Wednesday, April 21, 2010

AI: Idol Gives Baby Got Back

I'm talking about Alicia Keys up there, y'all.  What in the sateen pleated jumpsuit???  Hideous.

Other scary sights: Michelle Obama's eyes and muscles, Fergie's inner thighs, Tati's hair cut, Victoria Beckham

Btw, seeing the Top 12 back is like seeing people raised from the dead.  Cuz, this season,  that's what their careers are the second they get kicked off.

::FFWD through most of this freakin' show::

Bottom Three: Casey, Aaron, TIM

Congrats to Flem for being the only person with Casey in the bottom three (although she took it too far and said he got booted) and congrats to HotPants and Mikey for being the only people to choose Tim to go this week.  And Mikey picked two weeks ago!  Amazing.


Jespy: 2 (23)
 Eeka: 1 (19)
Landee: 2 (19)
 Flem: 2 (17) 
 Memz: 2 (17)
 Jana: 2 (17)
 Stands: 2 (16)
 AV: 2 (16) 
 HotP: 5 (15)
 cog: 0 (15)
 Anna: 2 (15)
 Markie: 2 (15)
 Stacky: 2 (13)
 Kimi: 2 (12)
 Mikey: 3 (10)
 SolidGold: 1 (9)
 RoddTodd: 1 (9)


Markie23 said...

I couldn't stomach last nights gazpacho. I did flip over a couple times and caught a glimpse of Fergie's swimsuit and space boots, and Victoria Beckham auditioning for a Twilight role. I'm so glad I missed Michelle Obama, but upset that I missed Tatiana.
I also tuned in at the end to see Tim get the boot. I'm thinking he was still standing on the stage grinning away when the cleaning lady shut the lights off last night.

Flem said...

I wished I would have seen it because reading your narrative makes it sound interesting.

I thought Ms. Keys was kind of ghetto, surprisingly, in the way she spoke--she is so beautiful but she talks kinda street.

I wish I would have changed my vote to say that Tim was going home because I had Casey and Aaron in my bottom too. Oh wait, I did change it and am still numbah one in my office pool. Which has only 5 people in it but still.

Carol said...

Interesting to see Casey in the bottom three. Glad to see Tim go. Strange show--I could only watch it 'part time'. Couldn't hang in there for the whole thing.

Hot Pants said...

Did you notice I jumped up 4 positions? That was such a lame show, I think it may have actually taken away from the children instead of giving anything back.

Princess Kimi said...

I was just happy Paige wasn't wearing a jumpshorts white outfit. Lookit me lookin on the bright side!

::: deleting all Black Eyed Peas off my iTunes ::: jay kay. But they suuuuuucked. The best part was George Lopez roasting the judges. And it wasn't even THAT funny. #idolgivesbackfail

Jenny ESP said...

Almost forgot to say in all of your faces. That was a close one!

Memzy said...

What sort of magical powers does Jenny HAVE?! Dammit!