Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Friggin iTunes is Headache-Making

So Gty and I did our first podcast... a big kick-off show, if you will. And it was HUGE. Tons of fanfare, balloons, confetti.... the works. A local radio station parked their van out in front of our house and gave away free stuff. Truly amazing.

The problem is either a) I don't know how to get it on to iTunes or b) I don't know how to find it on iTunes. I've searched under every possible word I could think of to find it to no avail. Another possibility is that they have to "review" new podcasts (new meaning the first one ever sent from me) before they'll put it out there. I dunno. It's making me ca-ray-zee.

So, I've put the RSS Feed link over there to the right. You can listen to it from there for now. Or just click HERE. It's so obviously my first time putting together a podcast... and Gty and I sound like perfect strangers until about 5 minutes into the thing. Lollerz.

As for the name....just to clarify it is for MY show. Gty and I will most likely not do many podcasts together because, as he put it to me "You don't see Letterman going on Leno, do you?" Good point. Plus schedules are ridiculous to try and coordinate. As it was Gty & I had to Skype to record this one as he is in Utah.

Anyway, I'm leaning toward iLandee. It makes me giggle. It's short. It's easy to remember. Plus I could just use the iCarly theme song. "I know... you see... somehow the world will change for me... and be so wonderful."

Other ones I loved:

Blogging Live
SmartRemarks (but I can't afford it, you gize)
It's Like Seinfeld...But A Girl
The Eagle Has Landee
Nerdcast (I'll use that one when Jespy is a guest)
Breakfast at Tiffanys
and Landcaster

All very good and I will definitely be using those and others from the suggestion pool on future podcasts.... like, maybe when YOU are on!

So, as of now, unless someone comes in and pulls a major corndog to overthrow iLandee, it looks like Jespy is slated to be the first guest. Email any questions or comments you may have for Jespy at afbpodcast at Twill be a glorious episode indeed.


Got an email from iTunes a minute ago saying our podcast has "been approved" (thank goodness!) and will be searchable on iTunes in the next "few hours."

But then it was nice enough to give me this iTunes link which took me to it and I could "subscribe."

::sigh:: It's such a process this podcasting business....


Brian said...

I found it right away on my iPhone...will listen in anticipation later today. You need a picture up there on iTunes!

Jenny ESP said...

I'm officially a subscriber. And "iLandee" is frickin brilliant! Who pulled that corndog? Ahem. Anyway, super honored to be your first guest/nerd on your podcast.

Memzy said...

Hmmm. I don't know about iLandee. Are you trying to attract the preteen crowd? If so the YES! I'm pretty sure you should go with me first.

Landee said...

Brian, do you know how to add cover art on iTunes? I can not for the life of me figure it out.

You can find us under "AFB" now tho, you gize. It's official.

iLandee.... say it.... out loud. Are you afraid?

Memz, let's see how Jespy does and if it sux I'll scratch it and put you first. I'm very fickle with my podcasts.

Brian said...

This is by no means a don't take the web address name the wrong way. Check out these instructions.

Katie said...

Is that sits with a guitar? I feel honored to be in his presence.

i just finished up the podcast. It is brilliant. Very high brow.

Garret cracks me up. and I love that Kris is his favorite. Very telling...

Flem said...

Why do you do this to me when you KNOW I don't have time while on the road.

Well I downloaded anyway and will listen while getting ready in the morning. I like ilandee and though I wish I would have thought of it I can pretty much guarantee you are going to want me as a guest to talk politics and education on a regular basis so I am not sad I don't get to be the first guest.

I think you should feature T-bone and Bridget talking about best items to trade in school lunches as a topic too.