Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AI: I'm Sooooo Done with this Stupid Show

This week was not my fault.

No one could have seen this coming and, my friends, no one did.

 I knew from the start something big was gonna happen as Ryan did a little foreshadowing in his intro..."Prepare yourself for a surprise or two. A-MERican Idol."  ::cue music::  Fine. 

That and the fact that Mikey told me on FB it was gonna be a shock fest prepped me for the worst.  But it wasn't enough.  My jaw still dropped open.  Twice.

 Anyway, bullet points:
  • Archy2 is the worst lipsyncer on earth.
  • Shilame is the best lipsyncer.  She looked like she was singing a glam rock song into her bathroom mirror at home.
  •  Is the band fake playing?  
  • Of COURSE Katie was singing to her Grandma!  "Let the alzheimer's Be, let it be, let it be, oh let it be..."  Totally makes sense.
  • All girls are safe...I hate this show.
  • Jason "MJ" DeRulo.  Those moves were ungood.  It was like he took a "Michael Jackson Dance Fever" class at his gym.  But I didn't FFwd.
  • Archy1.0: The Original!  He sounded really good.  Like, really really good.  It made me miss him and I never was a huge fan.  He looks older too, which I didn't think was possible.  Is it the combed forward hair?
  •  Rihanna.  You're terrible.  ::FFwd::
  • Gee, I wonder which of the two groups here are the bottom three??  (hint: it better be the one on the right so I at least get one point) Yay!  One point for me! <--- insert sarcastic voice cuz one point blows.
  • Aaron sent to safety????  K, now I really hate this show.
  • Not one person picked BigMike to go home.
  • Thank goodness no one picked BigMike to go cuz now I don't have to decide what to do with points since the judges wasted their save on his huge derriere. 
Point Totals for Tonight and (Overall):

 Jespy: 2 (13)
 Flem: 3 (11) <--- only one to nail the bottom three correctly.  Wha? How did we let this happen? 
 Memz: 2 (11)
 Jana: 2 (11)
 cog: 2 (10)
 Eeka: 1 (10)
 Stands: 2 (10)
 Anna: 1 (9)
 AV: 2 (9)
 Markie: 2 (9)
 Landee: 1 (9)
 Kimi: 2 (6)
 Mikey: 1 (6)
 HotP: 1 (6)
 SolidGold: 1 (4)
 RoddTodd: 2 (4)
 Stacky: 1 (3)

Soooooper low scoring week, you gize.  We were all bamboozled.  But now next week could potentially be enormous for a few people who are smart enough to pick the TWO peeps being sent home.  That's 6 points right there.  Plus a correct bottom three could net someone a cool 9 points just like that!

I'm gonna focus on next week and forget this week ever happened.  I'm guessing most of you are going to do the same.


michelangelo said...

If I weren't picking people to go home, the shock value of it all would drop dramatically for me.

That being said, I'm leaving the country for the next two weeks. London and Paris, baby. So there go my chances for 9 points next week. Like I had a chance at it. I ask again if there will be a prize for lowest score (weighted by length of time in the competition).

StandsMom said...

It might have just been my imagination, but Casey's face after the whole 'you're saved!' thing looked a little bit disappointed. Could it be the competition? Could it be because that means if he gets voted off, there isn't a save left for him? Could it be that I really didn't see anything and the whole show was so LAME that my brain was working overtime to find something to be interested in? Definitely.

I've heard that the real Kate+8 might be really amusing to watch on DWTS. Mind you - I hatehate her big time. So, if I gave up AI to watch her...? Not a good sign.

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

It really warmed my heart to have you say that you missed David Archuletta, cuz I totally love that kiddo.
Love him in a non-cougarish way that is. He's still very awkward in front of cameras, but his perfect voice? I have already replayed his performance 4 times.

And BMike is a little too cocky/gangsterish for my liking. He sings well, it's just the whole attitude. And the judges hugging & kissing cheeks and celebrating w/each other when they saved him? Do you get that? I don't.

eekareek said...

I am glad the save is over and done with. Now Crystal, Archie, Shebangs, and Katie can not be saved. I am a glass is half full kinda person. I will laugh my butt off if Crystal (the judge's idol) gets voted off and they wasted their save on Ginormica.

Flem said...

"Hello out of touch with America."

^^^^ How you answered the phone when I called you after casting my vote this week.

Landee said...

Well, Flem, in my defense, your picks sucked. But, lucky for you, America sucked this week too. It was like the stars aligned and we were suddenly in bizzarro world. Especially when they saved Michael Lynchemob.

The judges are so dumb. Except when they agree with me.

Jenny ESP said...

In all of your faces. Sorry. It's my job to say stuff like that since I'm still in first place.

Princess Kimi said...

Mikey pick some random peeps NOW before you go fhs! Landee has been picking Katie to go home since the first freakin week!

I'm super glad RodTodd joined this game. So I don't look like such a loser. And I'm glad he doesn't know how to comment/read blogs/use the internet machine very he can use the whole "I didn't get any points for the first 2 weeks of the contest cuz I didn't know how to vote" bullcrapola.

Memzy said...

It just defines my life this week...unbelievable.

Princess Kimi said...

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Princess Kimi said...

p.s. Memz..ur drug induced comments don't seem weird or incoherant. Either A: you have been an addict for a looong time and built up a tolerance or 2: Yur forgetting to take the drugs.