Thursday, March 12, 2009

'Twas A Good Night

"Ooooh baby, I was blind to let you go....."


I want to see footage of Blindy using that bowling alley. Just 8 seconds is all I need. (Memzy, don't start bawling cuz you just read 8 Seconds.... ::choking sob:: Don't do it). But look at him all up and about during the ensemble number like a non-tunnel-vision-suffering-person! Proud of him. His bit in the Ford commercial made me realize that I want him around. I need him on that wall, so to speak.

Anyway, about the new "Judges Can Save One Person Per Season" rule.... not as bad as I was expecting. Jespy struck fear into my heart with her possibilities. I think this won't be too bad and it will give those poor suckers just a few more minutes of hope during their song before they get denied by the judges again. It's quite lovely actually.

Here's the thing tho.......... so they make this new rule up and hype it as "The Rule That Could Have Saved Chris Daughtry." Um, not so AI people. They say it'll only work until the top 5. Chris got booted at #4. Dooooyeeeeeeeeeee. I think they say that because Taylor Hicks won that year and he's been the worst AI winner in history so they are trying to say "Hey, that wasn't OUR fault." So I guess we'll see how this twist plays out.

Anyway, so happy that Jasmine got the prestigious title of the First One Booted this season. The other rounds don't count as there were people being voted through rather than getting kicked off. I hope she hadn't made herself too comfy in the AI Mansion. On the bright side, it looks like her mom got a new wig outta the deal so that's good. I'm absolutely not surprised she is gone. She had NO FANS. She was brought in by the judges on the Wild Card to fill the missing demographics so they couldn't be sued. Bye bye Jasmine. This "whole new world" is dead to you now. Take a "magic carpet ride" on home, mkay?

::fast forward through Kanye:: Question. Did he just get done changing his oil? The towel?

Next.... the Battle of the Eyebrows. Anoop v. Jorge.

Wait.... Kelly Clarkson first. Is she preggers? She's starting to remind me of whats-her-face from Heart. No, not her. The other one. Ungood. I love her tho. I really do. My life would suck with out her. ::snicker::


Tooooooo close for comfort there, NoopDawg! Now pick better songs and quit crappin' around!

Oh and adios, Jorge. I would have loved to hear more about your grandpa and stuff but you're gone now so I can't.

Anyone know what next week's theme is gonna be? I need to get all geared up.

Moment of silence.....


Carol said...

Lulu--you nailed it! Uncle Visor totally called it. He was sure that Jazmine and Jorge would go home. I would have been sooooo upset if Jorge had stayed and Noop had gone home. He better step it up next week. My favorites, so far, are RDJ and Pixie and Noop and piano guy. I predict toddler moves will go home next week but I really want eyeline guy to go. He really grates on my nerves.

ManicMandee said...

So they only get to save one person per season? That is a relief. Still haven't seen any shows...

ManicMandee said...

I mean the past few weeks worth of shows.

Markie23 said...

Kelly C really ballooned up there didn't she? Her backside almost rivaled Big&Round's.
Yes, it was a good night. Two people who deserved to go home got the boot, and the universe is as it should be.
The twist I was hoping for was that instead of voting for the several contestants you want to stay, you only had to vote for the one or two contestants that you want to leave. That would solve the problem of split votes between two good contestants, letting a bad third one squeak through. It would also subvert the "vote for the worst" movement.

marcikay said...

k.. so after i got home from crazy scouts last night, i informed davy & chels that i had recorded ai.. purely so i could follow your blog better [oh - the influence you have!!]

so obviously, i didn't see the performances.. but i still have a few comments..

jorge AGAIN did not know the words to the group number.. like we rewound and watched it over and over.. was he rapidly rapping [nice alliteration, i know] we were laughing so hard..

kanye.. i do enjoy him especially "stronger" but he sounded SO bad and looked ridiculous with his flabby bum hanging over his pants.. chels even said "guys in hs wear pants like that and look stupid - and he's WAY older than high school".. and so dramatic at the end.. dropping to his knees [how could she be so heartless?]

kelly - she's not that heavy!! but looked like she had recently shopped at Motherhood.. [don't get me started on her hair.. combing it after her shower would have been a start..] again, so distracted by her outfit, it was hard to appreciate how good she sounded - i think thats always been what i like about ai - you don't appreciate how hard it is to perform live.. every week!!

my dissertation is now over..

Memzy said...

8 seconds. :: hyperventilating sobs:: Why?

Kanye is ridongulous. End of story. I was very pleased with the outcome.

Ps. Why do blind people (blindy's sis) clap that way?

StandsMom said...

We quite enjoyed last nights results show as well. My honey kept cracking blind jokes and was convinced that he was going to get struck by lightening. Too bad he can't see the mansion, careful sitting down - you might miss the chair. It was terrible.(They were tears because I felt SO bad...not because I was laughing. Geez!) There are so many things you said Landee that I completely agreed with. I don't think I could have said it better. Hooray to your advice to Noop. 'Quit crappin' around' is one of my new favorite lines.

As a girl who always floats a little on the chubbier side, I feel for Kelly. But I'm tellin' ya, that doesn't look like too many cheeseburgers to me. Looks like a bun in the oven.

Kanye what? Gross. Pull up your pants! And isn't anyone going to say a thing about the shoulder thingies on the backup singer behind him? WOW! They were somethin' else. Almost enough to draw attention away from the bathroom hand towel hanging from his back pocket. It's a gross exaggeration of the plastic handled comb guys used to have in their back pockets all the time when I was in 6TH GRADE - uh...20+ years ago? I will not narrow it down because that takes too much thought. Can't wait for the pod.

Landee said...

I fast fwd'ed through Kanye because I heard him a while ago on SNL and it was pure torture. I wasn't in the mood to put myself through that again. Plus the gloves. Plus the towel. Easy decision.

OH MARKIE!!! I would have LOVED for that to be the twist! I have often wished I could just vote for the one I wanted gone (Sanjaya is the perfect example) rather than the one I liked. It is so tedious to vote for every other contestant EXCEPT the one you hate in order to slam them. Not that I've done that.... a lot.

PS I told you Memz, they are worried they are gonna hit their hands on something so they pull them in all awkwardly. Velicoraptor.

eekareek said...

You are a cold hearted snake....but funny. You get these AI contestants and you can move mountains when you criticize them. Your honesty is a breath of fresh air. Please keep up your AI opinions going. Don't fail me this season.

Annalisa said...

We are calling the new Idol rules the "falcon twist" of AI. Very much enjoying the idol commentary. Esp..the names.

Jenny ESP said...

Nice Daughtry catch. Was that from memory or google? Again, your memory astounds me. People with long memories sorta freak me out, but oh well.

So, did you go to iTunes and download the new exit song?

Landee said...

Eeka... I wouldn't dream of failing you this season. And cold hearted snake? Look into my ey-es....

Annalisa... falcon twist. Oh my gosh. I have GOT to get that on DVD.

Jesp... totally from memory. It was the most shocking night of my life. Etched into my astounding memory. And I will get that song on iTunes, MockyMockerson.