Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oscar & Felix

A little quiz for you.  And I apologize in advance because it's a toughy.  But I think that if you put your thinking cap on and try reeeeeeeal hard, you might be able to figure it out.

The question is this..... Whose toothpaste & toothbrushes are these??  (Answer at bottom of post)

 We have Person A:

 Neatly rolled up tube of toothpaste.  Cap on.  6 month old toothbrush rinsed thoroughly.  Bristles used but not abused.

Person B:

 Toothpaste tube looks as if it's been strangled to death.  Cap no where to be seen.  Nasty residue over the entire tube.  6 month old toothbrush appears as if it has never been rinsed.  Bristles splayed like they've been used to scrub a brick wall clean.  Bristles feel like Elmer's glue had been poured on and then allowed to dry.

Here are some hints:  These two people share a bathroom.  A while ago one of these mysterious persons asked if they could plzthanks have their OWN tube of toothpaste rather than having to share with other mysterious person. Both of these people were raised by the same people and, subsequently, taught to brush their teeth in the exact same way. 

K.  Make your guesses.  I know, it's a doozy.

                                                                                                     A                                                                   B


eekareek said...

I totally got it right,

Princess Kimi said...

until the "raised by the same parents" stuff I figured Gty was A and you were B. JAY KAY I knew you were A. Cuz I remembered how he put his shoes on my white comforter. Not that I dwell.

Carol said...

That was a no brainer. I totally knew.

Memzy said...

All I can think of is how much do you LOVE your 50mm right?!!!

I knew it too. Well done.

Landee said...

You gize did NOT know who it was! C'mon.

I'll make my subsequent quizzes harder I guess.

Hot Pants said...

Clearly one of your boys brushes his teeth, while the other doesn't. There's no way a used tooth brush could look brand new after 6 months of brushing, no matter how good of a brusher you are. Call a dentist fast!

Sox said...

I laughed and laughed. I feel like my boys are a lot like yours. Totally different personalities. Tiger is a total spaz (like TBone) and Blanket is orderly (like JBird)

Jenny ESP said...

Holy perfect toothbrush! I gathered the same thing as HP. You have one aggressive tooth brusher with super clean teeth on your hands, and one who gets his tooth brush wet and squirts a bit of toothpaste down the drain to make you think he's brushing.

Landee said...

I would suggest inspecting the yellow sweaters often found on PersonB's teeth and the pearly whites of PersonA before making any snap judgments of their oral hygiene.

But, in PersonB's defense, his toothbrush/dried elmer's glue bristles have GOT to hurt.