Monday, March 30, 2009

The BeanMon

Some of you may be listening to my American Idol podcasts. Some of you may not. If you are listening, you might be wondering who this "Andy Thompson" is who is the host of the show. I thought I'd dedicate a little post to him so you'd know how I know him and why I'd want to talk AI with him once a week.

I have no idea why they call him BeanMon. Maybe when he was little they called him "Andy Beans" and it progressed from there? He is the youngest of five boys so who knows. Several of them have these nicknames that have changed over time many, many times. One of them has a nickname solely based on a word they said funny one time. Another has had at least 5 different nicknames. . . one of which was so prevalent that when he gave a talk in church, the program listed his nickname rather than his real name.

Anyway, I met the BeanMon shortly after Gty & I were married at their Grandma's funeral (so yeah, he's Gty's cousin). I wanna say Andy was about 11 or 12. He wasn't shy but he didn't talk much. I remember, at some point, going across the street from the funeral home with he & his brothers to get some Arby's or something. Good times. Good times.

Cut to 1998. Andy is now 13. A little taller but I could still take him in basketball. We had moved to Lafayette, IN to attend Purdue (not me, Gty) and, since Andy's fam lived a mere 3 hours away up in Chicago, we would go there all the time. Probably not every weekend but at least once a month, sometimes twice and there were probably a couple months we went three times. It probably would have been more often but Aunt Marilyn wouldn't let us bring Maggie up. This was the first time we hadn't lived near family so we loved going up there and hanging out. This was when we became addicted to the Game Show Network which was still relatively new. We would stay up until 5am watching old game shows and new fangled ones. We would pray a Card Shark would come on soon and cringe when it was the Love Buffet. Of course we would watch whatever was on, but some were more enjoyable than others.

This picture was taken our last weekend there before we moved to Albany, NY. BeanMon is now 15 and I'm pretty sure I couldn't take him in basketball anymore. Some of my favorite Andy stories during this time was one time, during class at school, Andy decided that a girl was taking a little too much time on her oral report. He wrote "END IT" on a piece of paper and held it up. What the?

He also wore the same orange t-shirt every day until a teacher noticed... he may have even turned it inside out and wrote something like "I lost my dog" on it with a permanent marker. I can't remember... point is he was a quirky kid.

We also heard stories of his "Survivor Parties" he would throw. He would invite tons of people over and every half hour or whatever they would take a vote and vote someone OUT OF THE PARTY. That person would literally have to leave the party and not come back. I hope no one had self-esteem issues because of that.

Speaking of dogs, whenever we went up there we would have to leave on Sunday afternoon in order to get back in time to get Maggie from the kennel without having to pay and extra day. So we'd be getting ready to leave and Andy would be like "Don't leave yet. Why are you leaving? It's the dumb dog, isn't it." It made us feel loved in a weird sort of way.

I post the above badly scanned picture so you can see Val/Otto Valez/Tito/Ted/Tad's "shockingly nice" hair we discussed in my last podcast. The ladies loved it, apparently.

This pic was taken in 2001 at their oldest bro's wedding in Chicago. We flew in from NY for the big event. At this point all the older brothers are realizing, much to their chagrin, that Andy will be the tallest of the bunch.

A couple years later we get this gem in the mail. BeanMon's senior photo. He doesn't know how to play the guitar so...... lollerz.

Below are pics taken in 2004. Gty's side of the family has a big reoon every other year in which they play games like steamroller and "pull the little kid on the saucer by a rope & hope they don't fall off." You can see Andy there on the left and me in the middle.

Apparently our team was Number One? ::woot woot:: I believe this was the reunion when I ran the 100 yard dash and fell on my face across the finish line. It was awesome.

He then served a mission to California... Riverside? Can't remember. They used to joke before he left that rather than go and converting people, he was gonna focus his energy on ridding the church of its annoying members. I wasn't at his homecoming so I don't know if he ended up taking that route but I'm guessing no.

Below is a recent pic I stole off his bro's facebook. Andy is still TC (too cool) for Facebook apparently. That dood on the left is Judd... host of J-Walking. I may be doing a post on him soon if Andy doesn't straighten up and recognize. What am I talking about? Why was Markie a bit confused during our last podcast?

Facts: I have been on his TBB Morning Show several times. When listing off his "core" contributers, he failed to mention me. I sent him a text to let him know I heard his neglect. The following is our exchange: (I'm in green)

I love my iPhone, btw. Bite your tongue!

So there's the BeanMon.


Jenny ESP said...

He looks like Zack Morris.

That faux guitar pose kills me. I think John Denver has an album cover like that.

Memzy said...

The voice totally matches the face. Except now I feel sooper old.

You have that guitar pic framed in your house don't you? Top of the stairs.

Katie said...

I am so glad you posted those babies. You really know how to get your point across. He needs you. Like really needs you. I think this last podcast made him realize how important you were to him.

As far as nicknames go, that is a pretty lame one. Let him know that I think that, and that I am currently working on a better one for him. Something along the lines...Sits with a guitar.

Landee said...

Jesp, see? Now you know why he loved SBTB.

I actually don't have that framed because it's a wallet size. If they sent me an 8x10 I'd frame it in a heartbeat. Top of the stairs.

"Sits With A Guitar" takes a long time to say. See if you can cut something out....

Markie23 said...

SWAG... and SWAG's podcast without Landee would be like American Idol without Paula. ;o)

Jenny ESP said...

He's ALMOST holding an actual chord too. So close.

Memzy said...


Sits With A Guitar

Landee said...

Markie.... not a compliment. Although, coming from you I guess it is.

Does anyone know a cute, single, LDS-ish girl in CA we can set SWAG up with?

eekareek said...

Maybe instead of swag, we could call him "preppy"

Hot Pants said...

I have a friend who has a pretty serious addiction. She's in denial about it. But, I've seen her taking caffeine pills several times now. Maybe preppy could talk to her.

I have that same guitar picture of me. I just took it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Carol said...

Lulu, Loved the post and now it all makes more sense when I listen to the podcast. Glad to have you back from vacation. Are you going to Boise next week? I read the chat between you and Katie. I'm going to see Jespy next week in Vegas. Lots of fun. We'll post.

Flem said...

He is funny. I expected him to wear glasses tho.

Katie said...

Swag, I like it. I do just happen to have a really hot single LDS niece. Get on facebook, got to my friends, and check out Morgan Lindsay. She is beautiful and available, as far as I know. She did go to Washington DC without me knowing so... I think she is his type, no strip of purple in that girls hair.

Remember when you said you were going to come to Idaho, and visit with me? Yeah, me too...