Wednesday, April 14, 2010


First, here's the votes as compiled by me via text, comments, emails, FB (bold peeps going home):

Anna: Shebone, Andy, Aaron
AV: Katie, Andy, Aaron
Kimi: Shebone, Andy, Aaron
RT: Aaron, Andy, Shebone
Mikey: Andy, Aaron, Shebone
Landee: Aaron, Andy, Katie
Memzy: Katie, Andy, Aaron
HotPants: Aaron, Andy, Shebone
Eeka: Aaron, Andy, Katie
Jespy: Aaron, Andy, Katie
Jana: Shebone, Aaron, Andy
Markie: Tim, Andy, Shebone
SolidGold: Shebone, Andy, Aaron
Cog: Katie, Aaron, Andrew
Flem: Aaron, Mike, Andy
Stands: Shebone, Andy, Mike
Stacey: Shebone, Katie, Andy

Results Show Notes:
  • Most painful group number to date.
  • This was Andy's chance to sing Str8 UP!  What the?  He deserves to go if he's gonna put us all to sleep with his parting song fhs. ::putting 3 points in my column::
  • "No mas malaria!"
  • Brooke White singing with some creepy vampire lookin' dood.  
  • Adam sings.  TBone is watching.  TBone has strange look on his face.  During chorus I say "Well, TBone....whattaya want from him?"  TBone says, "A new song."
  • Katie gone!!  ::adding 3 more points to my column and getting bugged Jespy and Eeka copied me::
  • Watch recap of Andy and Katie's "journeys" on AI and realize Lee is gonna be super saddy facin.  I saddy face for Lee for .02 seconds til I see my 6 points again then I'm over it.
  • Realize they never said who the 3rd person was in the Bottom Three. Crap.
  • Did you know Ricky Miner is gonna take over for Kevin Eubanks on The Jay Leno Show? AI can lose Pauler.  They can lose Simon.  They can add Kara.  But without Ricky this show blows.
 Point Standings:

Jespy: 8 (21)
 Eeka: 8 (18)
Landee: 8 (17)
 Flem: 4 (15) 
 Memz: 4 (15)
 Jana: 4 (15)
 cog: 5 (15)
 Stands: 4 (14)
 AV: 5 (14)
 Anna: 4 (13)
 Markie: 4 (13)
 Stacky: 8 (11)
 Kimi: 4 (10)
 HotP: 4 (10)
 SolidGold: 4 (8)
 RoddTodd: 4 (8)
 Mikey: 1 (7) <--- in her defense, she submitted her picks a couple of days ago as she is off gallivanting around Europe.  She already made her picks for next week too.  She's gonna be ticked when Andy won't be in the bottom three next week.

I am soooooo back in this!  ::giving myself a hand-made "Most Improved" award::


eekareek said...

Who was the bottom three? And is there a prize for 2nd place?

Memzy said...

Dang. It!!!!!

Markie23 said...

The show can add Kara, lose Simon, Ricky, and even Pauler (alas), as long as they find fresh original undiscovered talent like Clarkson, Underwood, Daughtry, Archuleta, and Allen. The show blows this season because of the lame field of contestants.

Princess Kimi said...

I hearted seeing Kaaahhra sans her fake eyelashes ftr. I can't hate her anymore after that whole thing btw. Letting the runny nose kid snot all over her was her get out of jagbagville card. Dangit!

Adam's performance was indulgent.

During the group performance I was "oh FHS"ing all over the place and RT goes "this is weird." and I go "lipsyncing is always lamerz" and he was all.."they lipsync? wha?" so...I prolly shouldn't have ruined the illusion for him.

OH and whoever the vampire was he sucked.

You never know. Andy might be in the bottom three again. If Rye starts the show by sayin "get ready for some surprises!" ?

Princess Kimi said...

p.s. I was prepared to never watch again (this year) if they got rid of Timmay. I was even hovering over "take this p.o.s. off my DVR to do list".

Markie23 said...

I can't believe how a moppy head of hair and a goofy grin have made the girls tone deaf. Timmy sux. Now bikini girl... she could sing!

Landee said...

MarkieMark, your first comment is a GP. I do hope you know I was kidding tho. Like I care who is fronting the band, right? Your second comment simply proved your heterosexuality. Congrats on that.

Eeka, no idea who the bottom three were but the two that went home were Katie and Andy. ::mouthing to the others "Is she srs?"::

Memz, better luck next week. I really wish you woulda done better. You know, cuz of your malformed back & stuff.

PKimi, I thought Kara was faking the whole Africa thing. I mean, who wears a tube top to a 3rd world country?

Princess Kimi said...

I would. With a mini-sweater/bolero thingie I got at vanity. But no. Not sans mini sweater. You are right. She's a DB.

Flem said...

Winning my office pool even if I can't compete with the Tivo crowd. I watched the show during a meeting in a hotel lobby on a 13 inch tv so it was tough to hear if they were really good or not so I am kinda proud of my standings. It was hard to act like I wasn't watching tv tho.

Jenny ESP said...

In all of your faces again.