Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A paint salesman, a high school student, a mother, a father, a construction worker a.....glass blower?

PS I can't believe that crappy show raised $45mill.  I mean, I'm glad I guess. I just can't believe it.
PSS What the heck is Kara wearing around her neck??  Looks itchy.  And ugly.
PSSS Shania week.  Gag.

"You're Still the One"

I love Lee.  I really do.  He seemed a bit nervous tonight though.  I don't know why, he just did.  And he did have a bit of a crooked mouth kickin' tonight which I've never seen him do before.  But yeah.  I still like him.  I'm just thinking that if this was the first time I'd ever seen him I wouldn't be all that impressed.

"It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing"

 Is it a compliment to be told you sound like Luther Vandross?  I'm gonna go ahead and say no.  I think Ellen was trying to tell America Mike is lame without having to come out and say it.   And what was with Shania swaying?  And tearing up?  C'mon.   I wonder if Mike had this song in his Super Secret AI Song Wishes journal. 


OMGosh!!!!!!  Casey & I have the same hair!  He must use BigSexyHair Curly stuff, Biosilk and a flat iron to curl that gorgeous mane of his.  But besides that, best. of. the. night. so. far, dawg.  He's back to channeling Eddie Vedder and I like it.  A lot.  Well played, Casey.  Well played.

"No One Needs To Know"

I am so sick of her voice and schtick I cannot even tell you.  Just hearing her practicing with Shania made my skin crawl.   And that huge feather earring is not the salve to my itchy skin.   Her performance sucked.  I don't even buy that it was just the lesser of her plethora of brilliant performances.  It was boring.  And she has no eyes, btw.

"You've Got A Way"

I had forgotten about him.  Here comes the high school student.  Eh.....k.  He's not sucking in his usual fashion.  Leave it to him to make picking who goes home tonight difficult!  Seeing him on the verge of tears when he mentioned making love to his aunt/mom was heartbreaking.

"Any Man of Mine"

Gave birth.  Wearing a gun holster.

(photo courtesy of SolidGold who got it from who-the-freak-knows??)






Kim:crystal, she___, AARON
Mikey:crystal, aaron, SHE___
Flem:aaron, casey, MIKE
Markie:mike, she___, CRYSTAL
Memzy:crystal, mike, SHE___
Cog:lee, crystal, MIKE
Anna:crystal, aaron, SHE___
AV:aaron, crystal, SHE___
Jespy: aaron, she___, MIKE
Eeka:mike, aaron, SHE___
Stands:(on a friggin' cruise)
HotPants:aaron, mike, SHE___
Jana:aaron, she___, MIKE
Stacey:crystal, mike, AARON
RT:crystal, aaron, SHE___
SolidGold:crystal, she___, AARON


Flem said...



Going home: Mike

michelangelo said...

i'm back. don't want anyone to win. okay, i think lee is cute sometimes. don't care if he wins.

i choose the same picks as landee. she'sneverbeenanygood really bugs.

Markie23 said...

What is with Flem and Casey? Srsly, that dood is safer than a seat belt.
Besides Casey being safe I haven't got a clue. So here's my wild guesses:

Big Mike
Mommasox and the rogue dreads

Shocking, I know; but I have just been waiting for a reason to vote her off and I got it last night. Hopefully others feel the same way.

Jana said...

Lollerz at you and Casey's hair. Yours looks better tho.

Bottom: Mike, Aaron and Sheblows (literally, she blows glass)

Ba bye now: Mike

Carol said...

Hmmmm. Don't LOVE any of them but like Lee and that's it. Used to sortof like Dreds but last night it was BAAAAAD and her attitude is buggin me.

Gun holster screaming lipgloss girl

must go--lipgloss Shibad

Princess Kimi said...

what the crap is going on here? no mention of Rye pointing out Shania's super white teeth...TO CRYSTAL YELLOWMISSINGTEETH? Not even a giggle @ Kara referring to Randy and ELLEN as "the guys" for the second time????? What the? Get those brats outta your house so you can focus fhs! But yeah. My pics are same bottom three as you with Aaron going home (totally wishfullz) And ...RodTodd...picked EXACTLY same as you. Dang. Btw Mom and Dad pick LEE Crystal and Aaron as the bottom three with Aaron going home. In case you care. p.s. Dad hearts Shesux in a very unhealthy for his and my relationship way. srsly. Lee in the bottom three... they are so cute/weird/annoying like that!

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

Didn't you love Ellen's "all aboard the Shania Twain" comments? Love Ellen. Also the scream? Why didn't any of the judges comment on the how it croaked at the very end? She drives me mad. MAD I tell you.
Low 3:

Going home:
Aaron ?

P.S. Is this She _____ever going to get old? I think not.

eekareek said...

My bottom three are Mike (personal trainer), Aaron (high schooler), and Shebangs (glass blower).

Going home: hmmmmmmmmmm........I have to win this.......I will pick Shebangs because even though the judges tried to convince America that it wasn't bad, we all know that she totally sucked last night. America is not dumb! (except for the year we voted Taylor Hicks to win...and Ruben Stoddard...And Fantasia..and Obama <---for Markie)

Hot Pants said...

and either Crystal or Mike....crap this is tough stuff...Crystal...wait, Mike....no, wait, Crystal....shoot.....K, Mike.Final answer.

I'm thinking SheeBones and her creepy mouth faces while she sings is going home. Those judges aren't fooling me for a second. Tell your dad and his quilting guild I am sorry for their loss.

Landee said...

If there are two people who have their finger on the pulse of America's taste in music, it's my parents. Now I'm sooooo worried for Lee!!!


Markie23 said...

I have learned to never underestimate the stupidity of the American public.

Hot Pants said...

If I'm wrong, I hope Markie is right.

Jenny ESP said...

You got two giant bursts of laughter when I read this. I'm not going to bother telling you where, cuz you know. You know. Then I had an aftershock laugh when I saw SolidGold's "she'shavingababyonstage". Then I came to Eek's hilar comment...
Thank goodness, cuz I needed multiple laughs.

I already texted you, but it's gonna be these three in the bottom:

Going home: Mike


cog said...

Yikes! I didn't get my picks in AGAIN! Ok, I haven't watched yet...here are my picks for bottom three:

- Michael
- Lee
- Crystal

Going home: MICHAEL

Hot Pants said...

^^Don't worry, she's telling the truth.

Memzy said...

Your. Picture. Grossed. Me. Out.

Then I lollerzed the rest of the night!

Markie23 said...

That's just sick, wrong, and funny.

Carol said...

Dis-Gust-ing picture but that's what she get's for screaming like that.

Honey said...

I'm looking over the blog, and Sarah says to me...look Daddy, there's babies under her...funny!