Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring BriZZeak 2

Toldja I wasn't done.

So, on Friday Gpa Phil was kind enough to tote 4 beginner skiers up to Beaver Mountain for a day on the slopes.  That's right.  All by himself.  He's a trooper, that Phil.  Aunt Stackey was able to go up for the second half of the day which was nice & Milly & I went up to the lodge to have lunch with the crew.

Here are the future downhill skiing Olympians in the lodge at lunch.

::humming Which Of These Things Is Not Like the Others::  I don't even try anymore.  Srsly.

And in action on the slopes.

My boys had skied once last year and apparently didn't forget a thing.  They were beeboppin' and skattin' all over the hill.  At one point Gpa Phil got held up a little and when he got to the bottom of the hill, Tbone and JBird had already gotten back on the lift and were on their way.  This was Rosebud and Vee's first year and I think they enjoyed it as well. 

They have a thing here in Colorado where all 5th graders get free season passes to a few of the ski resorts nearby.  I'm thinking we will be taking advantage of that badboy.  JBird and TBone want to try snowboarding next year as does Gty.  I'm guessing I'll either stick with skiing or staying home with Beebs.  It all depends on my mood, ya know.  And how cute my end-of-season snow gear I'm gonna buy this year is. 

Part 3 is coming.  Don't worry.


StandsMom said...

I have to comment, mostly because no one else has yet. ::grin:: I've never been a skier. Tried once or twice. Not good. So, if my boys learn, it'll have to be with their dad. I can't wait to see part three.

Markie23 said...

Skibowski baby!!

Flem said...

I loved the photo of the "one of these kids is doing his own thing!" Nicely arranged!
A few questions:

1) Do you have to be from Utah to cash in on that 5th grade thing?
2) Isn't it Skiibowski. Remember, the misprint?
3) Who is grandpa Phil?

Memzy said...

Nice!! That's my fave activity during ski time---having lunch in the lodge. Me no likey skibowski. But Brains is a lover of the snowboarding and Shed not so much. Take that for what it's worth. Did Gty not ski?

Hot Pants said...

Skiing is so last season. it spring yet?

Princess Kimi said...

Stick to skiing. When I'm allowed to come some winter I will ski with you and Beebs and we can be all pritty standing there for pictures instead of having to sit in the snow like the knuckledraggers. Srsly T-Bone...can he not just fake it for the picture? I guess you will have accurate documentation..for posterity. Phil rawks btw. You knew that tho. Pink and brown or turquoise/light blue and brown ski bunny outfits!!!!

Princess Kimi said...

k. new post plz.

Jenny ESP said...

Holy cow, I have a whole lot of posts to catch up on. Slow down!

Lollerz @ Markie.

Carol said...

Spring Break? Are you sure? Looks more like Winter Break to me but lots of fun. Your kids have outstanding grandparents on both sides. Such lucky kids. Great pictures.

ManicMandee said...

More great photos from the Landersons. You guys are such a sporty family!