Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Brizzzeak (with 3 Zs now)

Now for some warmer weather activities cuz, you know, it's Spring afterall.

On Saturday we celebrated Easter in a grandiose way.  It actually started Friday night with the dying and decorating of 4 dozen eggs (no pics were taken).    Then Saturday the group pictured above hiked from Grandma & Grandpa's house up to Utah State campus for the Annual Anderson Easter Egg Roll down Old Main Hill!  The rest of us drove up & parked like normal people.

See?  We all stand at the top of this super steep hill and roll our decorated eggs down the hill.  There are contests to see whose egg goes the furthest and stuff, of course.  The womenfolk then stand at the top while the children and menfolk run down and pick up the eggs/egg pieces.  Or some menfolk roll down themselves.

He felt sick to his stomach the rest of the day, btw.  His mom warned him not to do it.

A couple of the womenfolk.  Milly & NutShell.

Rosebud & Jbird.

We then went over to the "A"on campus for a little photo shoot.  Do you know about the "A" on USU's campus?  Well you should.  

See, there is this thing called a "TRUE AGGIE."  It's a prestigious title to hold at Utah State.  My SIL, NutShell, made many many boys True Aggies during her tenure there at USU.  Apparently in order to become one, you must stand atop the "A" and be kissed by another True Aggie.  If neither of you are True Aggies you have to kiss on the "A" on Homecoming night.  Also maybe something about a full moon?  Any True Aggies out there feel free to correct me.  I didn't get a chance to read the little plaque they have posted there.  

 Here is Phil with his grandkids.
 Can you tell I had just gotten mad at TBone for not following directions??  Yay for photo shoots!

 Then we headed back to the house for some more Easter fun.  NutShell had created an extravagant scavenger hunt complete with 7 or 8 rhyming clues which were hidden all over the neighborhood.  The kids ran from spot to spot as they figured out the riddles.  It ultimately ended with them finding their Easter baskets in "it's down by the river and it looks like a house, but nobody lives there, well, maybe a mouse."  Can you guess? The shed, doyeeeee!

 Here are the kids enjoying their spoils on the deck.

The kids all loved it & I was grateful for NutShell's energy as I would never do anything like this on my own.   This is exactly why she has the title of "Favorite Aunt" pretty much in the bag.  Grandma was integral as well and I just played along.  

 We then packed up the car the next day and headed home exhausted from all the fun.  Thank goodness we had another week of Spring Break at home to recover before school started again although all of us would have loved to stay a lot longer.  Thanks for everything Grandma & Grandpa!

{this is the end of my Spring Break photos & commentary, in case you were wondering}



Flem said...

That is the A????? I thought it was at the top of some mountain, like Y mountain like. I am so disappointed.

But at first glance I thought it was cool because it was a great photo op for the last name and all...

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

Your in-laws totally rock, just like you always tell me. Seriously, do you count your blessings one by one? Plus I loved LOVED the egg rolling thing. Me thinks I'll steal that idea after I find some grassy hill nearby. That makes decorating the eggs all worth it!

Memzy said...

I'm thinking Easter is turning out to be the new Christmas. Way fun stuff! And those pics on the A are plain adordibble.

Jenny ESP said...

Reminds me of the 1994 Pioneer Title Open House meet 'n greet.

Princess Kimi said...

I'm sure I don't have to tell you why this post angers/upsets/makes me cry and boycott it.