Friday, March 27, 2009

On VayCay....

So I'm not doing an American Idol results show post. Except I will say that AI needs to stop pairing up old doods with young pretty girls. Randy Travis and Carrie Underwood last week. Smokey Robinson and Joss Stone this week.

Creepsville, U.S.A.

Smokey didn't take his eyes off Joss the entire time. I had to take a shower afterward. Durrty.

In vacation news, the boys went skiing today with Grandpa for the second time. TBone's main priority is "finding bumps." I knew he would be like that. JBird's main priority is staying warm. I also knew he would be like that. Both loved it even though it was snowing like crazy at the snow resort.

As for BB and I? We have been hanging out with Milly & enjoying the good life of visiting Grandma's house. We also got to hang out with my ADORABLE neice, Dotty. My SIL went skiing with the boys as well so we got to play with Miss Dotty all afternoon. BeeBee is a natural babysitter. She made sure she was never further than two feet away from Dotty the whole day. And most of the time she was no more than two inches from her face.... so that's good.

I mean right?

PS are there any other cell phones that take better pics than the iPhone? Me thinks not.

PSS We are headed home on Saturday rather than Sunday this week because a humongo storm is supposed to come through these parts on Sunday. Apparently Denver already has several inches on the ground. I'm so over snow this year. Spring snow is the pits.


Katrina said...

Oh, my garsh, that baby is cute!

So, turns out that I need you to remind me to watch AI. I totally forgot it was on. I am sure my DVR knows what to do though, so don't you worry about me. I also forgot to take out the

Katrina said...

I posted this comment from my phone... See if you can guess who this is. He he he.

StandsMom said...

I still haven't watched either AI this week. Felt a big awwww coming on when I saw Brynn with that baby! How keeeeeeyooooot! I miss Brynnie too, btw. Anyhow, I thought you posted something once upon a time about loving winter. Winter food, winter clothes. Hmmmmmm. You did, right? Hope you can gitcher tail home safely! I'm still dying to make my lasagna. Let's have you over for dinner next week?

Flem said...

Why don't you fast forward the creepy AI duets? That is why you have Tivo.

And how can you NOT comment that they put dueling pianos on the same stage as oilrigger as if they were neck and neck? I love me some blue collar but in this case that was just plain wrong.

Markie23 said...

It was a shocker to see Dueling Pianos in the bottom three instead of Megan Joy. She must have a following.
I'm ready for spring too, since I've used up all my ski passes. Your boys were lucky to be on the slopes this week. C'mon mom, git with it.

Jenny said...

Good luck on the drive home! Maybe by the time you get here, some of it will have melted, since it's supposed to be in the 50s on Saturday. We measured just over a foot of snow at our house this morning.

ShelBailey said...

I moved to Utah from my native AZ in the middle of the winter. I remember sitting in my living room, on April 1st, watching it snow and just bawling because I was so homesick. I like snow for about 15 minutes, lol.

Memzy said...

I personally thought it was hilarious how the judges couldn't "decide" fir a minute there if they should save oil rigger. Ha!

Get home safe.

Jenny ESP said...

You've officially talked me out of moving to Denver. We'll come VISIT in the Summer instead. Check out the weather for Las Vegas this week on your iPhone.

And please tell me that's your niece's real name, bc it's adorable!

Not surprised oil rigger is gone, but it would have been a good week for Blindy to go, since we also have our Watership Down book discussion on Sunday--the Blindy/Fiver background picture will be obsolete.

Markie23 said...

Just listened to the podcast. I was pretty lost, but I'm also pretty sure somebody called me a lemming.
...Oh no he di'nt!

Landee said...

Markie, He called you a lemming and a clone. Where does he get off?? I need to post Andy & my "text fight" so you would understand my anger, but believe me, he deserved it. You got the AI stuff tho, right?

And that is Dotty's real name. So freakin adorable it's almost unbearable. The name.... and her face.... and her thighs.

Flem, I didn't fast forward because a) it's hard to look away and b) Milly loves that stuff. Motown week is her favorite. Creepy Smokey and all.

Did someone say lasagna/free dinner I didn't have to cook? Where do I sign up? Gty will be back here in UT tho.... we may need to push it out a week. Mkay?

danandcami said...

sounds like fun for everyone! Good luck with the drive home! I still keep checking up on what is happening at your home. It always puts a smile on my face!

eekareek said...

There was so much to comment about this results show. Poor dueling piano. He looked like he was going to cry especially when Simon said that he was there because the public didn't like him.