Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Results: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Have they always lip synced the ensemble performances? Like, in years past? Why is it so glaringly obvious to me now? These people can actually sing (Megan aside) right? Why not just have them sing?

Did anyone else like Matt's impersonation of Danny from the clip and then get really uncomfortable as they kept doing them on the stage?

Has David Cook always squished his nose onto the mic when he sings? Was that his mom they kept showing in the audience? Why?

Do you remember when Taylor Hicks, Fantasia and Reuben all got their platinum records after three months? Me neither.

Was anyone surprised by the bottom three of Tat, TrollDoll and Anoop? Didn't think so.

Has Megan already had a nervous breakdown or is she just close to one? That was arm flapping I saw as she cawed her way over to the bottom three stools, right?

Could Lady Gaga be any creepier? What is that.... a zipper eye? An acrylic bubble filled piano? A metal shawl? How can this economy support such a singer?

Is anyone else slightly surprised at the melancholy they feel now that Megan is officially off?

Did you fast forward through her "swan song" too though?

Answers to any of these questions would be greatly appreciated.


Memzy said...

I think you already know the answers to all those questions.

Yes, no , yes, I know! Yes, yes, I don't know! No, totally. No, totally. Nervous BD. Yes. No, yes, yes, yes, no clue. Yes, ..... Super yes.

Carol said...

Dear Lulu, Loved your post yesterday AND today. Here's my response.
1. Lip Sync=stupid. Don't think they've done it in the past.
2. Impressions=odd, odd, odd
3. David Cook, yes, he always squished his nose like that. . .and his eyes.
4. Platinum record in 3 months. go DC.
5. Surprised at the bottom three. YES--I didn't want Anoop to be in the bottom three and I DID want blindy there and I was shocked that Red was there. I don't really like her style--meaning the red hair and the Janise Joplin thing. But no, Megan deserved to be there and I'm pretty sure she was on something.
6. We fast forwarded through Lady Gaga as she was wierd.
7. We did watch Megan sing just to make sure how much we wanted her to go.

Flem said...

--Lip synch=lame and obvious and def. the first season they are doing it
--Impersonation=maybe they were trying to show how friendly the Idols were with each other so they can make it more dramatic and sad when someone gets kicked off.
--Dunno about d. Cook
--I was shocked red was in the bottom. Goes to show you how shallow America is, just cuz she has troll hair and made a very poor choice in clothing
--The arm flapping looked very weird but I laughed when Red imitated her
--Lady Gaga that was sooo whack. I wonder if they prepared the audience so they could cheer that loud because normally it would have been the crickets.
--I always liked her and was sad she got kicked off but I couldn't bring myself to vote for her. Oh and she was rude on the whole "I don't care" but then it came back to bite her anyway.

Markie23 said...

Didn't see the results last night - played volleyball instead; but after this post I'm thinking I could watch it in about 5 minutes...
FF to verify lip synching...
FF to see impersonation...
FF to see squashed nose...
FF to see arm flapping...
FF to see what L.G. looks like...
Hit Delete (FF'ing through swan song is a waste of time).

Kat said...

Here's my take...for what it's worth.

1. Lip-sync is for blindy- he can't sing and move.
2. No...YES
3. Yes to nose squish. Showing Mom wearing the BLING and lots of it. She's happy he won.
4. No
5. Nope
6. Nervous breakdown, drugged, or drunk
7. Skipped it.
8. No
9. Yup
This was work...had to do a split screen to answer those questions! :)

Kat said...

Oops...didn't double check the bottom three. WAS suprised Red/Troll was there--but judges save would have been used.

StandsMom said...

The lip syncing is making the results show quite unbearable. I've don't remember it in seasons past. It used to be 10 people on stage, all trying to out-sing each other while pretending to work together in a group number. Wasn't that entertainment? This lip syncing crap is not.

I hated the impersonation garbage. Yuck. Are they trying to create drama amid the contestants? Like the farewell speeches when Jorge and that other person left...who was that anyway?

I don't remember DC squishing anything. I just felt like he could have done better and it bugged me that his entire song only consisted of 5 or 6 notes. Where's the range?

Taylor who?

I wasn't surprised by Anoop and Tat. He's got a rough road ahead of him to get cool enough for loads of votes. I don't understand Red. It's the popularity contest. And for the record, your comparison pictures of Red and the troll doll made me LAFFFFFFF!!!!!!!! (Brian wants to know where the pencil goes?)

I think Tat knew she was gonna be in the bottom, wanted to be in the bottom, and had decided she was ready to go home. Still - she could be come kinda supermodel. Why isn't she faking a little more class?

Lady GAG was Turrrrrible! Can't you hear Simon? "Very indulgent, your clothes are ridiculous. I don't quite get it." (using his english accent, of course.) Someone must be listening to her. Is this what the teenagers think is cool? Oh - heaven help us all.

I do not feel an ounce of melancholy. None. Buh-bye.

The first time her swan song hit me was after I'd put the kids to bed and turned the tv on to AI real-time. I immediately cheered and hit the DVR recorded version to watch from the top. The second time, I watched her a little bit longer. I've never seen her dancing so exaggerated and it was 100 times worse than I had thought. Holy Cow!

I've decided that we've got to get Scotty-hope-they-don't-ever-make-us -watch-him-take-a-bite -of-anything-again OFF the show. But, I'm already 90% sure that HE will be the one that the judges give a second chance.

Speaking of second chances, hallelujah that Simon told Tat before her song even started that they weren't going to bring her back. Let me say it again. Hallelujah.

Katie said...

Lady Gaga reminded me of guyliner. I bet he is just kicking himself because he didn't think of the eye zipper first. Is there something wrong with pink bubble filled pianos? ::quickly painting my own pink bubble piano before you get here::

That being said, Megan's swan song was amazingly awkward. I can't believe you fast forwarded through it. After her nervous constant waving, I new it was going to be good. Did you notice how much weight she has lost? It is a good thing she is gone. I don't think she would have lasted much longer. (I think she is on drugs you guys. You can tell by her tattoo.)

Jenny ESP said...

::Unzipping my eyepatch so I can read your blog::

Hot Pants said...

The biggest give away on the lip syncing...the mic was NO WHERE NEAR Blindy's face. If they want a better chance at pulling it off, they should make the blind guy where a headset, instead of making the blind guy guess where the mic is. And Jespy made me laugh out loud with her eye patch comment.

Annie said...

I'm so glad you just said it because I have been thinking the same thing for the past two weeks. That is the lip sync thing.

eekareek said...

The show was tough to watch. It was one crazy after another. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE crazy people (from a distance)