Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Aaakwaaaard ::said all singsongy::

It's time for a vote of our own. Who needs 866 numbers anywayz?

I will list some of the most obvious awkward moments from the results show this week (there were over one million to choose from) and you can vote on which was the most awkward. Mkay? Mkay.

Oh, and since this is my blog and I am the only one allowed to one-up around here, if you have an awkward moment from the show that I failed to mention, you can mention it in the comments AFTER you have voted on one of mine. Mkay? Mkay.

Oh, and the country music industry needs to be shut down. Mkay.

And Your Top 12 Are......
  1. Randy wearing an ascot.
  2. No one cheering for Kara when she was announced.
  3. Blindy at the piano during ensemble song... obviously keeping him safe.
  4. Paula having to say who she thought would be in the bottom three outta Oily and DirtyPixie.
  5. Ryan holding up the water balloon he got outta Tat's dressing room.
  6. Odd footage of the "after show party" from last week.
  7. The contestant's "speeches" to Jorge & SnazzyJazzy.
  8. OilyR being forced to speak directly to his kids through the camera.
  9. Randy calling DirtyPixie "Allison" while, at the same time, predicting she'd be the one in the bottom three.
  10. Randy Travis leering at Carrie Underwood during their duet.
  11. The judges all huddled together during DirtyP's last ditch effort.
  12. DurrtyP's attempt to add in the "edge" the judges said she lacked to an edgeless song.
K, the voting lines are open til.... well.... infinity plus one hours, I guess. But don't procrastinate.

Cast your vote now.


StandsMom said...

Mmmmmmmkay. Since you are the boss and since I'm all about rules, I will vote from your list before I say another thing. Randy calling Pixie Allison was SO AWKWARD!!! Yowza! Poor thing. You could see it all over her face

I'm going to pass by your comment about country music like a grown up and let you have your opinion.

Now RandyTravis. Dear OooooooLD RandyTravis. I can't get enough of your comment that he died 5 years ago and nobody told him. He didn't seem THAT old to me until he tried to sing. YOWZZZZZA again. He finally just quit playing his guitar and stared at Carrie. I think at one point he was probably wondering if he should just leave the stage. He coulda. We wouldn't have noticed. You have to admit, country or not, that Carrie has some pipes. She's awesome.

The water balloon moment was EXACTLY like the time Kelly Pickler came back to the show and Ryan kept asking her what she bought with all of her money ::::boooooobs:::: and she was talking about crap and Ryan was clearly talking about her boooobs. I saw a twinkle in his eye tonight when he held that sucker up. It was completely deliberate. HA HAAAAAAAAA! Loved it!

Katie said...

For sure the Randy calling Alexis Allison, and then Allison quickly getting sent back to her seat. I would never make that mistake thanks to Jenny. Remember when she said she had a name like a cabbage patch kid? Randy should have read that comment. He never would have forgotten.

Are we going to be graded based on our answers?

Memzy said...

The contestants speeches at the after party. But I happen to LOVE awkward moments. I relish them. So I was loving tonight. Loving.

Jenny ESP said...

My official vote is for #9, when Randy called Tonya Joella, Allison by mistake. Tonya Joella was my favorite cabbage patch, btw.

My one-up awkward moment (#13) was when you predicted Toddler Dance would go, and then you didn't say "oops" or "Whoa I was off on that one", after realizing she wasn't even in the bottom three. But I bet you had fun up there, making that prediction, so...
(^^jk, jk, jk)

Memzy said...


eekareek said...

I would say awkward speeches to Jorge and Snazzy Jazzy (was that the first time she had ever called her that or did she always call her that?). I like that they go out to eat at Denny's with the remaining contestants just to rub a little bit of salt in the wounds. And then everyone has to say something nice to each of them. "Oh you, my little Jazzy, uh....snazzy Jazzy, yeah, uh I'm gonna miss you. Your so sweet!" Poor Allison is so awkward just by herself anyways, that she couldn't think of anything to say so she covered it up with a hug. The best part was when Jorge (the only compliment I heard about him from other contestants was that he was fabulous (aka gay)) told them all that they would be voted off soon enough. Way to stick it to them , Jorge.

eekareek said...

FYI, I fast forward Randy and Carrie, that is how devoted I am to hating country music. "I told you soooooooo" <--- sang with a thick twang.

Markie23 said...

10. Randy Travis leering at Carrie Underwood during their duet. It was almost as creepy as Gayliner leering at me during his performance Tues. night.
I'm soooo sad that my little Pixie is gone. If it wasn't country week Oily would have been out for sure. That was a stupid stupid stupid song choice Pixie... why?... why?... sob.

Carol said...

Lulu, I'm going with 9, 10 and 11. Now, to add my most awkward pick---eyelines face, close up, kindof pitted and smarmy. I'm sorry people--he gags me. I'm sure he's a nice guy and I shouldn't be so rude--I just want him gone. He already has a career doing his thing the way he does. We don't need him to win AI. Period.

Cristin said...

::running to utube to catch what I missed::

Annie said...

You are so right. There were soooo many akward moments but I'm going to have to go with #8. The only thing that wouold have made it better is if he would have started crying...Oh and got voted off!

Flem said...

Randy calling Alexis Allison. Yikes for both Alexis and Allison.

Nice list.

Kat said...

I'm not one for awkward moments...I get embarrassed for them! So I would have to agree with all 12, but my top would be Randy's oops.