Wednesday, April 22, 2009

AI: Disco Fever

Will the save have been all for not?

No little videos before they sing? That "stool talk" is awkward.

I like Ryan Seacrest more and more these days.

I like it when there are disco dances on SYTYCD, but not so much here on my beloved AI.

"I'm Every Woman" Shaka Khan

Decent job singing, I guess. I just can't like her now. I'm too damaged. We've been through too much together for me to ever truly like her. I put her in a little box labeled "SUCKS" and I won't let her out no matter what she does. Did you see her mom yelling obscenities during the judges comments? I lollerzed. So that was good. And she finally played the perennial "I had fun" card. Bravo, Leel. Bravo.

"She Works Hard For the Money" Donna Summer

Holy freakin' cow. What is it about a man and a guitar that is so irresistable?? I loved it. And, of course, Flem is probably beside herself with the little latino flair he had kickin' with that arrangement. She sent me a text, and I quote, "K you win on kris he totally won my heart." She apparently threw all punctuation out the window she was so enthralled. I also got a text from Memzy that I won't share because her mom reads this but needless to say, she enjoyed him also. And Memzy.... fer duh!

"September" Earth, Wind & Fire

Dancy. Upbeat. Fun times. Finally NOT a lame song choice. He's fallen off my radar tho. The place in my heart where he used to live has grown cold. Danny, it's not you. It's me. You're the same Danny from the auditions. I'm the one that's changed. I need more excitement from my idols now. I'm not worried about you though. You still have plenty of ladies swooning over you. You'll be ok without me.

"Hot Stuff" Donna Summer

Are those pants breathable? I loved the arrangement. I thought she sounded great. The funniest part was at the end when singers usually do that cool thing where they lift up their arms as the band plays that last bit of garblygook there at the end of a song.... then the singer drops their arms and the band stops. Yeah, she did that but the band still had about 4 beats left to play. I lollerzed.

"If I Can't Have You" Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack

Lookin' good, Mr. Lambert. Lookin' very good. I thought his voice was amazing, of course, however, I suddenly felt like I was watching a Broadway musical. Like, they had just finished some big dialogue and then the lights go down and it's his solo time. I could totally see him singing this while walking around a girl or while looking at a girl off in the distance (or in his case, a cute boy). Broadway is awesome, no question, but it was just a little weird. However, I second Randy's extremely eloquent statement when he said "You have it majorly goin' on." He so does ::dramatic pause:: He so does. ::slow clap::

"Stayin Alive" BeeGees

Hat=good. Dancing=good. Singing=good. I think that if Matt would have done a fun and solid performance like this 4 weeks ago it would have put him in the race for the finals. But now, I just don't know if it's gonna do it for him. I thoroughly enjoyed it, for the record. Was it enough to get him through another week? THAT is the question.

"Dim All The Lights" By Too Lazy to Look it Up and They Didn't Mention

Scruffy beard, eyebrow waxing, pink sweater vest.... I'm starting to think Adam may not have the gay vote cornered. As far as performance goes, I've already forgotten what it sounded like and I just stopped watching 10 minutes ago. That can't be a good sign.

Little & Anoop

Little & Anoop


Little because I can't bring myself to put Anoop


Flem said...

How boring that I agree on EVERYTHING. You forgot to say that Kara actually had a good line last night about lil being every woman. Heh. And when I get back on the ground I am purchasing Kris' version.

Btw am I the only person who thinks that song is about a prostitute?

StandsMom said...

Oh my gosh!!! I'm laying here, knowing I watched the entire show last night but I don't even remember aNoop getting on stage!!! Wow. Poor guy. Now I have to re-watch to see what I so cleanly forgot. LOL!!!!

Memzy said...

I'm so glad to know you got my text. And yes, I slept very well thank you.

Now when am I gonnna be your first podcast guest?

Our Family said...

Kris's song was FLAWLESS, and yes I agree Flem it's a about a prostitute. Workin hard for her money, looking pretty at 9 am on the corner not sellin' out for a dollar? Clearly a hooka.
But he can sing about a prostitute and still make me pre-order the song on itunes, that's how magical he is.
And did you catch Paula's deep intake of emotional breath as Adam left his heart on stage for her?
She wants to work hard for his money is what I think.

Markie23 said...

If any of you girls are wondering if maybe Kris's cuteness is making you think that he's better than he is, I'm here to tell you... NO. He gave another performance that was just bloody brilliant; even better than his Ain't No Sunshine, and that was hard to beat. He is now officially my top pick. Having just a couple percussion pieces and a bass really highlighted his lead guitar skills, and I was very impressed. The arrangement was genius, and the dude can really sing. I just can't say enough about it. He blew it out 'da box yo.
Lil is Gee-Oh-In-Eee, GONE. Not even the vote for the worst crowd can save her now. I vote for Anoop to join her. He sang OK last night until the last note, and the look on his face afterward was priceless... srsly, go back and watch the very end of his performance and watch his face after he finishes. He needs to learn to cover up a little better. Poor 'Noop... Buh-bye. He reminds me of Kutner on House by the way... I'll miss them both.
Who I WISH would be gone with Lil?... Adam. I'm tired of his piercing high notes that make my dogs bark. I'm pretty sure he can communicate with dolphins.
I also wouldn't miss Danny... a nice guy with a nice voice, but just not enough star power.
Red's performance wasn't my favorite, but good enough to stay.
I think that's everyone.
Looking forward to the podcast...
Markie out.

Markie23 said...

OH... forgot Matt. Maybe that's a sign. I'd miss him too.

Hot Pants said...

I want Lil' and Matt gone. Anoop screwed up on the last note, but what's one little note? I loved Kutner, Markie, and can't bear to lose both him AND Anoop. Besides, we had a family discussion last night, with the sista's, and agreed that it should be Lil and Matt that goes.
Adam and me have a love hate relationship. Last week it was hate, last night it was love. Kris and me have a love love relationship. Did you see the way he kept looking at me last night?

Jenny ESP said...

I agree, yes, yes, except I think Matt and Little should go. I still have a soft spot for Anoop, and I liked him better than Matt. Kris and Adam were the best of night, nothing unusual there.

And Standsmom, love the new profile picture.