Wednesday, April 21, 2010

AI: Top 7 Recap

I'm tired.  I have a busy day tomorrow.  I've only eaten half of the normal amount of chocolate I usually eat a day.  I'm gonna make this short.  Luckily I only had seven people to sit through.  Lucky for you too.

"Inspirational songs," let's go.

"Don't Stop"

 What in the Huey Lewis?  I feel we are growing apart.  I'm not willing to kick him to the curb just yet but, dude.  Go back to the Pearl Jam vibe. Quick.

"The Boxer"

Chills. This reminded me of Kris Allen's performance of Once.  The song choice?  Perfect.  The execution of said song choice?  Fabulous.  I loved it.  I love him.  He's definitely in the front of the pack now.  Not even close.

"Better Days"

I'm not a fan of French Onion soup.  So I guess Timmy is my French Onion soup this week, as per Ellen.  He sounded OH KAY but I wasn't into it.  It was like he was fake connecting to the song.  I think someone told him that if he tipped his head back a little and closed his eyes that we'd think he was feelin' the song.   I'm not falling for it.  But yes, he did look good in that henley.  Like, super good.

"I Believe I Can Fly"

 Oh GAG.  Is there a worst song than this out there?  Huh?  HUH?  I couldn't even stand to listen to this crap.  He's soooooo cliche and lame.  Elvis week=Blue Suede Shoes.  Inspirational Song=this.  Can you imagine the ridiculous music he'd try to put out later if he won this thing?  I shudder at the thought.

"When You Believe"

"It sounded like a musical," said Kara.   I totally agree.
"The leaves distracted me," stated Simon.  I couldn't agree more.
"She speaks at half the speed of a normal person," said I.  And then had to remember Lee to think of why I still watch this show.


Lemme get this straight, out of the 200 songs he had written in his little dream journal, he chose this one?  Hmmmm...o.....kay?   I'm so glad they replaced his normal sized guitar (which looked like a ukulele next to his hulking mass of a body) with one made for a half-giant.   Proportions are key.  As for the  Who cares?

"People Get Ready"

I think someone read my post last week about how all her performances were the same.  Cuz this one was very different from her other performances.  I liked the acapella stuff at the beginning.  So I'm going along, kinda enjoying myself,  moving my head a little with the beat...then what in the ugly cry??  Choking sobs! Yuck!  So embarrassing!  I physically cringed.  Plus, just because someone cries does not automatically make their performance brilliant.  Fhs.  It was good but standing ovation?  Tears shmears.  Did you just think pap?  Yer gross.  ::EDIT:::  Tooootally forgot to mention the no cry in the recap!!!  They must have used the footage from the dress rehearsal??  I call foul! That's cheating!  We needed to see the hideousness again at the very end to make sure no one voted for her.  I think the AI Execs have a favorite ::singsongy::

 My picks for the bottom three:


Going home:


I'm sure ^^^ is wishful thinking but I'm hoping that by writing it down it will make it come true. 


Flem: Aaron, Siobhan, CASEY
Kimi: Aaron, Tim, MIKE
RT: Mike, Aaron, SIOBHAN
SolidGold: Aaron, ShaButterflies, MIKE
HotPants: Aaron, Tim, (she'll get back to me)
AV: Tim, Aaron SIOBHAN
Markie: Tim, Mike, AARON
Mikey: Mike, Andy, TIM (remember she had to pick two in a row.  I think Andy might be int the bottom tho, teehee)
Jespy: Tim Mike AARON
Memzy: Aaron, Tim, SHELOSER
Jana: Tim Shebangs AARON
Anna: Aaron, Tim, SHEBANGS
Stands: Aaron, Tim, SIOBHAN
Eeka: Siobhan, Mike, AARON
Stacey:  Siobhan, Tim, AARON


Markie23 said...

It was all a big pot of menudo. Ditto on your comments and picks.

Princess Kimi said...

if you haven't deleted it..plz go back and watch the recap.. when they show the end of Crystals song..she's NOT bawling..WT? The power went out btw (big storm of 2010) so I totally didn't get to see I am glad so I can continue to heart the crap outta him. Srsly when Siobhan talks I'm like doing that "hurry up and spit it out" hand roll thing.

My picks after that weirdness are: Bottom 3, Mike, Aaron and Tim (single tear) Going home: Mike (super wishful thinking)

RodTodd has: Bottom 3: Mike Aaron and Siobhan with Siobhan gettin the boot.

Princess Kimi said...

p.s. what the heck do you have to do that qualifies it as a "big day"? fhs. It's not like you have a job.

Hot Pants said...

SheeBone drives me nuts! But, apparently there is a large group of quilters voting for her.
Bottom two are Aaron and Timmy. I'll tell you who my third bottom is and who is going home as soon as I end my fast.

Flem said...

You are dead inside.

Gratitude, ever heard of it?

And agree on all other counts.


Carol said...

Shibooon makes me nuts when she speaks. Excuses, excuses and the lip gloss blinds me.

Me no like Tim, Aaron and I'm very lukewarm with Mike. None of these will be stars.

Bottom 3: Tim, Aaron, Shiboobie.
Going home--Shiboob.

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

I really like Lee too. Thank goodness there's him. And Casey. And I like Crystal at times. But everyone else could go home and wouldn't be missed. So the bottom three for me are:
Air Bear
And I HOPE shabombs it goes home.
But I think it'll be Michael. Final answer.

Landee said...

Kim, I know you're trying to trick me into doing a post where I document my entire day to show how BUSY BUSY BUSY I am all the time. I won't do it for your mocking pleasure! But yeah, it's turning out to not be that busy. It was mostly this morning and that's over now.

And NO ONE is mocking Flem's choice for CASEY to go home this week? Really? No one? Interesting.


Princess Kimi said...

AV said boobie.

The only reason I didn't mock Flems choice is because I believe she relies on websites for her info so I give it no credit at all. Much like how I ignore when RT talks about lamerz stock thingies.

p.s. so.. you admit you don't do much. I don't know why you are so ashamed of it. Lots of people would love to be able to be lazy like you and just spend Gtys money all day! :)

Landee said...

I'm not ashamed. I pride myself on my time management skillz and my ability to say NO to peeps. Gty's money? I thought it just grew on trees.

eekareek said...

Casey: Groovy
Lee: Dreamy
Timmy: Adorable
Aaron: Obnoxious (anyone else sick of his legs spread apart while wiggling back and forth stance he does while he sings???)
Shebangs: WTH??!!
Mike: Indulgent nonsense
Crystal: Fake

Bottom three: Shebangs, Aaron, Mike.
Going home: Aaron. Yes Aaron.

Hot Pants said...

K, SheeBones is in the bottom 3 with Timmy going home. And if SheeBones isn't in the bottom 3, then I'm totally going to have a big lecture planned for your dad's quilting group.

Anna B said...

I hope I'm not too late...

Bottom 3: Aarron, Shabone, Tim

Going Home: Shabone


Hot Pants said...

I am sooooo stressed out!!! What if someone I really care about gets voted off tonight?!?!?!?!?!

Ah, man I'm funny.

Jana said...

Tim, Shebangs, AARON

Jenny ESP said...

Someone cheated for Crystal, and I don't like cheaters. If they were gonna cherry-pick her playback from her practice film, they needed to do the same for all contestants. The playback is when I make any final voting decisions. Not fair! Plus, I was dying to see a clip of her gasping and crying into the mic while the band played on. Hilar!

I texted you my votes, but to reiterate, bottom three is Mike, Timmy, and Aaron. Aaron is going home. I waffled on my decision a bunch tho! In the end, I figgered Katie's old voters were gonna switch their votes to Timmy, which will keep him around another week. A few of Andy's old voters probably switched their votes to his bestie, Lee, but most of them were busy watching when he sang Str8 Up on YouTube, so they didn't vote at all. See how much thought I give this?

Memzy said...

This. Is. Exhausting. :: eating my gummy bears and rewatching Glee for the third time::