Monday, April 12, 2010

Somethings Are Best Forgotten

I'm kind of at a strange point right now where, if I'm gonna have another baby, I should probably get going on that ASAP.  I mean, Beebs is four years old now so there is already quite a gap and it's not getting any smaller.  But then I think that having my youngest be four and not having anymore kids could actually be quite heavenly.  I know what I'm dealing with now, right?  Who knows what I'd get next!!

This is all just abstract thinking however, because our history of getting pregnant isn't exactly easy.  We may not be able to have anymore.  Who knows?  With Clomid helping it took us 1 month to get pregnant with JBird.  3 months to get pregnant with TBone and then 8 months with no success, taking a break, trying again for 3 months to get pregnant with Beebs.  Do you see a pattern here?

Anyway, as some of you know I used to have another blog on another blogging site.  It's telling me I've had it since March 18, 2005, to be exact.  Having my sister join blogspot has made me nostalgic for my old posts so I went there today to peruse some of my posts from long ago.  I got to around when Beebee was born and, I'm telling ya, I shouldn't have read these posts at this point in my life.  It might have tipped the scale in the "I think we have enough kids" direction.

Check out this one:


So, in case you hadn't heard, I'm 8 months pregnant and stuff.  I know I hardly ever mention it but lately it has become all consuming.  It's like I can't do anything with out being reminded that I'm in such a state.  I thought I'd do a quick top ten list in honor of this situation.


10.  Getting up in the morning and walking to the bathroom with out having to a) take a breather on the edge of the bed first just from sitting up and b) limp because my lower back is killing me.

9.  Blow drying my hair and whatnot with out having to sit on a chair (it's exhausting).

8.  Eating when ever I want and whatever I want.  Not when Fokker RN tells me to.

7.  ***** (edited for blogspot)

6.  Wearing pants that actually stay up.

5.  Laying flat on my back and reading a book or laying on my stomach to sleep.  This left or right side only thing is killing me softly.

4. I'm not a fan of random people pretending to be sincere and asking "How are you feeling?"   "How are you doing these days?"  I mean, how good could I possibly be doing . . . really.

3.  Putting on a pair of socks with out having to hold my breath and contort my leg to the point of pain.

2.  No back fat.

1. Coughing without peeing myself a little.  

And this one regarding life with a newborn:


Beware: Baby On Board

Consider this your official warning:  THE ROADS ARE NOT SAFE!!

Why, you ask?   It's not because of the inexperienced teen-age drivers.  It's not because of the old people who still feel they are capable of driving but, in fact, haven't had the capacity to drive for 10 years (Grandpa Grumpy was a prime example of this).  It's not even because of the drunk drivers out there. 

No, it's because of all the mothers on the road.  The mothers who are speeding as fast as they can home from a soccer game because their baby is SCREAMING in the back seat.  The mother who is reaching back to said baby and trying to stuff a binki in his/her mouth which is only ticking the baby off more.  The mother who is trying to drive with the screaming baby and two boys who are arguing over whether or not YuGiOh and Pokemon are the same show.  At the same time this mother is trying to remain calm by drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper and changing CDs to something a little more soothing. 

Srsly, as I was driving home last night with my perfectly behaved children in the back riding along in silence and my hands at 10 and 2, I saw all of this occurring in the mini-van next to me.  It was disturbing to say the least.  ::ahem::

And this one cuz it was so funny but has nothing to do with pregnancy:


Conversation which took place 10 minutes ago:

Me: Tbone, how many boogers do you think you eat a day?

Tbone:  All of them.

That last one makes me remember how funny kids are though.  

Decisions, decisions...


eekareek said...

Whatever you decide to do, just remember to time it appropriately with our vacays.

P.S. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the wedgie giving, booger eating eating Tbone?

Carol said...

My advice is this: Take double the amount of clomid--have some twins for Gramma Decker--and secure your spot as THE MOST FAVORITE GRANDCHILD ON THE PLANET. Or. . . .enjoy your three sweet chillins and call it good. Either way.

ManicMandee said...

I thought you were for sure done for some unknown reason. I bet you would be fine either way. I really do. Just feel good and like you'll be settled with your decision for good. I can't wait to find out what you decide!
And I loved your vintage posts too.

Hot Pants said...

According to the spinning ring on a string, you are going to have 1 more girl and 2 more boys.

Flem said...

So... I would be interested in other posts you did at that time celebrating the life of ur wee one.

Since you don't have any available here, I am providing you a happy memory for me of my recent baby who I have enjoyed and cherished every second of her teensy life. And she is already in nursery, time flies.

I am not saying have another. But I didn't want to and look at this!

Memzy said...

Oh boy. Yeeah. No thanks.

But yay if you're trying to prep us to tell us soon that you're preggers!!

RLN said...

I don't even have to comment on this one. You KNOW what I think! As sad as Ally would be to be replaced by your own flesh she would get over it. Now get bizzy! Aunt She-She

Princess Kimi said...

I know you're trying to come up with more reasons not to have a 4th kid than just "cuz the 4th kid is usually unfortunate looking". But I srsly think you would beat the odds. And you and I are SIX years apart. Beebs needs a lil Landee sister!!!! Wait..lemme get something that made me think of you yesterday:
"A sister smiles and/or lollerz when you type/tell a story..because she knows darn well which parts are totally embelleshed nstuff" -author totally anon

I can do this all day btw. Oh and:

"If you don't know how someone could want to both hug someone and tell them how much they love them and wring their neck at the same time..then you prolly don't have a sister." -someone that has a sister

And I'll leave you with this crap:
"My sister deserves to know that, even though I don't show it, she's the best friend I've ever had. I love her with all my heart." -out of some quotes thing

Yeah I can't leave you with that afterall. Soo.

So but if you think she might have a lil brother I'd rethink it if I was you. But I'll love it either way. Or you could find a nice family thru church services to raise it.

Princess Kimi said...

p.s. why don't you pray about it? ::: said all like I was saying if you love it so much why don't you marry it :::

Jenny ESP said...

I am in the same place right now. I'm having srs mixed feelings since my youngest is starting Kindergarten. I'm looking forward to having a bit o' freedom, but I'm also having a mid-life crisis. Is this it? No more babies? Does that mean I'm super old? I've always said, "never say never" when it comes to another baby, but that age gap is spreading and I need to be realistic make a frickin decision. I think I'm going to wait until my sister has her baby, hold him a few times, and then decide.