Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AI: Pop You'll Are Watership Downloads

Can we vote the judges off?

Thank goodness Lisa Rinna & David Spade were there. The show is now legit with all the C-listers making an appearance.

JBird is wondering why the juhjes (as Little says) are so obsessed with song choice and not at all obsessed with how they sang the song they chose. Good point JBird. You are very wise.

I don't know if I like the R&B Anoop. I'm just not sure if he can pull it off. Especially not Usher. But that's what he wants to be so whatareyagonnado? I'm just gonna have to love him through it. It's all I can do.


He's smart. He went a little bit country this week to get all the country folk votes that Oil Rigger left behind ::crickets chirping::. But not TOO country (Rascal Flatts) as to drive the country haters away. He didn't sound great tho this week. And you know I'm a fan. The judges gave him waaaaay too many compliments for that mediocre performance.

Thanks to a brilliant hair stylist, I finally realized who/what she reminds me of..... A TROLL DOLL!!! I'm so happy because it's been buggin me. I didn't know she could play the guitar-- oh wait, she can't. She played, like, 8 measures and then ditched it. Stupid. Why even bother. And Pauler calling it an "axe." Whatever. I do like her voice tho. But Troll Doll.

I was surprised this week that I even semi-enjoyed his performance. His hair was entertaining in and of itself. He really can play the piano.... ::sigh:: if only this were a piano playing competition.

I liked the song. I think I liked the performance. But it took me half the song to get over how weird it was that he was out in the middle of the audience with a synthesizer. Why did he do that? The first thing he needs to do when he makes it big is get that thing removed off his forehead. It's hindering my crush on him I wanna have.

She looked like a drag queen tonight. The wig. The muscles. The dress. The song. Was I touched with her tears at seeing her kids talk to Ryan and hug Randy? No. I'm worried about myself cuz I should have at least been like "Awwwww..." but instead I was like "Oh my gosh... let go of Randy already! Aaaawkwaaard ::singsongy::" Deaderz in a ditch inside.

K. It turns out it wasn't the hair that swayed me last week. It was him not singing just to hear himself sing. Luckily he was back to his old antics this week so I could get back to my eye rolling and head shaking. I don't hate him as much as I used to but I really really really dislike him. That tongue of his drives me bonkerz.

Awwwwww... (there it is!). So cute. And he plays the piano TOO? Where does it end with this gi? In stark contrast to Adam and his costumes and extensive hair and make-up, Kris looks like he put on whatever happened to be on his floor that morning. He's going for the I'm-Not-Trying-Too-Hard look. I like it but I'd also like to see him in a nice suit sometime. You know, just to see.

(It will all depend on how powerful VoteForTheWorst.com really is)





Jenny ESP said...

I'm completely watership down with you'll entire summary. Pop.

Flem said...


Brilliant. Agreed.

StandsMom said...

There were a few (just a few) little moments of shine in Anoop's song. He's talented. I just can't figure out why he didn't pick a song that better shows off what he can do. I hate that the judges talk about that so much too, but - in a lot of ways, choosing the right song can make you sound a million times better than a song that's stupid. Like Usher.

Did you notice the 2-3 contestants who made reference to finally being able to choose from a wider range of songs, etc.?

Megan. After about 15 seconds, I hit the FF. Ugh!

Danny...oh Danny. He's cute and he sang that song that made me think about his dead wife and 'what coulda been.' Smart or not, it hit my soft spot and I'm in love with him. Awwwwwww.

A Troll Doll? Oh. My. GoSHSHSHSHSHSH! You couldn't be MORE right! I couldn't place it until you placed it for me. But wow that girl can sing. It was awesome to hear some soft from her at the beginning to just see what her voice can do.

I am so entirely over Scott. Who cares? There was a girl in HS who was kind of like him. She won every award. She got recognition for everything. Everyone thought she was SO GREAT! Just because she had a handicap and the rest of us didn't. If people forgot that he can't see, they might open their ears to what they aren't hearing.

I did not like Matt's performance at all. It was weird. The song was odd, his singing wasn't as soulful and groovy. I couldn't STAND that he was surrounded by people. Ew. That would make me so claustrophobic. Gimme some air!

Li'l's backside was in rare form last night in that form-fitted-show-every-ripple-dress. I listened to about half of her song and then FF the rest. I saw some brief thing going by really fast with some kid(s)? Tears? I don't care.

Adam is pukey. I couldn't even watch him do it. And srsly, didn't he look like Sylar? With an apron, a wooden spoon and just a little more eyebrow....

Kris was good. He's cute. He's not letting some stylist turn him into a spaced out rock troll like Red.

Landee....I want more from you about Cara. Or is it Kara. Or - let's just say Ckara.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we get rid of Megan? Come ON people! The Sanjaya fiasco was bad enough. You're playing with some poor can't-singer's emotions. Get her out of there so Cover Girl or Loreal can give her a call. Head and left shoulder only shots, please.

eekareek said...

Okay, totally said the same thing to Morgan last night about Matt's twin growing from his forehead.

Poor Anoop. He wants so badly to be cool. It only makes me like him more.

I liked Matt's song but I also like the Fray. I also thought it wasn't his best performance but I would never criticize him because it makes him look like he is going to cry.

Little's performance SUUUUUCKED. But I am not dead inside so I thought her kids were cute and it was sweet.

Danny, I pretended he was singing about dead wife and I loved it. I wish he would have changed the words from "....I watched to walk away..." to "... I watched you pass away.." and then break down in tears and be unable to finish the song. That would have made me go upstairs to get my phone and vote for him.

Kris, obviously I love him.

Let's see, let's see. Who else is there? Ummmmmmm. Oh Adam! Very entertaining.

Everyone else, (Megan, troll, blindy, Lil, uh, who else am I missing?...who is the last one?...oh wait, that is everyone. Right? (Maybe that is a sign that we need another contestant. I have goosebumps right now.)). needs to go.

Markie23 said...

You never cease to just NAIL it. Troll Doll?.... AMEN; Who Will Be Gone?... AMEN; Who Deserves To Be Gone?... AMEN and HALLELUJAH!

I agreed with each one of your performance run-downs, but I have to add a little extra commentary to Kris. I honestly haven't liked him much until last night. I thought he was just alright, and a little too DisneyChannel for my taste. But I thought his performance last night was bloody brilliant! I thought it was by FAR the best performance of the night and so totally unexpected, that I was completely blown away. I gave a few token votes to two or three of the other contestants (don't worry, no toddler-dancer votes), and then voted for Kris a couple dozen times. I didn't delete the show just so I could go back and listen to that one again. Reminded me of when David A. sang Imagine last season. Good, Good Stuff!!

Would someone tell Simon to stop giving America the middle finger!!

StandsMom said...

No kidding! I've been noticing his middle finger too! All. The. Time. My hubby says that in England, the middle finger means nothing. So what, dude. In America, ITS RUDE!

Our Family said...

You are absolutely right as usual.

The artist formerly known as Corkrey has GOT to go. I can't nail down the accent she does when she sings but I'd pay really good money if I could watch someone mimic it. Landee? Best line of the night was when she talked about her "fans feeling it" garbage. Vote for the worst fans ya think?
LURRRRVED Scott's hair and Little's hair too while I'm being sarcastic.
I like Adam Lambchop but he had a chance to sing something current and sang that? Kinda weird.
LOLlerz about the troll doll!!! So true! But she totally rocks minus the look.
My favorite last night was KRIS. Wowzerz. Tis the season for piana players.
My serendipitous moment goes out to Scott. I actually thought he sounded great last night (again minus the look).

Jana said...

Can you please post a comparison picture of troll doll and Lil Red? That would make my day.
Yeah at first I thought Matt had an unfortunate zit on his forehead, but then it's still there=needs surgery.

Hot Pants said...

I was busy playing Quordy while I listened to the performances and I missed the forehead growth. I did happen to look up at one point and see blindy's hair though. Breathtaking. Lucky for me I chose not to delete it and will now back and TRY to watch it without my phone. I may not make it though.

Memzy said...

I'm ashamed of myself. I haven't watched yet. I'm going right now.

Memzy said...

It's just..........