Saturday, January 24, 2009

TBone x 2 + 5 = Going On A Mission!!

Aaaaaaaah! I srsly feel like my kids are getting way too big waaaaay too fast. Make it stop!! Tomorow is TBone's 7th birthday and BeeBee's 3rd birthday. I'm dedicating today to TBone (cuz we celebrated today) and manana I'll do a feel good post regarding da Beebs.

Looking through these pics of Tbone makes me want to cry. He was so widdle tiny itty bitty! Always a squirt, yes, but back then he was a little squirt.

My labor with him was 3 hours start to finish. I was lucky that the hospital I had him in in Albany, NY didn't have a "window" for giving epidurals because I would have missed it. By the time we got to the hospital I was a "stretchy 7" (isn't that disgusting when they describe it like that?) and he was born maybe an hour later. He came out screaming and didn't stop until he was about 3. Unlike his brother who put himself on a schedule, TBone still has never had a schedule. He is his own man. I think that will work in his favor later on. ::crossing fingers::

So, here I give you his life in pictures. They are pretty much in chronological order with very little commentary needed.

his best W. impersonation ^^
^^what he did at Memzy's house

^^ has always been super into American Idol

Top Ten Things You Need To Know About TBone

10) He loves anything the Japanese have ever produced.
9) He will usually eat the main dish but rarely eats any sides (including fries-- Wha??)
8) He speaks his mind but is getting better about realizing other people have feelings too.
7) His dad was his best friend until Gty took away his "buried treasure" (a rusty old screw he found out on the driveway when he was 2.5) and then it was over. He just barely forgave Gty about a year ago for that.
6) He cracks people up. Even his Tae Kwon Do master... "Ah Tanna... you funny boy, huh?"
5) He rarely gets his feelings hurt. A roll with the punches kind of kid.
4) He gives us a run for our money behavior wise but is the biggest gusher we have. It is not uncommon for him to say things like "Hey mom! Thanks for cleaning my room! It looks great!" or "I love my family" or (regarding dinner) "Well.... I don't hate it."
3) He will probably grow up to be a professional gamer. Jbird asks him for help on most games when he is stuck.
2) He has a size 18-24 month swimming suit that he can still fit into.
1) He loves that he is both a BIG brother & a LITTLE brother. He reminds us of that fact often indicating that is what makes him special. Here's to hoping the middle child syndrome is just a myth.
OH and
.5) I think it is physically painful for him to look at the camera and smile at the same time. So he doesn't do it very often.

He really is a hilarious kid. I cannot tell you the number of times people have come up to me and said "I just have to tell you the funniest thing TBone said/did the other day...."

So he chose Red Robin as the venue for today's celebrating "for the ice cream sundae they bring out." I'm giving him the "K, please smile & look at the camera" speech I always give and the subsequent result of that lecture. Uh-huh.

The folks at Red Robin made his dream come true. He insisted I take that creepy pic of him with his half eaten sundae.

And here is the loot he opened when we got home.

Sorry this is so freaking long!! But you know, a kid only has the day before his actual 7th birthday once.


eekareek said...

TBone is so freakishly cute! Tell him Sara says Happy Birthday.

P.S. Will you also tell him who I am?

ManicMandee said...

Happy birthday to TBone! I always really liked the character TBone on the PBS show Clifford. Great dog.

Memzy said...

Oh. My.

It can't be. Unpossible. 7?!!!! And I remember NO screaming when he was a babe. You make stuff up.

Carol said...

Happy Birthday TBone. 7 is a great birthday and set you up for the excitement of the big 8 when you get to be baptized. And Memzy's right--I never heard you scream as a baby. That picture montage was great and I had to look twice to see that was TBone and Crackers on the couch. They ARE growing up too fast. Enjoy every minute. Love you TBone.

Carol said...

P.S. Funny story today Lulu. Your dad kept calling me over and over with lots of noise in the background and then hanging up. This went on 3 times and I finally called him back. "Jack, are you OK? Why do you keep calling me? Are you having a stroke or something and need help?" He couldn't stop laughing. His phone was in his pocket and it kept redialing me--cuz' he called me yesterday for my birthday. Get it? Guess you had to be there but it was hilarious.

Jenny ESP said...

He is super cute/handsome. I swear I had just about every single shirt he's wearing for either Cord or gus. Freaky. We might be the only two people who shop at the gap.

Katie said...

I feel like he is a part of me now, but not the girly part, the manly part. Okay, not a part of me, and extension, but not like your extension...cooler.

Tell that boy happy birthday from me too.

Do they really have the same birthday, or are you making that up too.

Katie said...

Also...deeply? Really? ::said all reflectively, and not sarcastic::

Landee said...

Personal Messages to All:

Sara: Yes, I'll tell him. He knows you from the 6x7 foot pic of the Seattle Six I had blown up and put above my bed.

MM: Thanks and thanks?

Memz: I don't make stuff up. He was a fartknocker. Terrible nurser. Terrible sleeper. But dang cute. That saved him from being frowed away in the garbage.

AV: Right. I never screamed. But Tbone did. 8 years old? What are you trying to do to me. Oh, and my dad butt dialed you. That's what that is called. Our old bishop did that to me the other day. It was awesome.

JESP: Nobody shops at the Gap? Ycome? Btw, I hear Old Navy might be shutting down. Apparently it had a bad holiday season? This could be a problem.

Katie: It doesn't get any cooler than my hair extension so that makes no sense. And again, I don't make stuff up. BOTH of their bdays are on January 25th. Beebee came along and STOLE it from Tbone. I think it's called being Polish twins. And yes. Deeply. Deep, deep down. Near the spleen.

Hot Pants said...

I think it's deeper, towards the colon Katie.

Happy Birthday TBone! Looks like your parents have good times in April...::wink, wink::

Katie said...

Oh, Landee, that is exactly why it would be perfect because the whole sharing part would be hard for me, and it doesn't seem like Jespy is really into that kind of stuff so it works out, right?

Should I be leaving this comment on Jenny's blog? I don't really know the rules.

Katie said...

But is she lived here, I would have an iphone, right? That is how sister wives do it. I'll share my barbie phone, and my guitar hero, but I get to be whatever I feel like that day, you get second pick.

Katie said...

You owe me a comment-BTW. I better have one waiting for me when I wake up in the morning or it is over!
-that's not creepy is it?

Hot Pants said...

^^I'm creeped out.

Landee said...

Does anyone know what time Katie wakes up? I'm scared.

Flem said...

He is just like you--hilarious and wildly popular.

Jenny said...

Happy birthday to TBone!

Memzy said...

I'm sorta jealous of this sister wife thing going one. And I feel weird about myself for being jealous. Somebody get me a Diet Coke!!