Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AI: Top 9 Didgeridoos

It's the Golden Show!  Top 9 of the 9th Season!  I'm obviously trying to get excited about something this season.

So, srsly tho folks, I've decided the beauty of this season is that there really are no clear favorites.  It seems like with other seasons we just sat back and watched as one-by-one got picked off but all the while knowing who the top 2 or 3 would be.  This year we have no idea.  It literally could be any of these losers.  I mean, that has to be something, right?  PS Mamasox made that hat up there in that pic.  She told me so on Twitter.  Knitted it.

K, Lennon/McCartney week.  I've already mentioned my extreme to obsessive Beatles phase that lasted a goodly portion of my adolescence.  About 5th grade through college actually.  So I was excited about this evening.  A major step up from The Rolling Stupes and R&Boo weeks.  Let's see how they did, shall we?

Aaron "Archy2.0" Kelly
"The Long & Winding Road"

Ugh.  I can't stand this song.  Even the original is kinda lamerz. I always skipped it when it would come on. But with Archy2 singing it?  Eh.  I thought he switched it up enough to keep it interesting but you already know how I feel about him.  He does nothing for me.  And I don't get the Yoda references either cuz Yoda is awesome.  The opposite of awesome Archy2 is.

 Katie "Alzy" Stevens
"Let It Be"

"If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it..."  What was that all about??  How many different times and in how many different places did they make her do the Single Ladies dance for them to clip all that together?  Embarrassing.  ::secretly jealous she knows that dance and I don't::  Now, the performance.  Unfortunately my boyfriend, Kris Allen, just sang this song but a few weeks ago and moved me to the core.  This performance was normalish.  Not sucky, not great.  I was too focused on her "tummy pooch accentuating" dress and bumpit pony.  Or her performance was lame so my mind wandered.  Either way it's not good news for her.

Andrew "Andy" Garcia
"Can't Buy Me Love"

"Yeah-huh he does too have a personality!"  "He has the best personality of anyone I've ever met!"  "How could anyone say he doesn't have a personality??  He's a wild & crazy guy!!"  Hmmmm... I felt they were selling me hard on that one.  It's not that I don't believe them, I just think this was a team effort.  They're like the Friends cast.  They stick together.  Too bad they forgot they were competing against each other.  Which is why I kinda believe them, but still.  Anyway...the performance.  I agree with the judges that it was a bit old-fashioned but I liked it.  It was fun.  And he funkified it a bit.  He funkified it enough.  That is my least favorite place for them to perform from but whatev.  He must have had his reason for that lame move.  I also love he & Lee's friendship.  I know what it's like to meet your BFF.  It's magical.

Michael "BigMike" Lynche
"Eleanor Rigby"

HYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!   Gosh.  How friggin annoying would that be after a while?  Am I right here?  And yeah, yeah, yeah...he's a teddy bear.  He snores.  So in other words, no surprises.  As for his take on Eleanor Rigby, what the?  He gospelized it.  He Broadway'ed it.  Basically he sucked it up.  Jenny did not appreciate them comparing it to a Glee performance, I can tell you that.  I hated all the dumb runs and the reaching up the heavens.  Way too dramatic.  Not a fan, Michael.

Crystal "Dreads" Bowersox
"Come Together"

She's a mother.  Can you believe that??  She.  Is.  A.  MOTHER!!!!  Big whoop.  Who isn't?  It's almost as bad a story as the grandma with Alzheimer's.   I mean, I love mothers.  I think they're great.  But they all act like it's the craziest thing ever that Dreads has a kid.  "Mamasox"....pshaw.   My question is, what makes one think that a didgeridoo would be the perfect touch to a rendition of "Come Together?"  Of ALL the instruments in the world, this is what she requested?   Nothing has confused me more than when I learned she was straight.

 Tim "Timmy" Urban
"All My Lovin'"

Mr. SmileyPants <--- that's what I would call him if I were part of his AI Family.  Or maybe Twinkle Tooth.   I liked this performance.  I really did.  I like that song too tho which helps.  He didn't change it up much which was a good thing.  And did he say he did something different with his hair?  What, exactly did he do that was different?  Maybe he used a straightener a little there on the ends?  Sara may have to help me out here as the resident hair dresser.  But I'm liking Timmy a lot these days .  He's grown on me quite a bit.  Not like mold either.  More like pretty ivy on the side of a building.

Casey "Casey" James
"Jealous Guy"

Playboy, Soap Opera star, Fabio, Goldilocks....Trevor?   Ooookay?   I will say that new perm he was sporting tonight isn't gonna help the Goldilocks wise cracks.   But wow.  I LUH-HUVED this performance.  I had never heard this song so I have no idea what the original is like but I went ga-ga over this.  Did anyone see Pearl Jam on SNL recently?  I think Jude Law was the host.  Anyway, Casey sounded JUST like Eddie Vedder did on SNL.  I also had quite a Pearl Jam obsession there for a while in high school/college too so this fit perfectly.  It also helped that Casey toned down the goofy smiling during his performance as well.

Siobhan "Shizzham" Magnus
"Across The Universe"

Oh, she's so unique.  She's her own person.  She's amazingly....weird.   Bladdidyblahblah.  How do you sneak up on a unique AI contestant?  Unique up on it.  Get it?   Anyway, her so-called own drummer that she's walking to is whack yo.  And getting annoying.   Jespy texted me that she "looks like the fairy god mother from a new hiphop version of Cinderella the Musical."   The performance was geh.  Nasally.  Boring.  Lip glossy.  And that speech she gave about why she chose that song?  ::snore sounds::  <---that's me falling asleep.   And bringing "Earl" up out of the audience for a hug because he yelled something stupid?  Bad move on AI's part.  That's just rewarding bad behavior.

Lee "Flem" DeWyze
"Hey Jude"

I love his humility.  I love that he thinks he's going home every week.  And I want him and Andy do eventually have little Danny Gokey babies together (for Memz to adopt).  You know I love Lee, right?  Yeah, I don't know, dawg.  I wasn't feeling this performance this week.  It just didn't work for me.  I mean, it was aaaaight.  But it was a titch pitchy and I found the bagpiper to be an interesting choice, and not in the good way.  Don't get me wrong.  I still liked it OK.  And if the polls weren't always closed by the time I got around to watching the blasted show I would have definitely voted for LeeDog.  He's my fave contestant.  And he'll be back next week, no worries.

My picks for the bottom three this week are:


Going home: Siobhan

Leave your picks in the comments/on FB/via text/via email/whatev.

PS Memzy is having back surgery today.  Pray it all goes well and she will be back to her old self before too many meals have to be brought in by the Relief Society.  :)


Flem said...

I surprisingly disagree with you. I heart Lee big time and it is not just his name.

Also I thought that Siobahn was great. I don't like that song usually and she made it pritty. Plus I thought she looked great!

I hate to say that Tim is not going home, bummer.

Oh and Katie was good for the first time ever.

Okay so now for my bottom three:

Aaron "yoda" Kelly--though he might get sympathy because they all tease him mercilessly

Andy Garcia-- it was kind of a weird version of Can't Buy Me Love

Big Mike--cuz I don't like R&B

Going home? Aaron. For SURE. I might even put all 20 points on him.

Princess Kimi said...

p.s. YOUR word verification is back, dawg.

Aaron sucked
Katie amazed me. Shock and awe over here. That was super pritty. And she looked good too! You and your pooch dwelling!
Andy..I knew you'd hate that behind the judges thing. And then the judges just keep facing forward..what the rood? The performance made me hover over FFWD.
Big Mike: is it okay to refer to your family as the Lynche mob? If your family is black? Or white..but especially black? I hearted the strings accompaniment. a.lot.
Crystal: Did her teeth get more yellow again? She rawks tho. "momma sox" is cuz she's a hippy fhs.
Timmy: consider that rewound and relistened to...a lot. p.s.s. they darkened his hair and straightened it more...and shineyed it..doyeekers.
Casey: Can't rewind this enough. wow. Wow. that was curling iron magic. For sure. And did you see how he TOWERED over Ryan??? Awesome.
Siobhan...booooooring and nasally. But it did remind me I need ot d/l the original of that song. Heart it.
Lee: not his best. Lollerz @ Ellen mentioning the bagpiper lost his parade. Still heart him.

My pickies: Bottom three are Aaron, Andy and Siobhan. going home... Aaron.

RodTodds picks: Same bottom three as me but with Andy going home. He is very serious about this. Which got him like 2 minutes of silent treatment.

Princess Kimi said...

p.s. JINXERS.. cuz I wrote down "Pearl Jam vibe" by Casey btw. You owe me a Diet Dr. Pepper.

Markie23 said...

I haven't watched any of it yet, but put me down for the same picks as Princess Kimi's. I have a feeling her and her spiral are dead on this week. I can't wait to see Casey's performance. I think I have reached man-crush stage with that dood.
P.S. Your word verfication is on. Did you know that? And the current word is libbler. As in one who libbles. I think I just might do a little libbling myself tonight.

Markie23 said...

Ooh, now the word is fopint. As in "Law, I is thirsty enough to drink a fopint."

Carol said...

Bottom Three: Aaron, Andy and Siabhon. Going home--Siabhon for sure. I'd write more but I'm on my way to a nap. The three puppies slept over last night as Memzy and Shed had to leave at the crack of dawn for LA. Jack in my bed all night--finally falling asleep at midnight. Charlie climbing in my bed at 5:30 informing me he had to pee. Evidently he felt he needed to let someone know where he was going. I finally decided to escape all the appendiges poking me and got up at 6. Thelma is here taking care of Cris and I'g going to catch a few winks. Love my puppies btw. Prayers and good toughts go out to Memzy. We texted no less than umpteen times this morning.

Carol said...

p.s. She's going to be fine. She's determined and "in control" to get better.

Jana said...

Lollerz when Andy said there's something about the moment when Timmy smiles and flips his hair, you're like "I love you, Tim."
And funniest thing ever when the bagpipe man came down the stairs. I thought it was Diana Ross for a sec with the big afro hat thing.
Bottom 3: Archy, BigMike, and Shizzam.
Ba bye- Archy

Princess Kimi said...

Markie you will be happy cuz it's the right thing to do. Plus you are gonna fall madly in man crush after watching Casey. RodTodd said..and I quote... "Man..that guy is just ...COOL!" With a look of total admiration on his adorable long eyelashed face. His Val Kilmer vibe is it's own force that seems to offend noone and mezmerize the mens and wimmins alike.

Anna B said...

Bottom 3:
Yoda, Shisucks, & I'm flippin' a coin on this one and saying...Tim.

Going Home:

APS said...

I just hate picking. Hate it. I wish we could wake up tomorrow with the top three already done. Already.

Aaron, Katy, Andy.

Andy going home.

Aaron should go home and Shibites (love that AnnaB) and Alzy and Tim (yawn) and Big Michael. Let's just make this out already. Top three: Mommasox, Lee and Casey.

P.S. Casey's hair prob looks a million times better just rolling out of bed. Why do those stupid hair people try so hard?

Jenny ESP said...

Bagpipes and didgeridoos, but no jingjinglers, floofloobers, and blumbloopas?

I think Casey is on top after tonight and has a good chance of winning.

Anyone notice how Mammasox manages to make every song she sings sound like the same song?

Thank goodness for Timmy, who is the only contemporary singer left on the show, even if he's somewhat unreliable. And Randy's condescending critique ("Imma judge you based on whether this was a good "Tim" performance..."), as if Timmy's not an actual contestant competing against the others, was ironic, considering that I don't consider Randy an actual judge.

So bummed that Katie didn't crack a few notes. She woulda been outta there!

This is the hardest guess to date, as they continue to be mediocre as a whole.

Bottom three:
Archy 2.0

Going home:
Andy (?)

Landee said...

Where/who is cog? I need his/her picks. And Hotpants and Eeka.

You guys think I have nothing better to do than hunt you down every Wednesday?

PS Some of you are sooooo out of touch with America/coolness. I'm not gonna name names tho. But you'll see tonight.

cog said...

Ugh, sorry about the delay. I just can't make up my mind - it's too close to call this week you gize!! Too many stinkers.

::nervously biting nails::

I'm going to go with these bottom three:
Big Mike

And the big loser this week: Andy. See ya and yer necktat l8r.