would scream if I even suggested taking it off because 1) it would
kill and 2) it had princesses on it.

So one night I waited until she was doing this (photo taken one second

And then I ripped it off.

She. Didn't. Even. Flinch. You. Gize.

And in the morning she didn't even remember she had a bandaid on the night before. No trauma. No drama.

You're welcome.


Jenny ESP said...

Also, baby oil. Takes off stubborn Band aids, tattoos, AND waterproof band-toos. I'm no Memzy, but that is brilliant, what I just said.

Kelli said...

Such a good tip! It is always tears and drama at our house when a band-aid has to come off.

Love the bracelet!

Markie23 said...

Good advice - I'll wait until your sleeping to pry that I-Phone out of your vice-like grip.

Landee said...

JESP, that doesn't help with the kid screaming cuz he/she wants to keep the bandaid on. 65% off the brilliance of the comment. Ouch. I know that hurts.

Kelli, right? Oh, and thanks for stopping by!

Markie, doesn't work on adults. Sorry. Plus I don't hold it when I'm sleeping... in my HANDS.

Katie said...

I must buy the crappy kind of bandaids because I didn't even know that problem exsisted.

Memzy said...

You are so nice. Cuz AskMemzy woulda just ripped it off and let the kid scream it out for a minute while she put on a new Dora 3 kings episode to distract her.

marcikay said...

Love the story! Mine all have loved band-aids, more more as a temporary accessory, we were doing well to have one last more than an hour.. Thankfully, we are on to only wearing band-aids because they're necessary.. But we all (Davy too) wear princess..

ManicMandee said...

I actually do have a kid obsessed with bandaids. I gave up the battle long ago. I just let that kid take as many as she likes, whenever she likes, put them wherever she likes, and I don't even ever bother to take them off.