Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AI: Most Votes Are Cast

America has voted & the polls are closed but you can still submit your picks here (where your votes actually count for something unlike the electoral college system)!  You can still join in the festivities even if you've never voted before cuz some peeps are sucking and you won't have much ground to make up.

Here are the votes so far.  The one chosen to go home is in bold.

Landee: Katie, Aaron, Siobhan

Mikey: Shiobhan, Aaron, Tim

Memzy (caught her before surgery): Andy, Aaron, Siobhan

Flem: Mike, Andy, Aaron

AV: Aaron, Andy, Siobhan

Jana: Mike, Siobhan, Aaron

Kimi: Siobhan, Andy, Aaron

RT: Siobhan, Aaron, Andy

SolidGold: Siobhan, Andy, Tim

Stands: Aaron, Katie, Andy

Jespy: Aaron, Katie, Andy

Markie: Andy, Siobhan, Aaron

Anna: Aaron, Tim, Siobhan

HotPants: Aaron, Tim, Shiobhan <--she'll get back to me.

Eeka: "bottom three: timmy archie shebangs.  Going home is archie and judges will not save him ecen tho Simon will take pity on him and wish him the best of luck.  Also think Ryan will ask Randy who he thinks is going home and Randy will say "I dont know I dont know.  Thats a hard one".  How many points do I get if I get it all right?"

Cog: Tim, Mike, Andy & his necktat.

Stacky: Aaron, Tim, Katie


Hot Pants said...

Just re-applied the deodorant. High stress competition!

Princess Kimi said...

I see no bold. Maybe my 3 compys are broked?