Monday, March 2, 2009

Vivaaaaaa.... Viva Las Vegas!

It was a whirlwind 30 hours that felt like 5 minutes.

Here is the rundown.... a pictorial.

Picked up at the airport by Tony & Jespy & Home-dog.

Whisked away to the JEsplin home to meet Cord & Gus, pack their pillow cases full of stuff and take them over to Erin's for a sleep over.

Drove downtown to pick up our tickets for Blue Man Group & get some din-din. There was a Grand Lux Cafe in the Venetian that we partook of.... it was decent. I like the chopped salad at Cheesecake Factory better but that didn't stop me from licking my plate.

Jokes about midgets begin for some reason.... they don't stop for the duration of the trip.

Go to Blue Man Group.

I really liked the show a lot. Once I realized that their over all goal is to make you as uncomfortable as possible I got a kick out of it. Then them coming out into the audience and staring straight at you wasn't as creepy as you might think. Oh, it was creepy, but I was on to them. The most uncomfortable part was their makeup.... it looked so itchy and uncomfortable. I don't get it. I don't understand what it's made out of, how it works, etc. I don't get it at all.

When we came out of the show we saw the "back up band" hanging out by the wall and no one was getting their pictures with them. We were like "Saweet!" and took advantage.

We are drumming here, in case you didn't know.

Then we shoved our way to the front of the group to get our pic with this dood. Our goal was to try and be creepier than he was. Living dolls killed. People were lollerzing. I'll let you decide who was creepier here.

This might be the creepiest pic of all.... Tony & Gty back to back.
Gty wants me to call this one "Our wives made us do this."

Romantic weekend get away!!!

Look who we saw! Ole Half Ear himself... Evander Holyfield. He was just walking around Vegas by himself.... when we saw him he was outside Mme. Trussaud's Wax Museum. Wha? Why? So weird.

We also saw Nicholas Cage. He was nice enough to do the living doll with us and then let me get a super up close pic. For reasons that no one knows, Tony insisted on tousling his hair. Nick was cool with it tho.

Then we headed on down to the Bellagio for some water show action.

I don't know why Vegas gets such a bad rap.... I didn't get handed pornographic flyers or anything! The most uncomfortable thing was a harmonica player that could play AC/DC but Tony & Jespy made him do "The Rose." Wha? He earned that dollar.

Then, after some depressing TV (Dead Poets Society), we all went to bed. ::ahem::

The next day we woke up & Gty taught us all how to play Dominion. And by "us all" I mean Cord. He was so into it. I smartened up the second game and had him on my team (Tony won the first one). I thought he'd just be my glorified card shuffler but he srsly helped me to win.

Here is his mother. She said "I'm still not completely sure what I'm supposed to be doing here" no less than 15 times. Her associates degree in History was not coming in handy with this game.

We then headed to gorge ourselves on Olive Garden bread sticks and alfredo before heading to the airport. I haven't been hungry since.

It was such a fun time, you gize! I highly recommend taking 30 hours and heading there for a visit. Jespy is such the hostess with the mostess! An endless supply of Diet Coke, oranges and hot sauce packets were at our disposal.

We will be back. No question.


Markie23 said...

So so jealous. firstly, I love the Venetian; Cherie and I stayed a week their once while I attended a conference. Chevron paid the bill - and it was one very heafty bill, believe me. We took the gondola ride and watched the water show in front of the Bellagio, etc. - VERY romantic. Thanks for bringing back the memories!
I don't get the blue man group thing either, but the living dolls thing I totally get - I think.
C and I bought Dominion a few weeks ago, and just learned how to play it on Saturday. So far I don't like it as much as Ticket to Ride, or Settlers, but I can see its potential. We're still trying to figure out strategies and stuff.
Anyway, glad you had a great time with ExtraSpecialPowers. You only like her so much because she takes after her uncle Markie you know. Keep that in mind next time you gize hop by the Bailey warren.

Katie said...

You are making me want to move back.

What?!? No pornography? My brother is going to be so disappointed. That is the only reason he makes that trek.

Nick Cage wins for creepy. Hands down. Maybe if his hair hadn't been tossled, you woulda had a shot.

Ohhhh...I want to be in those pictures so so so so so so so bad!

Jenny ESP said...

Hmmmm, I have to decide whether to bag my identical post or put it up. What do you think? My camera angles are slightly more flattering, but you summed everything up much better. It was super fun, highlight of my year and stuff. Next time, let's not be so whirlwind, K? We need at least 48+ hours of Landerson action.

Tell Gty that I used my Cellar to put down my four Victories and draw new cards, which were a Market, a gold, a silver, and a Smithy. I played my Market, drew a gold, played my Smithy, and drew three coppers. So I had $13 and two buys. I bought a 6 Victories, and a Pikachu. That's my newest strategy.

Markie23 said...

Pikachu? Is that in the expansion pack??

Landee said...

Markie, you gotta play Dominion with major nerds. It's fun. Like, the kind of nerds that make their own capes to go to Forks, WA. One of the things I like about Dominion is you can play a game in 30-45 minutes. Settlers and TTR take FOREVER.

Katie, this could have been you. I gave you fair warning. Next time, my sweet, next time.

Jespy, PUT IT UP! This is your journal after all. Generations from now will be so confused when they are trying to piece together when Homer & BeeBee's parents (Dads) first met (you know, cuz they are gettin' married and stuff). Our "seed" will be all like "Well, Beebee's parents say they went to Vegas to visit Homer's parents in February 2009, but Homer's parents make no mention.... this can't be right...."

Don't do this to our future.

Our Family said...

First, I was glad to see that Jespy didn't get Dominion right off the bat either. Was Gty her little coach as well?
Second, I'm liking the bangs off to the side thing.
Third, the "ahem" is hilarious....
I'm glad you guys had 30 hours of GREAT times in sin city--
BTW, I did nothing but go through 3 boxes of puffs plus.

Carol said...

Lulu, Loved the post. It met all my expectations and then some. Jespy--put yours up so I can compare and see if both sides had a good time. It appears you did. Good times, good memories. Thanks for sharing.

samandlysander said...

Looks like you gize had a lot of fun. Spur of the moment trips are always the best. It's cool that Nicholas Cage could get in on the action.

Flem said...

Are you trying to claim this post made Vegas seem cooler than it is.

K fine, you did, but not because of the stuff you people did, just the company you kept. Blue man group? Weirdo.

And Lulu wins, hands down, for creepiest.

Hands down.

Memzy said...

Nicolas Cage really did me in. I had to minimize the screen every time he came into view. ::shudders::