Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wild Card Lameness

Are the judges out of their freaking minds?

NoopDawg, Dueling Pianos, ToddlerDancer/TatSleeve (she has grown on me), NoopDawg's cardigan and tie ensemble

Jasmine (so boring), FiveHead and ::drumroll:: Tati.

Time Fillers
GayDonnyOsmond, and (sorry Fowlerland) Braddy Bunches of Oats

Did anyone watch Blindy in the ensemble song? Between him & Jorge they knew three words. I'm never deleting that. Ever. I lollerzed the whole time & watched it thrice.

Ricky Braddy= the white Will Smith, btw. Look at him. You can't deny it.

I making a vow right now.... if Tatiana makes it through, she will never be mentioned again on my blog. I will pretend she doesn't even exist. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, if you will. I will fast forward through her performances and leave the Tati bits up to LilJ in Vegas. I'll comment on the final 11. I just can't do it. I don't even want to give her any airtime on my prestigious blog.

Hold me to it, you gize.


Carol said...

we had friends over to watch ai and we all yelled nooooooo when they announced Tati!! It's totally for tv/drama ratings and I will be majorly ticked if she makes it tomorrow. Ticked, I say!!

After tomorrow, the real fun begins.

Memzy said...

It IS a very pretigious blog. No denying that. I agree with it all. Especially the cardiganoop.

Our Family said...

Did you hear how they introduced Braddy for the Wild Card? "Flawless".
When they said Flawless I said Braddy. That's how good he is.
I'm officially lovely in his bones.

I can't believe chops with the teeth didn't make it through! Injustice.

StandsMom said...

Oh barf. I think that Felicia and Ju'Not deserved another chance. Miss America makes me SO tired. I will hold you to not commenting on her if she makes it. I couldn't STAND the ensemble song. I hate those numbers. SO annoying! But since you mentioned that blindy and plastic guy didn't know the words, I'll have to watch it again.

Landee said...

It's true, AV, after tomorrow there will still be some good drama but not the manufactured-for-TV kind. We'll get down to the good old fashioned you-really-shoulda-voted-then kind of drama.


OurF- he's a time filler. I'm sorry! I don't want him to be....that's just the fact! If he does get through though, I'll make you a salmon burger to celebrate.

SM, go watch it again. You won't be disappointed.

Markie23 said...

I srsly try not to be too emotionally invested in something that has such little meaning in the grand scheme of things, but I was PISSED last night! First at America for voting through blind guy (it's a SINGING competition not a frickin' telethon), and second at the judges for bringing back she-who-shall-not-be-named; a decision which I can only assume was designed to boost ratings by attracting the "love to watch a train wreck" crowd.
I was heart broken that Second Chance girl didn't get a third chance. She has a better voice than at least half of the wild card picks, and more star power than all of them. I will also miss blondie with the Hee Haw dress.
NoopDawg, Dueling Pianos, and Braddy Bunch, are the only picks I agreed with. Yes, I disagree with you on Braddy Bunch - he was a YAY!
I support your Tati ban, but do you honestly think you'd be able to resist blogging about her beauty queen poses, her near fainting spells, and her all-around psychotic behavior? I worry about what that kind of self-restraint might do to your system.

Katie said...

Frankly, I am thrilled to death that Tati made it to the wild card. I wouldn't have gotten to see her otherwise.

Also, blind guy was good! I don't know what everyone is talking about. The problem is his creepy blank stare and weird hair. I just closed my eyes and picture Edward singing it, and it was marvelous. Try it. It works. I am thinking that once the stylists get a hold of him and he gets a dark pair of sunglasses, you will like his so much more.

Where were you last night? I kept waiting for you to finish the show, and hear all about how pissed you were Tati made it to the wild card show...and nothing.
::pretending like I don't care, but crying on the inside::

Landee said...

Markie, I'll just have to deal with the back-up discomfort I may feel. I can't give this girl any more press.

Katie... blame Gty. He called and insisted we talk for, like an hour and a half. I was thinking of you the whole time though. As usual.

Hot Pants said...

Do WE not get to vote on the wild card? Are the judges continuing to decide America's fate? This is unAmerican. I'm gonna start calling it Communist Idol.

Jenny ESP said...

^^she clearly just "skimmed" my blog, as I already explained how it's gonna work.

I thought you were gonna post a video of the ensemble song, so the people who missed the beginning due to TiVo malfunctions could see it?

Still don't get the "White Will Smith" thing. You need a new name for him because he's probably gonna be around for a while.

Braddy has a huge underground following, ya know, as huge as Anoop's. Braddy getting through was the judges giving the people what they want, not exactly a "time filler." You need to trust me on this--have I been wrong yet? No I have not.(<--more of a burden than a blessing) Have you been wrong yet? Lots.

If I get up and go to the bathroom during anyone's performance, it'll be Jasmine's.

Landee said...

I'll do that tonight Jesp. When it's quiet and the TV isn't being monopolized by Maggie & the Ferocious Beast. Great Googily Moogily!

And his name is Braddy Bunch... I'm just sayin' look beyond the scruff & look at the facial structure, low placement of the ears, etc. You're so superficial. And I may be wrong sometimes but that's cuz I let my heart lead & always give 100%. I'm just having fun up here.

Honey??? said...

They lip-synched the whole first song. This is getting like the superbowl. Good thing we didn't have a 'wardrobe malfuntion'...